The Dos and Don’ts of Moving Home while Pregnant


Guest Post: Moving to new House when you are Pregnant

When you have a baby on the way, moving house can seem like an even bigger task than normal. Transporting your belongings from A to B aside, the health of you and your unborn child is the priority. The less stressful the move, the better.

How can you ensure your pregnant move goes as smoothly as possible? Let’s unpack some dos and don’ts to ensure you’re prepared.



Put Your Body under extra Strain

Whether it’s just you and your partner or the whole family is there to help, it’s natural that you’ll want to jump in and give everyone a hand. Don’t! A heavy box is not worth a pulled muscle or two. Forget moving items around unless you know they’re light, if you have to pick up anything at all.

Similarly, take it easy when you’re on foot. Stairs, in particular, are a menace for pregnant women – stick to the ground floor. If it’s an apartment building you’re moving to or from, the lift is your best friend!

Forget to Pack for Moving Day Itself

Moving home isn’t just about packing your wardrobe. You’ll thank yourself when you’re prepared for the day of the move with a bag full of your pregnancy essentials. Think culinary cravings, creature comforts and even everyday items not exclusive to baby-on-board needs, such as your phone charger.

Everything that’s vital to you and your baby’s day-to-day life will be even more so when you’re preoccupied with getting to your new home. Pack what you can specifically for that day to minimise stress and increase comfort.

Neglect Telling Your Doctor

It’s vital that you keep your GP informed throughout the moving process. As soon as you have a moving date, let them know as a “just in case”, if nothing else. Your baby’s health should come first, especially during major life events such as a move.


Give Yourself Time

Be thorough with your planning. Getting organised will make life so much easier for you in the run-up to the big day. For example, invest in a label-maker – and copious marker pens – to ensure you know exactly where everything is, and which box it’s been packed in.

Go from room to room and allocate boxes for groups of items, such as your partner’s books or your collection of succulents. Ensure you have everything listed and accounted for at all times. This will also greatly reduce the stress of settling into your new home once the move is done, as you won’t have to worry about never seeing your favourite shoes again.

This Includes Time for Yourself!

Don’t feel pressured to keep going if you’re feeling exhausted. While there will naturally be a lot that needs doing, be kind to yourself and take it easy. Sit down if you need to and let the people around you know that you need some time out. When you feel ready to assist again, just remember: baby before boxes!

Call in the Professionals

movers and packers
Even with our dos and don’ts, you might be concerned about how demanding the prospect of a move is. Packing your life into a few boxes can seem like a mammoth task, which is why you should call in professional removalists to provide a helping hand.

As you don’t move often and even less often when pregnant, we do recommend getting help by using a professional packing service. Go on treat yourself, let some experienced packers come in for a few hours while you relax and take care of the bub. We also recommend hiring experienced removalists, you should check their reviews to ensure they are professional and friendly and also ensure they are fully ensured.


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