Things to buy for a Newborn: Essentials for Indian Baby


Things to Buy Before or Just after Baby’s Delivery

Hey, is your baby on his way? Or has he already arrived? Are you ready to buy the baby essentials online? Why online? You get to see loads of variety and quality baby products, while sitting and relaxed at your home.
Today, I will tell you something that every pregnant woman and new mothers in India must know. Let’s break the suspense and find out some newborn baby essentials to buy, before or on the date of delivery. Don’t you think it will be a good idea to equip your maternity bag, with the following things that every newborn baby needs, including yours:

New Born Essentials Shopping List for Indian Baby: Buy Online

I have listed all products from so that you can buy them from one most-trusted place easily. The products I listed below are considering the quality needed and the ease of use to make your early motherhood comfortable and trouble-free. I am a mother of 2 kids so you can trust me for the shopping list.

Pampers Newborn Baby Diaper: Essential

Diapers are like mothers only, who always stay close (actually closest!) all day long to your baby. Babies in their infancy are indeed adorable but they are scary at the same time when they pee or poop suddenly! Thanks to the inventor of baby diapers, Marion Donovan whose invention now saves many people’s cloth.
I recommend you to use Pampers New Baby Diaper for your tot as whenever the diaper gets It it turns blue in color. Such a wonder occurs due to its magic gel technique.
With easy to stick tape-style diaper, you can conveniently put on and take off your baby’s diaper. Since it is inner surface which touches baby’s skin is made up of cotton, your baby won’t experience any irritation. As an extra precautionary step, Pampers has also infused Aloe Vera lotion in its diaper pads. As the Aloe lotion will prevent the diaper from getting harshly ‘rubbed’ against your baby’s body.
If your baby Iighs up to 5 Kgs, this diaper is ideal for him/her

Pampers Newborn Baby Diapers (24 count): Buy At Amazon

When buying diapers, many parents forget to buy this:

Waterproof Nappy Changing Mats: Useful

Changing a baby’s diaper can be messy. To avoid the mess you can use this mat. It is waterproof because of the plastic sheets hence you can clean it easily. One of the good quality products in this category is Dream Waterproof Nappy Changing Sheets.

Baby Dreams Baby Mat: Buy At Amazon

MotherCare Baby Wipes:Essential

With It baby wipes, you won’t have to worry about your ‘wiping style’. By wiping style I mean that in the name of proper cleaning some people wipe off their baby’s bum really hard.
That way he may get rashes due to the coarse baby wipes. So for avoiding that problem mother care baby wipes produces such wipes which are infused with Aloe Vera lotion. So for caressing him with soft baby wipes, you can buy Mother care Cotton Soft Wipes

Mother Care Diaper Rash Cream: Essential

Seeing this you must be thinking with Aloe Vera instilled baby wipes why you would need a nappy cream.

The aloe vera in baby wipes won’t let your baby feel the coarseness of the wipes. Wipes won’t actually protect your kiddo from germs and diaper rashes. Here’s when you will need a baby diaper anti-rash cream.

Baby Nappy Cream from Mother care, has castor oil and zinc in it. They both will protect your baby from different kinds of infections. At top of this, they will help in preventing diaper rashes, as cream based moisturizers last long for more time. Though the cream is sticky and thick but it’s the most effective and long-lasting diaper rash cream

Mothercare All We Know Baby Nappy Cream (150ml): Buy At Amazon

Baby Caps: Essential

Soft Summer Baby Caps

Buying all those cute-looking, tiny sized baby clothes is a joyous activity, isn’t it? But in midst of all this joy, parents forget about the rules of buying baby clothes. Baby caps, are the most important yet ignored baby cloth apparel. Including winter, caps are also essential for summers.
So why are baby caps essential?
That’s because your baby has grown in the warmness of your womb; hence his little bald head should be kept warm with baby caps.
These two baby caps from Baby Bucket will protect your kid’s head from sun rays. Also, the two ear covers on both corners of the cap, won’t let dust particles, loo wind and chilly wind etc., to get inside your baby’s ears.
Since this is a bonnet style baby cap, you can use the two strings to keep the cap in its place.

