Tandoori Chicken on Pan for Kids: Recipe with Tips


How to Make Tandoori Chicken without Oven at Home?

Does your kid like tandoori chicken but you want him to have home-made food? It’s time to serve him the same flavor and aroma with better hygiene at home.
This is one of the most frequently made dish at my home. This is easy and tasty and healthy for kids.

Why Tandoori Chicken?

Chicken is a rich source of protein. It does wonders with the weight management for the kids and toddlers and keeps them strong and healthy. Tandoori recipes don’t need much oil and spices. The use of high temperature kills all the bacteria and germs and the herbs ensure good health. You can even try pan fried tandoori chicken if you don’t have a tandoor at home and leverage the same benefits. And its very easy and quick.
Tandoori foods are very popular in India. But, kids can’t afford to eat Tandoori foods, especially because Tandoori chicken made outside all the time as you can’t guarantee the hygiene, the colors used and also meat softener chemicals used specially in tandoor. So, here is a healthy and yummy Pan Tandoori Chicken Recipe for kids that you can easily prepare at home.

What will You Need?

Skinless chicken drumsticks, 3 tablespoon hung curd, salt, 2 Tablespoons of Ginger-Garlic paste, 1 tablespoon tandoori masala and 3 spoon oil. (You may add Kashmiri Chilly powder, it adds natural red color without making it much spicy)
tandoori chicken ingredients
For Garnish: Onion rings, Lemon and cilantro


1) Take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients in it except the chicken.
2) Add chicken to the mixture for coating.
chicken marinade
3) Leave it for 3-4 hours in fridge for marinating.
4) Take the chicken out 1 hour prior to cooking.
5) See if there is excess water in the mixture and if there is some, remove it
6) Take a flat fry pan and heat it on high flame, when its hot, add oil to the pan and put the chicken to it let it be on high flame for about 1-2 minute, this way the surface gets cooked and juices get locked.
chicken on pan
7) Cover the chicken, next 10 mins keep the flame medium and let one side cook completely
cover the chicken
8) Now, remove the cover and turn the pieces and let the other side cook for the next 10 minutes. Cover it again and let it cook.
9) For the last 2 minutes, increase the flame to medium-high and let the wet masala get dried and you will see the oil released.
10) If you want the smokey flavor then heat the piece of coal on gas flame, when its red, take it in a small metal bowl and put it in the pan with chicken, now add just 2 drops of oil or ghee and cover it immediately.
chicken tandoori
Now, be it a kid or an adult, a yummy recipe becomes tempting only after a good garnish work! So, sprinkle some chaat masala, add lemon juice, put lemon slices, add cilantro and voila! Your kids going to love this awesome and healthy recipe.


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