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Being a mother is a greatest feeling in the world for any woman. There is so much of excitement in the air when the news of baby arrives at home. One of the most important preparations that parents need to do is learn some tricks and tips to make this entire journey of parenthood memorable. I am not a professional photographer but would share a few important learnings with you so that it can help you in taking better and of course memorable pictures of your baby.

Close Up 

Babies are so full of expressions and to capture that always remember the golden rule-GET CLOSE. Take close ups of your babies and you can see the power of close up shots once you see them on your screen. When taking a close up always remember to leave a little margin from all the sides so that when you decide to get them framed, the part of their head or ear or chin does not go inside the frame.Below is one of hundreds of closeup photos I took of my elder son when he was around 3-4 months old.
aadi closeup

Anytime is a Right Time

Babies are so unpredictable so do not wait for the right opportunity, the moment you see baby doing something expressive, just grab your camera and start taking pictures inconsecutive shots. Do not try to grab her attention as you will ruin the innocence of that moment and will also look artificial.

Use Plain and Simple Backgrounds

Cluttered background gives a cluttered look to the picture and if you are trying to highlight your baby’s picture, it can be a big spoiler. So always remember to keep simple backdrops while taking your baby’s picture. A picture taken of a brightly dressed baby against the plain background enhances the colors and the texture of the picture.

Use Various Baby Costumes

These days you can buy various baby costumes online, like animals, flowers, super man, even rompers of animals etc. You can also try making baby wear different caps/hats. Or you can even make costumes at home. Babies look adorable in costumes. This is one of 3 animal costumes I bought in Japan. Indian traditional wear for babies are also very good for photos as they come in bright colors.
aadi tiger

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment and be Adventurous

Take sharp pictures with blurred background and experiment with black and white pictures as I feel they make most memorable ones. You can keep some toy or some other article beside the baby and can capture the moment with her expressions.
aadi in cap

Morning Light in Garden: Best Time for Baby photography

Best time I felt for outdoor photography is morning time in green grass gardens. If you have got any play areas around your house then take baby (after breakfast off course). Green background and golden sun light at around 8am on face gives beautiful effect. Here is the picture of my younger son I took in a nearby garden on a sunny morning.
smeet baby photo

Invest in a Good Quality Camera

You really do not need to buy a real professional camera but it would be great if you could invest in a good digital camera with effective megapixels so that if you wish to print the picture in big size the clarity can be really good. The market is flooded with loads of cameras however you should look for such a camera which does not take too much of setting when you switch it on, this helps you click the pictures instantly without giving you too much of hassle in setting it up for the shoot. Learn the nuances of operating the camera, like how to switch off the flash, how to shoot in a portrait or landscape, how to take continuous shots etc. I use Canon Kiss Series camera, it was specially made for baby photography (as the commercial suggest).

Switch Off The Flash

Babies can flutter their eyes when you flash the camera light and in turn it can come out to be the picture not of your liking and can also ruin baby’s mood too. Switch off the flash and then take the pictures, you will be able to capture their natural expressions of eyes.

Use Natural Light as much as possible:

Using natural light like that in a shade of a tree or by the window or in the covered porch. When light coming from the window falls on your baby’s face, creates beautiful shadows that add dimensionality to the picture. When light falls directly straight on the face from the front it creates a nice soft shadow-less picture. Light falling from behind as a backlight gives a bright backdrop and also enhances the colors.But usually try to take pictures with light from front of baby and your back as baby’s face looks brighter than rest things in frame.

Storing the Pictures & Creating Backup

Storing and creating backup for the pictures is as important as shooting the pictures as they will be your most treasured possessions of the lifetime and they should also last a lifetime. Always ensure that you create folders for the stages of your baby’s growing up years, this will give you ease of access to the pictures anytime you want to see them. Backing up is a must do as you do not want your most cherishes memories of your babies to get lost anytime.


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