Baby Bucket Hosiery Baby Cap 2 Pcs: Buy At Amazon

Soft Winter Baby Caps

If you are reading this in winter, then I think Baby Bucket’s winter season baby caps, can be of your help.
Baby Bucket Winter Special Woolen Cap set of 3: Buy At Amazon

Soft Baby Socks and Gloves: Essential

Cotton Baby Gloves

Every considerate parent knows that buying baby clothes is not about making them look cute, it’s more about making them feel comfortable. With baby mittens, you can keep your baby’s palms warm. Besides the above reason, can you tell why a baby needs mittens for his hands?
That’s because, when they cry, they scratch their face quite rigorously with their sharpie nails. Even when they sleep silently, they might feel like itching their face.

Dream Baby Mittens Set (Multi-Coloured, 0-3 Months): Buy At Amazon

You can use these hosiery cotton gloves in winter and in summers too.

Soft Baby Socks

Including his head and palms, even the sole of a baby’s feet must be kept covered with socks. Note that, you should make him feel warm, not hot. Your baby will be feeling hot if:
He starts breathing faster, or;
He gets all sweaty or;
His body temperature has risen.
These are the three common symptoms to know if a baby not comfortable with the gloves, socks, and caps, etc. If such a case happens, prefer taking them off.
The sole of feet gets cold in a short span of time. Since babies have got no walking to do, due to such less movement, there will be less circulation of blood in their soles. This poor circulation will turn their feet cold.
Like I said he should be warm. You should make him Iar soft baby socks. The fabric of above socks is cotton yarn


For Winters, you may want to purchase the thicker ones, I recommend below option

Cotton Baby Socks Pack of 5: Buy At Amazon

Cotton Baby Bed with Net:Essential

If you are thinking of letting baby sleep in cradle or baby cot overnight, then you should rethink. Why?
Studies have found that, which Indians also believe from ancient times that a baby must sleep beside his mama atleast he gets three years old. By doing so:
Your baby will be able to sleep Ill;
Breastfeeding at night will become easy for you;
He will feel secure when you will be near him and;
Then, he is likely to fall asleep easily.

But if you will let him sleep in open; you may roll over him or mosquitos might bite your little one. Select the baby bed which is made of cotton (at least the cover which is in touch with baby), light weight, without the thick rolls on its borders as its difficult to feed your baby at night while laying down. So the one I think is best and comfortable for your baby is here:
Baybee Baby Comfy Net Bed/Bassinet(You may want to use the pillow which is listed below as bay doesn’t need a pillow to uplift the neck but it definitely needs the supportive pillows around the head.)

Baybee Baby Comfy Net Bed with Pillow Bassinet (Pink): Buy At Amazon

Baby Neck Support: Useful

Since babies are not able to gain a control over their head’s moment. Neck pillows are a must for babies. In many baby bedding sets, you will get simple head pillows, not neck pillows. Why take a risk?
Ole Baby Face Neck Support Pillow 0-12 months: Buy At Amazon

Soft Baby Cotton Clothes: Essential

While buying the shirts for your baby, remember a few things
1 They must be pure cotton, wash them a few times before trying it first time on baby. This way you will soften it. Else hosiery cotton is also good option.
2. Use the ones which open in front. As new born is very delicate, making them wear the t-shirt style clothes is difficult and not comfortable. You may want to try them once your baby is 2-3 months old.

KiddosCare Baby Pack of 12, Size Small(0-6 Months): Buy At Amazon

I also recommend you buy these full sleeves specially when its winter.

Full Sleeves Baby Hosiery Cotton Top (Pack of 4) (0-3 Months): Buy At Amazon

Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent: Very Useful

What separates baby detergents with regular detergents, it’s the chemical used in it. Baby detergents certainly use few chemicals which won’t cause any reaction to baby’s skin.
Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent can be used to wash all such fabrics that come in touch with your baby skin. Like his bath toIl, blanket, bib, and clothes, etc.

This is a liquid detergent, which means when you will wash your baby’s stuff in it. No residue of detergent will be left on his clothes. But detergent’s residues will clearly be witnessed in laundry soap bars and powders.

