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How Busy Moms can find Time to Exercise

Being a busy mom likely doesn’t leave you much time to fit an exercise routine into your schedule. Between taking care of the kids, tending to obligations at home (does the laundry ever end?), and working at an outside job, your time to look after yourself can easily dwindle away to the point where it feels gone completely. But it isn’t.

You can still take some time out of your hectic day to get in much-needed physical activity. Even if it’s just a few minutes, engaging in a regular exercise routine is good for your body and mind. It essentially makes you a better mom because you’re a better you.

Yet, it’s absolutely critical to find the right workout for you so that it gives you enough positive results to keep going, making it a habit that sticks day after day. How do you find this type of ideal exercise plan that is so perfect for you? By doing these three things.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

This suggestion is especially important if you have any health issues or conditions that could prevent you from exercising safely. Some conditions that should make you check with your doctor first include heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, and cancer—or if you just recently delivered. If any of these apply to you, you’ll want to get your physician’s approval before beginning a workout routine at all.

Once you get the “all clear,” find out which types of exercises they recommend based on your current physical condition. This will help ensure that you’re not going to do something that will ultimately hurt you, totally defeating the purpose of creating an exercise routine in the first place.

2. Think Back to When You Were a Kid

Part of finding the best workout routine for you also means coming up with a list of activities that will keep you coming back for more. After all, if your exercise program starts to feel like a chore, you’re less likely to keep with it. You’ll soon grow tired of it and end up dropping it all together.

One way to figure out which physical activities are exciting and fun for you is to think back to when you were a kid. What did you like to do where you were younger? Did you like to jump rope? If so, buy one and do it again today. Maybe jumping on the trampoline was more your thing? Mini trampolines are a great way to stay in shape when you’re older and want something that is easier on your knees.

3. Be Honest About Your Schedule

A huge mistake that a lot of people make (mothers included) when trying to fit an exercise routine into their life is that they first find the routine they think they want and then alter the rest of their life around it in order to make it work. The problem with this approach is that your exercise schedule has to work for you, not you for it, if you want it to stick.

To find the ideal workout, you need to be honest about your schedule and put the exercise in it at a time that works best for you. As a mother, this may mean working out early in the morning, before the kids wake up, or later in the day when they’re laying down for a nap. Another option is to get with other mothers and trade off babysitting so that you can each get your workout in and know that the kids are taken care of in the meantime.

Do these three things and you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal workout plan for you. Then, all you have to do is start doing it. But that’s another story now, isn’t it?


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