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Pigeons: The Reason behind Allergies in Kids in Metro Cities of India

In many of my health-related posts, I have mentioned about how Pigeons can cause allergies in children.
My elder son developed an allergy which made him cough at night when he was 2 years old while we were living in Mumbai. Unknown of the reason, the doctor did some tests on him and after that for about a month’s diagnosis, we realized it was his laundry getting dried where pigeons fly by. Not even the touch or dropping of these birds but just the dust from their feathers flew by your balcony can make your kid fall sick.
The main reason of the spreading of the pigeons is people feed them food and let them breed in the balcony. It’s not just about the humanity but think of hygiene and your own health as well before you do that.

Threats from Pigeons

• The dust spread by pigeon feathers can cause lung diseases if someone comes in contact with it.
• Pigeons require very lesser amount of solid food and feeding them regularly can add to their population resulting in the diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma.
• The population of the pigeons increase rapidly. Around 48 squabs are given birth by a female pigeons and constant exposure of kids or adults to such a large amount of pigeons may cause malaise, dry cough, respiratory troubles and fever; in short, Pigeon Breeders Disease
• If the proximity of the kids or adults with poor immune system remains regular then the results can be dangerous; even lethal. When pigeons spread their guano or feathers on the dust and someone is exposed to that, the chances of irreversible lung fibrosis are there.
• Healthy pigeons generate waste material in a huge amount; around 11.3 Kg per year. The spores present in the dried droppings can damage the respiratory system or may cause lethal damages.

Some facts about Pigeons

• If created once, pigeons try to build their next nest in the same area, preferably near the earlier nest. Pigeons can easily find their location and they keep coming back to their nest.
• The pigeon droppings or feather dust carry several diseases capable of making any livestock or human sick.
• They have developed a tendency of depending on human as they feed them and hence they are found in crowded areas or societies.
• Most of the pigeon nests can be found on a building’s window ledges.
• Pigeons mainly breed in spring and fall seasons

Counter Measures to Protect Kids from Pigeon Generated Allergies and Sicknesses

Stop feeding the pigeons. They can easily find grains and solid food around them.
• Prevent them from entering your balcony. Try installing bird nets in balcony.
• Dry your laundry away from the zone where pigeons reside or fly by.
• Anyways try boosting your child’s immune system.
(Tips: One Spoon honey, lemonade, fruits and green veggies every day).
• Prevent your children from playing nearby or getting in contact with these birds
Pigeons visiting the balcony or roof may seem fascinating but they bring pathogens with them and leave faeces and feathers that can make anyone sick who gets in contact with these stuff. Adults have a strong immune system but children don’t. So, if you got kids in your home then try to restrict the entry of the pigeons in balcony or roof. Take essential measures and keep your family healthy.
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    Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings. It also grows in soils and is found throughout the world. When cleaning droppings a person may breathe in some of the fungus, which in cases of high exposure can cause infection.

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