Since babies pee and Ie on their clothes, usually on their bed sheets and cotton nappies. You will have to wash them many times in a day. Due to this, they might lose their color when washed with normal detergents. Save their color and getting yellowish or blackish.
Pigeon laundry detergent (liquid) – 600ml : Buy At Amazon

PS: Refill Packs of Pigeon Baby Laundry detergent is also available.

New Born Baby Blankets: Essential in Winters

Your baby’s comfort is our priority too. Hence, I suggest only those things with which he will feel comfortable. Above you are seeing a set of fleece hooded shawl, blanket and bed spread. Fleece will be a soft, light fabric for your baby’s skin. Along with this baby will also feel warm under it. Fleece is as reputed as cashmere and cotton.

My NewBorn Combo of Shawl Spread & Hooded Fleece -Combo of 3 Attractive Baby Blankets: Buy At Amazon

Cotton Baby Nappies: Good for Baby

One key difference between Cloth Nappies and Diapers is that, the former is reusable while the latter is disposable. Some parents prefer using both as Cloth Nappies are:
– Most Importantly: Soft on baby’s skin than regular diapers
– Environment–friendly;

For a newborn, it’s better to use Cloth Nappies. Though, you will frequently be changing his nappies. But, if that’s good for your baby’s bum, so be it!

At time nighttime you can make use of diapers so that you could also sleep undisturbed just like your baby.

Firststep newborn baby Hosiery cotton cloth nappies (12 pcs: 0-3months): Buy At Amazon

Pigeon Baby Bathing Needs: Essential

Pigeon Baby Wash is a convenient bathing product as the Baby Wash can be used as both –as a Body Wash and as a Shampoo.

This baby wash is will be gentle on your baby’s skin due to its ‘hypo-allergic’ ingredients.
It is made up of Jojoba and Chamomile. Jojoba will act as a moisturizer for your baby’s skin and as a conditioner for his hair. Whereas Chamomile also functions as a moisturizer but since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it will keep away all kinds of skin allergies.

Pigeon 700ml Baby Wash: Buy At Amazon

It might look costlier than other baby shampoos but it lasts longer and is of best quality.

Baby Loofah: Good to Have

In the confusion of buying baby bathing products, many forget to buy this tiny little wonder.
Above, is a pack of three baby loofah. You can let your baby play with any of these while you bathe him. This will keep your baby still and busy. Make his bathing time, his playtime.

3 Pcs Set Baby Bath Sponge Loofah: Buy At Amazon

Baby Bath Tub: Essential

In Indian Culture, babies are given bath on laps by nannies but most of doctors recommend that mother should give bath to her baby. As the mothers touch makes baby feel more cared and safe. But for new mother it is difficult to bath on laps. The old Indian baby bathing method is hard on mother’s knees.
Now babies demand proximity with mothers, if you will try to use a round tub, your closeness with the baby might be get affected. This bathtub has got anti-slippery surface plus you can fit it in both sinks so you can bath baby while standing or even on bathroom floor. Intelligent design is best for baby’s 0months to 2 years old. It is equipped with a drain plug so while baby is on sling you can easily drain water after bath. Not only this but the multipurpose drain plug changes its color when water is too hot for your baby.
Holds baby better for bathing, accommodating newborns to toddlers.
The First Years Newborn to Toddler: Buy At Amazon

Soft Baby Bath Towel: Useful

Seeing the word ‘soft’, you must have now understood that the towel is made up of Cotton.
The corner of the towel i.e. the one with a whale made on it is the head hood. Since babies head is wobbly. Hence, for a better grip, the hood can be of your help.

Soft Baby Towel from Mee Mee: Buy At Amazon

Waterproof Baby Mattress Cover: Essential

Unlike other baby mattresses, Mother Care waterproof baby mattress has got cotton sheets on both its sides. But, in other sheet protectors, a layer of plastic on one side and that of velvet on the other side will be seen.
So how does it matter?
Though plastic and velvet sided sheets are easy to maintain but then, your baby will sweat more. Please keep in mind that your responsibility is just to keep him warm, not hot.
I repeat: Keep him warm in a way that he doesn’t feel hot.
Cotton is a favorite among all as it is made of plant-fiber. It is durable and hence needs less maintenance. Cotton doesn’t trap the heat insides its threads, this is why it is advisable to use cotton mattresses, in all seasons.

