The Truth of Weight Loss Pills in India – Fake Advertisements!


How Weight-Loss Pill Companies Use Others Photos for Their Benefits

How does it feel when you see your photo misused badly and repeatedly?
Sad and anger-raising, right?
I am a parenting health blogger. The thing which inspired me to start this blog was my own weight loss, efforts & results. And all that started after my both deliveries. I never wished for a lean body but actually, I was more focused on creating a healthy and happy life. I have written all about it on my blog.
I worked hard with a healthy diet and selective workouts by which I lost almost 15 Kgs weight. Once I was approached by a blog: Smart Indian Women for a short online Interview. For one of their question, I gave them my real photo which was my Before & After photos as below.
That was one of the biggest Mistakes of my life because of that I have literally suffered a lot…
One day I got a call from my cousin saying that he saw my photos on a face book group.
I was shocked by that post, it was a weight loss pill seller lady (Named: Sandhya Gautam, Ajmer) was deceiving me, she used my photo and pretended me to be her achiever client. Like seriously? Isn’t that insane?
sg ajmer
I warned her and told her to take down my photos, and of course she deleted it but she never replied after that and I don’t think she wanted to.
After that, I made sure that nothing absurd thing like that shows up & I got my photo removed from the blog: Smart Indian Women Blog. But I didn’t know that it was copied by other double dealing people already. That’s why you should be very careful about your sharing and posting stuff. That might spoil your image!
But there were a lot more distressing things to come, after a few months again my sister-in-law asked me, if I used weight loss pills. I got so angry.
How could someone shamelessly use pictures of others for their profits?
linto mumbai scam
This time it was Amruta Pharmacy from Mumbai. This is actually a fake company because after going through all their profile I found that all of their so called real customers are not their real customers, but actually they were their rented one.
There is a dedicated website on exposing this fraud company: Check this out:
From that day I get this fact that no matter how conscious you are for yourself, you can’t control over peoples accounts.
And now it was going to be my third time and I was literally annoyed by these hoax, this time I get a call from my friend, teasing me for showing on wholesale bazaar Facebook group of all Metros of India,
This 3rdperson was Anthony Boosa from Hyderabad. This guy was using my pictures from last 8, 9 months, even he could not recall.
ab hyderabad weight loss scam
Now the situation is that he can’t even delete all of the pictures as he cant even recall where he shared them.
When I asked all of these double dealers about why did they use my picture without my consent, the legendary answer I got from this thieve was, “Why did you put your image in Google Images? I got it from there and I copied”. Same answer from all of the 3. Can you believe these bitter exes?.
The picture came in Google images search for “Weight Loss Before After” as it was on a authority website. BUT There is a thing called COPYRIGHT in this world,Right???
There was a water mark of at bottom of the photo which these smart frauds cropped out.
How disgusting is that! I didn’t promote my own blog on basis of these pictures because I don’t want to materialize the story and these people are using my pictures as their own property.
The thing that disappointed me the most is that the social media is busy in making money from people be it fraud or legit. Sadly, you know about that person who violated your rights, you know from where they have downloaded your pics but you can’t do much about that because there is no easy and sufficient way to report a misuse of the photo.

Lessons Learnt:

Put a big visible Watermark in center of the photos.

Never ever believe any commercial about weight loss pills on social media.


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.

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