This Is Right Way to Eat Almonds Every Day


Why to Soak Almonds in Water Overnight?

Almonds, the powerhouse of protein, fiber, energy and many nutrients, have plenty of health benefits and longevity. Almonds are the best dry fruits for a good health. But, they may not be easily digested.
The peels of the dry fruit makes it difficult to digest. The presence of tannins and phytates also makes it hard to digest. How can you make almonds easy-to-digest?
Here is how we can avail the best benefits of the nutrients present in almonds and make it easy-to-digest.

This is how to Avail Maximum Nutrients from Almonds

Soak Almonds in Water Overnight

almond in water
Raw almonds have a hard texture. Tannin, the brown peel of the almonds absorbs the nutrients. When you soak almonds overnight, the peel easily comes off and nutrients like Vitamin E, proteins, Omega3 fatty acids etc are released. You can take a cup or bowl full of water and soak the desired amount of almonds in it overnight. The duration of soaking must be 8-10 hours.

Peel the Almonds

peeled almonds
Peels of the almonds are like a shield which restricts the easy release of the nutrients. These peels are enzyme inhibitors. These are very hard in raw almonds. It’s important to peel off the almonds for easy digestion. Sometimes eating almonds along with the peel creates or increases Pitta in blood. These peels can add to abdominal pain and gas sometimes.

Don’t Store, Use Fresh Almonds

If you keep the almonds soaked in water for long then it will be affected by bacteria or fungus. And, leaving them in the dry state will make them hard and dry again. So, the best way to eat almonds is eating the fresh ones. Also, keeping the almonds in refrigerator is not healthy. Fresh almonds soaked in water overnight gives you the best health benefits.
Make a habit of adding 10-12 almonds in a bowl of water every night before going to bed.

Why Have Almonds in Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important part of everyday meal. Whatever you eat after a break of night gets absorbed in body better than other times of the day. You should never let your kids go out or for school in the morning without having breakfast. Almond is the most nutritious nut. It fills our body with energy and vitality in the morning. As almonds have lower carb percentage and higher protein percentage, they are ideal breakfast elements that will boost your health. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. They are also known for lowering the blood sugar and pressure level.

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There are enough reasons to eat soaked almonds as your first food after waking up. They can be combined with other dry fruits or used as garnishing elements for various recipes. Incorporate this amazing dry fruit into your everyday breakfast and see the benefits in just a few weeks.

NOTE: The walnuts are also be eaten in same way to get maximum nutrients from the mighty nut!

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