Mothercare Mattress and Sheet Protector Pad (White): Buy At Amazon

Baby Nail Clippers

Cutting a baby’s sharp nail is no less than a stunt. Since his nails will be tiny, you will try to clip in one go, from the middle. But it’s better to start from one corner and then move on to another corner, to give his nail a round shape. This is the correct way of cutting one’s nails, where three to six clipping is done.

You never know at what time, he may move his hand, you can’t even ask him to sit still, for he won’t understand it.
You don’t want to see him scratch his face so clip his nails safely and securely.
Buddyboo Nail Clipper: Buy At Amazon

Pigeon Hair and Massage Baby Oil: Essential

Baby Body Massage is necessary as this helps in blood circulation and better bonding with mother.
Since this contains Olive Oil that is full of Vitamin E its safe on your baby’s skin.
Along with this, it even contains Rosehip and Chamomile that are Ill-known for its moisturizing quality. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t list out baby body lotion separately. To
The same oil can be used for his growth of hairs

Pigeon 200ml Baby Oil: Buy At Amazon

Baby Massage Mat: Useful

Like I said body massaging is very good must for a baby’s skin. You will need a mat on which you can lay him. Don’t turn your floor or table top slippery, for this. This being a padded and washable mat became our choice for Baby Massage Mat.
To massage your baby, in a clean and non-slippery way, you can buy this

Little’s Baby Massage Mat: Buy At Amazon

Breastfeeding Pillow: Essential

From day one you must have a breastfeeding pillow ready with you as the main challenge and most important thing for you is to feed your baby properly and comfortably. I personally find this design best. There might be more smarter (they call it) versions and designs but as a mother I can tell you when your baby is hungry you don’t want the extra steps to get ready with those bulky feeding pillow. The selected one is easy to use and can be kept on your bed as a back support when not in use. Also the pillow is very useful and can be placed left/right wherever you want.

Generic Maternity Pillow for Breastfeeding: Buy At Amazon

It comes in various beautiful prints.

Philip Avent Breast Feeding Pump: Good to have

When buying a feeding ware or anything that is made up of plastic, first see if the plastic is BPA-free or not. Because BPAs are not good for human health.
On checking, I found that all parts of Philips Breastfeeding pump is BPA-free and the same can be sterilized with the ‘Philips Avent Sterilizer’. Many new moms struggle to breastfeed in first few days as the new born doesn’t latch. To avoid any situations that can put a new breastfeeding mom in to stress this is one of most recommended product to have.
The pump won’t let you feel any pain in breast region, as it has soft cushions on its boundaries. It is manually operative; this means you won’t have worry about batteries and stuff. The above bottle’s capacity is 150 ml.
In long distance travels, this pump will come in handy. Or when you have to attend a party, there you won’t have to take the troubles of finding a ‘feeding room’. In such situations, breastfeeding pump will be your savior.

You can use the same daily as some women are not able to breastfeed directly.
Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump: Buy At Amazon

After a few months you may want to purchase baby carriers and strollers, please go through these 2 posts if you want to purchase the best carrier and stroller online in India.
Best 10 Baby Carriers in India
Top 7 Baby Strollers in India
With a baby carrier, you can carry your shopping bag without any help. You can talk on your phone with one hand and water the plants from the other. Like these, you can do all kinds of activities for which your two hands needs to be free, along with your baby!
You should start using a baby carrier soon as he gets more than 4 months old. Carriers will provide him neck and back support in a better way.
The reason I have selected most of products from Pigeon and MotherCare are because they are safest and best for babies. Also the rest products I listed considering needs of a new born Indian baby. The weather and culture has very much effect on our selections of new born baby essentials . Keep these things ready before delivery or you may purchase them just at the day of delivery (as many Indians believe that the shopping for a new born must be done after the birth)
Having baby essentials ready before arrival of your baby, will save you the energy, time and peace of mind so that you can concentrate more on your little one after birth.


About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    Hi Sapana.I have used the product Waterproof Nappy Changing Mats at home for my baby but i am not sure that the product works well while travelling. Can i rely on this product or i should stick with diapers? plz help!

    • Sapana

      Hi Sameera,
      While Traveling? Do you mean in a moving vehicle? Then no product on earth can help you. 😀
      If you are saying while on stay in Hotels then off course yes, You can rely on this.

