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Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym Review

You won’t believe us if we would simply state that, Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym is the Best Baby Gym + Play Mat in India, would you? Hence with mere 5 reasons, we can validate our statement. We can tell you why and how Fisher Price’s Baby Gym can be the best buy for both younger and older babies.

Why should you buy Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym?

#Reason 01: Intelligent Toys For Your Baby

There are many baby gyms with two criss-cross arches that have around 8-12 toys hung onto them. But, as you can see in the image above, Fisher Price Piano Baby Gym comes with only one arch dome and 4 hanging toys. When it comes to Baby Gym toys, less is good because…
Babies are curious learners but with more number of toys around them, they can either turn cranky or overly sensitive by nature. In their growing years also, you should introduce them to new toys slowly. Speaking of playing on baby gyms, 4 numbers of toys are safe keeping in mind their developing senses.
With minimal toys, his focusing and memorizing abilities can be developed quite well too.

#Reason 02: A Musical Toy Making Sound not Noise

Babies have a special connection with songs and sound, for it can uplift their mood within a fraction of seconds. More than words, they find music to be capturing. Maybe that’s why babies seem to fall asleep quickly, soon as his mama sings him song-like lullabies.
And when they get to play music on their own, that’s when he starts advancing his communication, language and oratory skills.
But wait…
The sound produced by most of the musical toys can be quite high-pitched for your baby’s little ears. Good news is, the detachable Piano of Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym, has two volume control buttons. At first, don’t let him play with the Piano. Keep the Piano on silent mode.
Let him learn to make basic body movements, like moving the head from right to left and from left to right and turning his body sideways, hand-to-eye coordination.
Why again?
There’s a process of doing everything. Just like, we were first taught to pronounce letter ‘A’ and then ‘A’ is for Apple. Similarly, baby gyms are used, level/process wise.
At first level, your baby’s physiological needs to be developed. For this, let him play with the gym’s toys only.
After this his psychological needs should be looked after. Soon as he is able to make basic body movements, let him play with both the toys and the Gym’s piano.
If you would hurry, your baby would develop his body and brain needs, partially only.
What’s hand-to-eye coordination?
Suppose your baby is looking towards the toy on the right side of the Gym’s arches, he will try to move his hand towards the right side only. That’s hand-to-eye coordination.
What kind of music is played on Fisher Price’s Baby Gym Piano?
On pressing the Piano keys you can either play Long Rhythm or Short Rhythm music. The Long Rhythm music subsists for up to 15 minutes. For younger babies (less than 12 months), 5-10 minutes of daily baby gym play at a time, is sufficient. For older babies, 10-20 minutes of play at a time is enough.

#Reason 03: Qualities of Good Baby Toys

When shopping baby toys, you will find most of them to be brightly colored and adorably designed. Well, that’s not enough…
Look wise baby toys’ size, shape, color, and texture should be designed as per baby’s brain.
While health wise, they all must be made from toxic less material.
The question is whether Fisher Price’s Baby Gym Toys have been made keeping these two points above?
The four toys hanging down from the arch of Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym are:
1. Ultra Blue Colored Hippo
2. Orange + Green colored Frog
3. Light Blue + Orange colored Elephant
4. Circle Shaped Zebra Tag
5. Circular Cut Mirror
Firstly, these all arch-latched toys are big in size. Hence there’s no danger of getting choked. So as per size, they are baby-safe.
More than stars, flowers, and clouds, etc. babies are more attracted towards the circle and the spherical shaped things.
This is why, circle-cut Mirror, round body Frog, and the circular Zebra tag are hooked onto the Gym’s arch (inverted U-shaped structure, see the image above)
For this reason, it’s important for babies to ‘understand’ their toys.
With better understandability, they enjoy their playtime too. And we can see Fisher Price’s Baby Gym Toys have been made understandable for babies, to the maximum possible extent. Just like, without English subtitles you can’t enjoy watching any blockbuster Korean movie when you don’t understand the Korean language only.
It’s not necessary that all bright, vibrantly colored things captivate baby’s attention. Instead of bright, they all should be contrasting.
In initial weeks after birth, a baby can see clearly only black and white colored things. Since black and white are highly contrasting colors. Even alerting colors like red, used in the ambulance cross sign and sun-bright yellow color are not visible to the newborns!
It’s just that, even after birth their eyesight remains in a developing mode.
This is why we recommend you to use this Baby Gym when your baby completes his 6 months on this colorful Earth. When he does, with Fisher Price’s color contrasting toys only, he will be able to spend some quality time on the Baby Gym.
If you hadn’t noticed, the Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym is suitable for 0+ month babies. We know you are excited but please wait till he gets 6 months old.
Differently textured baby toys are necessary to buy as it develops their sensory touch recognition. Here, on the Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym there’s one:
o Foam covered Arch Rod
o Hippo Teether
o Elephant Clackers that does the work of a rattle
o Frog Rollerball and;
o A Zebra Badge, all of varying dimensions and textures.
Like we said, both look wise and health wise baby toys must be baby-friendly. The Hippo Teether and others have been made with BPA-free plastic and natural fabrics.

#Reason 4: No Unnecessary Accessories

Many Baby Gyms come with a head pillow for babies since they will be lying on the floor to play. Truth is, head pillows have no role on the Baby Gyms as pillows will restrict the head movements of your baby. Remember what we said, your baby should learn to move his head sideways.
This is why Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym provides no head pillows with it.
Also, with inclusion of unneeded accessories, additional cost is incurred. This consequently increases the price of the product.
#Reason 5: Water-resistant without plastic/rubber sheets
Even on a waterproof baby mattress cover , we spread a soft bed sheet. Likewise, on this Baby Gym Mat also, you should prefer spreading a soft blanket or something.
Not that the water-resistant fabric is rough and would give him rashes or something. The gym mat is made of 50-55 percent of polyester, a synthetic fabric is known to cause least skin rashes. We are just saying so, for your baby’s extra comfort.

When to buy A Baby Gym?

Another reason to buy Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym when your baby gets 6 months old is that:
For the first 5-6 months, your bonding with your baby matters. More than any toy, you could stimulate his senses, the better way. For this talk to him, tickle him, massage him and sing him lullabies.
Important Note:
Whether it is Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym or any other Baby Gym, the gym’s hanging toys should not be right above your baby’s head. The three main purpose of buying Baby Gyms is to keep your baby’s brain and body active, fit and developing. And as per our findings, even you would agree now that Fisher Price’s Piano Baby Gym has been designed keeping in mind those three main objectives only. Such a baby gym is worth the price, for your baby’s best.


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