Symptoms Which Shows that You May be in Labour


Early Indications to Know that Labour has Began

If you are going through the final time of your last trimester, you must be waiting for the baby to arrive and even before that- for the labour pain symptoms to indicate the beginning of labour.
If you are thinking the expected birth date is enough to decide it all, then you need to pay attention to this fact – only 5-6% babies are born the date estimated for them i.e. in 37-42th week of a full term pregnancy. Around 40% babies are born two weeks before and the rest 40% arrive two weeks after the estimation. That’s why you must know the labour pain symptoms to ease down the delivery and consequent things for yourselves and the baby. So, let’s know them right now
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Signs of Labour

The main signs to know that you are in labour are –

Strong and Regular Contractions

It is tightening and relaxing of the womb which may feel like a strong edition of period pain. When contractions are lasting for 30 seconds and are occurring in every 5 minutes, your pregnancy in forwarding towards the end.

The “Show”

The plug of mucus comes away from your cervix. It stays tight throughout the pregnancy to safeguard the baby from all kind of infections but comes out or loosens when you are in labour.

The Breaking of Waters

The rupture of membranes is generally known as the breaking of waters. The amniotic sac, which is surrounding the baby, ruptures causing in fluid gushing from your vagina. It may appear as clean water or might carry a pinkish tinge in normal pregnancy while changes to brown, green or any other color in labour.


You may have the heavy feeling of backaches or the aching.


Experiencing shiver or tremble while you are not in the cold is counted as one of the early Labour pain symptoms. It is body’s way to release the tension so warm shower, massage or deep breathing will be helpful.

Upset Bowels

Loose bowel movements can also come in effect as baby’s head might press on your bowel.

Mood Swings or Sleep Disruptions

You may feel very emotional or wake up again and again at nights.


if you are able to eat or breathe more, chances are – your baby has settled deeper into the pelvis. You may need to go to the toilet frequently due to higher load on the bladder.

Right Time to Call Your Doctor

• When you are thinking you are in active labour or you are unsure – just call your doctor. He/she may determine many things from your talks and vocal tone.
• When your waters are broken.
• Baby’s movement is least.
• If you are experiencing shivering, change in vision, or potential headaches.

Things to Do in Early Labour

• Keep calm and relax – It will help your body to release Oxytocin which is required for your labour to progress.
• Do anything which gives you relief e.g. watching movie or comedy show, or listening to your favorite music.
• Walking and resting alternating is also helpful.
• Deep breathing or warm bath is another good idea.
• If you are feeling hungry, eat and drink accordingly.

Pre-Labour Contractions

• Only 15-25% contractions results in labour, rest are pre-labour contractions. It is due to softening of the cervix before time.
• If baby’s back is towards your back and head is down – contraction will have lower intensities while backaches will disturb more.
• If the baby is in all-fours position i.e. back-to-back, you can try lying on the floor on your hands and knees of half an hour or so.
• Hot shower can help in releasing pain.

Waiting for Labour to Begin: Here is What You can Do

While waiting for the active labour to begin, here is what you can do –
• Discuss with your family and husband beforehand that who will take you to the maternity hospital.
Prepare a bag carrying important things for you and your baby, which you will need in early days of delivery.
• Arrange transport.
• Plan the travel before the peak hours. Take monsoon, festivals, and other public occasions in account and plan accordingly.
We hope these tips will help you to identify the labour pain symptoms in time. Have a safe and happy baby delivery.
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