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    I am making a list of essentials and completely forgot about Nail Clipper and Massage Mat. Thanks for sharing the list of useful and necessary things. It is really helpful.

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    Hi there, I don’t know how to thank you. I think I have just got my ‘Baby Shopping List’ ready now. You know what, you could create its printable checklist too 🙂 And the division of products into ‘essentials’ and ‘useful(s)’ is a genius idea! 😀 But I think, I would buy all of the products mentioned, as I don’t want my baby to feel uncomfortable in any way. I should probably stop talking 😛 Anyways, just wanted to say, this one’s a really great article 🙂 Keep up the good work! I’m gonna stalk your blog now 😀

    • Sapana

      Hey Laveena,
      Yes, most of the baby products are so adorable that you end up buying even if you know you can manage without them. Enjoy!

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    Hey, this is a really nice list for new moms, but I guess you forgot to mention a few things like Digital Thermometer, Nipple, brush, Bottle brush, etc. I forgot these things at the time of my delivery because of which I have faced issues. Else, no matter how much preparation you do, there are one or two things that you forget, due to tension and hurry.

    • Sapana

      Hi Nidhi,
      Well the list is long and never ending. I have tried to mention the essentials for newborn. I think Thermometer should be included in the list above. I will add it soon. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

  5. Avatar

    This list helped me. waiting for my baby to enter this world, its any time soon now. just preparing its arrival. My mom told me to wait for delivery but I could not control as I know I am going to be busy first few days and I wanted baby shopping all my way. Isnt it great that we can get everything at our doorsteps now. Thanks.

    • Sapana

      Yes, Many people wait to know if its a boy or girl before shopping for a newborn to select from Blue or Pink but as it’s a super busy first week after delivery hence better to be prepared during last month of pregnancy.

  6. Avatar

    Thank you very much for the carefully selected list. Its a big longer than my expectation but I bought most of the stuffs as my wife is bit concern if all kinds of situations with a newborn. Please suggest a nice baby sling for a newborn baby. My wife has to carry the baby alone to the hospital for the checkups so I am looking for a comfortable sling for her to carry and for the baby to sleep in it.

  7. Avatar

    Please let me know which website is best for newborn baby shopping and also some nursing related items for the new mother. Which ecommerce website delivers fast and gives discounts better?

    • Sapana

      These are the top 2 websites for Baby Shopping: FirstCry and Amazon India. I personally prefer they always have some nice discounts, packing is very good and also the delivery is on time.

  8. Avatar

    I live in mumbai and my baby is just 1 month old. We use A/C all day and keep him in a controlled temperature. I feel guilty to use diapers on him all day, do you think I should make him wear the cotton nappies? I take care of changing the diaper as soon as I see it is wet or soiled. Also which kind of cotton nappies will you recommend for a 1 month old baby? The diapers are thick and i see his thighs get pressed between the diapers and the swaddled blanket.
    In mumbai its hard to dry the clothes so I am worried to use the cotton nappies. Your advice will help. thanks.

    • Sapana

      Hi Rekha,
      It is very hard to decide which is the best for you and baby: Diapers/Cotton Nappies. Making baby wear diapers saves your energy and time, it keeps you stress free but if you think, the baby’s skin is so delicate, baby surely feels comfortable in cotton nappy. I used only cotton nappies for my babies for first 5 months then started using diaper only when necessary. I am not against of using diapers, the quality of diapers today is very good. But if you ask my opinion, use the both options. when you are awake, make baby wear the cotton nappies, and at night time, make him wear the diaper. You must keep watch on baby be it cotton nappy or diaper. Its totally up to you how and what you want to select.

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  10. Avatar
    Ayushman Raghuvendra on

    My baby is just born and has beautiful lots of hair, do i need to comb is everyday? best baby comb you can suggest????

    • Sapana

      You should avoid combing newborn baby’s hair even with the baby comb, instead of a comb use a baby special hair brush on her hair. Start combing when she is turns 3 months old. Its good to avoid combing as the scalp is too delicate. If baby has curly hair then try to gently comb without touching the scalp and and pulling hair so that it wont snag on tangles.
      You can buy the Baby Hair brush and Comb in set like this one on Amazon: Chicco Baby Brush and Comb

  11. Avatar

    My delivery date is in the last week of May 2017. I am not aware whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl as sex identification is not allowed. I am completely confuse which one to purchase. Does the list remain same for boy and girl? or should I need to take some extra things?

