Unparalleled Benefits of Eating Dates During Pregnancy


Guest Post: Why Eating Dates during Pregnancy is Crucial?

Pregnancy can be such a fulfilling time for a woman. Keeping healthy is perhaps the main goal during this period in time and Childbirth, the biggest hurdle; What if there was a way you could eat healthy and also ensure a safe and normal childbirth? Alongside, exercise and diet, there’s a secret potion to a normal delivery and it’s called dates! Yes, eating dates during pregnancy has been proved to aid birthing, according to a new study.

Innumerable Benefits of Eating Dates during Pregnancy

1. Dates House Tons of Protein

It goes without saying that protein is not only the most immediate requirement of the body during pregnancy, but also, the most essential one. As your body stretches to make room for your baby, it’s need for proteins increases manifold. During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy is when your baby grows expeditiously and eating dates during pregnancy can really remedy the protein requirement.

2. Think Fiber. Think Dates.

As your baby grows, it weighs down on your intestines which leads to constipation. Fiber releases the congestion and is an avid need of any mom to be. Besides this, Fiber keeps cholesterol in check and balances blood pressure; All, very critical to pregnant women. Fiber helps in preventing Diabetes during pregnancy, a very common instance these days. Dates can save the day!

3. Folates in Dates

Deficiency of folate during pregnancy causes the infamous neural tube defect in newborns. Folate or folic acid is recommended to every pregnant lady and is administered via oral tablets. But, folate is present in dates and that is reason enough to eat it. Spina Bifida and Anencephaly in infants can be completely prevented this way.

4. Dates Host Vit K

Often times, it is found that newborns are deficient of vitamin K at birth. Vitamin K is indispensable when it comes to blood clotting and hence, is vital for a tiny tot; Bone development in a baby is accomplished with a little help from Vitamin K too. Vitamin K presents itself in dates.

5. Iron is Best Friends with Dates!

Iron is an integral part of the red blood cells, present in the form of haemoglobin. Blood is the basis of all sorts of metabolic processes and iron is at any rate, very important. Iron is also one half of myoglobin, a protein found in muscle tissue. If a mother doesn’t have sufficient iron intake during pregnancy, it can result in the baby being anemic which is a serious condition. Iron is available in dates too! What more could you want?

6. Dates are a Storehouse of Potassium

The mother of all electrolytes and an irreplaceable one at that. Potassium is involved in activities, far and wide. It helps balance blood and water in the body. It is key in the functioning of muscles and pivotal in digestion, all very important while pregnant or even otherwise. Without Potassium, kidney problems arise, inevitably. Dates abound in potassium, yet another reason to consume dates during pregnancy.

7. Magnesium and Dates, A Match made in Heaven.

Magnesium is responsible for Calcium metabolism in the body. If a mom to be is deficient of magnesium, the child’s tooth and bone formation will be dissatisfactory. Blood pressure of the mummy and her vision could also go for a toss. The presence of Magnesium in dates is another one of the benefits of eating dates.

If your health and that of your baby’s is your primary concern, do not forget dates. Eating a couple of dates during pregnancy is all it takes to make for an ease in labor. Dates make for the perfect binge! A little bit in everything you eat could do no harm.

How many Dates You Should Eat Everyday?

6 dates a day is the recommended quantity, any more would only prove to be in your favor. Benefits of dates for pregnant women, range far and wide and wait just around the corner.

Other things to take on during pregnancy would be yoga, swimming, and eating superfoods like quinoa and oats. Click here to Know more about pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a challenging time but don’t let it bring you down. Every pregnancy is unique, your experiences and emotions are particular only to you. Do not follow norms, open your eyes to research and experiment until you find what suits you best. Lastly, do not ignore the benefits of dates for pregnant women.


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