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Guest Post – The ‘must-have’ app on your smart phone: Konsult App

When a swelled-up appendix is misdiagnosed as an abscess or wound inside the body then something is seriously wrong with the healthcare system in our country. Yes, this happened with my cousin, Gunjan, a resident of Jamshedpur. Some five years ago Gunjan had a tremendous pain in her abdomen but both the doctor and she could not locate the specific area. It is a common understanding that if your appendix, a vestigial organ, gets an inflammation; the entire appendix can be removed without causing any problem in the normal functioning of the body later on. According to experts, it is easy to diagnose appendicitis: a non-bearable pain is felt in the right-side of the lower abdomen and an ultrasonography can confirm the diagnosis. But mishaps do happen. In Gunjan’s case, the pain could not be located. She was operated and pus was cleared out of her abdomen. But the pain wouldn’t subside even after the operation; she would suffer serious bouts of pain every now and then. It was then that my uncle decided to take her to CMC Vellore. Over there it was detected to be a case of appendicitis, operated and the entire organ removed. Now she is fine and working in an MNC in Bangalore. It remains a mystery till date whether she really had an abscess or the pain originated from her appendix.
image of operated area of appendicitis
Long story short, these types of incidences is not very uncommon. We often feel cheated and due to the wearisome legal procedure, we recede from taking that path. According to a recent news article published in, India ranked 154, far behind, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and Sri Lanka in the Healthcare sector. India has performed poorly in tackling cases of tuberculosis, chronic kidney ailments, diabetes and heart diseases. News such as these breaks our spirit but they cannot be ignored. To give a reprieve, the same article quotes that India’s healthcare access and the quality index has increased to 44.8 in 2015 when compared to 30.7 in 1990. It’s a huge progress we have made a leap of 14.1 units. This gives us some hope that not all is lost. In fact, new healthcare companies are rising up with increased focus on bringing quality healthcare to all and that is the motto of Konsult was launched in 2015 and since then it has on-boarded more than 1500 doctors from major specialties into one small app. Although it is mostly based out of Delhi NCR, yet it is spreading its wings fast and wide. Actually, geographical location is not a concern here at all. Anybody can avail consultation from anywhere and at any time of the day through this app. So far there has been more 85000+ app downloads of Konsult.
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Have you ever been in a situation where you have felt the utmost urge to reach out a doctor but couldn’t? Haven’t you spend sleepless nights when your baby just wouldn’t stop crying? Or a house mole has bitten you and you don’t know whether to get a rabies shot? Or you are depressed but fear to reach out for help. These are some of the instances where Konsult app comes in very handy.

The app is also built for more serious health problems. You can easily seek a second opinion on a chronic ailment. Cancer treatment is varied and depends on the severity, fatality rate and the stage of development. Many patients across the world have got rid of cancer without the chemo and radiation and have found results. In India, the healthcare system runs on recommendation and trust. And these are the pillars on which Konsult is built. The other services of Konsult include recommendation for the best doctor and the best treatment option. Konsult also provides customized treatment plans and in-hospital assistance. All recommendations, queries based on health related issues, and appointment bookings done through Konsult are free.

How to use Konsult App?

Follow the 5 easy steps
1) Download the app on playstore or appstore and register with your details.

2) Recharge the Konsult wallet using credit/debit cards [Use Promo code KON300 to get an instant talk-time of Rs.300 (valid only for first-time users)].

3) Search and select the doctor according to your preference.

4) Press the call button and talk to your doctor.

5) You can use the chat feature to share medical reports. (optional)

Konsult app hosts a range of experienced doctors who are affiliated with the best hospitals of NCR and they are categorized into various specializations, ranging from dietitians, gynecologists, pediatricians, general physicians, dermatologists, diabetes specialists, and psychiatrists. Looks like, this app is totally necessary for women. And why only women, everybody needs a doctor! A little help at hand during times of seemingly emergency situations is always welcome; and with this app, things could be resolved from home many a times.

Konsult has carved a niche in the healthcare sector. Where there is a waiting time and the need for a prior appointment before consulting online through other websites and apps, Konsult makes a difference. Doctors of Konsult are available around the clock and there is no need for an appointment. Konsult has build trust over a very short period of time and has been featured on the Hindu Business Line, Your Story, The Economic Times and many others. Try consulting through Konsult!


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