    • Sapana

      Hi Raksha,
      The given newborn baby essential list is same for baby boy and baby girl. Only difference at certain places is of color that too is parent’s choice. i.e. pink and blue.
      You can select the unisex colors like yellow/orange/green for your baby if you want to keep the things ready for the baby before delivery. Any way babies look cute any color..

  12. Avatar

    Is car seat necessary to install? I am a bit confused. Some friends suggest me to add a car seat, but a newborn may not need a seat. Please give your view over it. What should I do? I want to provide complete comfort to my baby.

  13. Avatar

    It would be really helpful if you also suggest some good nursing bras, nursing pads, maternity pads and maternity panties.

  14. Avatar

    Do you have a printable list of all baby essentials and new mother essentials? that would really help. thanks

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  16. Avatar

    Hi.. this seems the perfect list of essentials for new born baby. I remember when my first baby is about to come, I haven’t researched well and forgot to take a new things. But now I want to be full prepared. I have added almost every thing just want to confirm one thing. Is nail chipper important?

    • Sapana

      Nail cutter for baby is not used for first few weeks but rarely newborns have long nails, very rarely that your doctor will take care of.
      But after baby is born you hardly get time to go for shopping or search on net, so its best to keep it ready to use after a few weeks of baby birth.

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    • Sapana

      Hi Sumita,

      I have never tried Chicco Nappy cream but as its one of reputed companies, it must be safe to use.
      Also its recommended you do the patch test on yourself then on baby before you actually use on baby’s bums.
      Its not about the maker always but the batch of the products too.

  18. Avatar

    Please suggest oil for baby massage, I like organic items for my child. Also high quality and no chemical products. When to start the massage for baby? And soap and shampoo for the baby? She is in hospital yet to come home, the hospital nurses use only water for her bath.

  19. Avatar

    Which is the best nappy cream for 02 months old baby? Previously, I don’t use any cream but now my baby is having rashes due to nappies. Please suggest the best name.

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  21. Avatar

    I liked the soft baby socks the most. They are looking cute. I have purchased almost all the essentials for my baby. Only baby socks were remaining and thanks to your list, now I have collected all the necessary things.

  22. Avatar
    Mahesh Shastri on

    My baby is just born 2 days ago. Do I need to wrap her all time in blankets or quilts? Where can I buy Organic cotton Quilts?

    • Sapana

      Swaddle makes baby feel comfortable and safe. The newborns are not yet used to open air. The swaddling gives them the feeling of mother’s womb’s warmth. Also, it maintains baby’s body temperature
      Organic Cotton Swaddles


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  26. Avatar

    Hi Sapna, this is useful. thanks, i m a first time father, wanted to know about the diapers. Are pamper baby diapers best of all brands? How areHuggies and Mamypoko?

    • Sapana

      These days Huggies and Mamypoko also have special diapers for newborns. But for a newborn baby try not to use the pant type diapers.
      But most popular brand for newborns in India is Pampers. After baby is 3months old, other brands products are also good.

  27. Avatar

    Neck Pillow is a SIDS risk or suffocation hazard. Babies heads can be molded to shape by having them sleep on back and head turned to left/right/center. Also, supervised tummy time helps a lot. Neck pillow should be used based on pediatrician suggestion if the baby develops flat head.

    • Sapana

      Hi Pratap,

      I have no-where recommended a baby neck pillow. Its a neck support, which is not regular adults pillow. Its very flexible and soft, it doesn’t press nor it shapes the baby’s head. Every such thing is to be used in parent’s supervision for a new born.
      These are suggestions by an experienced mother and should not be considered as a medical practitioner’s opinion anyways.

  28. Avatar

    Which Indian Baby Shopping site do you recommend the most? I need all items to be delivered in one delivery and within a week. Thanks in advance

    • Sapana

      hi Sam, I personally prefer Amazon. they provide timely Delivery and very good packing.
      First Cry is popular in India for baby shopping.

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