Symptoms of Dengue in Infant: Guide for Indian Parents


Dengue Fever Platelet Count Pattern in Infants

What is Dengue?

Dengue is an enfeebling viral infection caused due to the infective bite of a female Aedes mosquito. The illness seems similar to any other flu in its initial stage. Dengue is a serious infection can spread from one person to another through mosquito bites. It can be even lethal. The dengue virus gradually affects all the organs in a human body and cause weakness and many other symptoms.

Dengue in Infants in India

In the past couple of years, Dengue has spread across the nation like a wildfire. According to Live Mint, more than 18,000 dengue cases have been reported in India this year only and over 390 million worldwide so far. The most serious concern of the present time is dengue in infants.
Dengue was supposed to be uncommon in Babies below 1 year but with recent reported cases, doctors are surprised to see Babies can get infected by Dengue Fever too. The dengue outbreak trends for infants in India are horrifying.

Is Your Infant Safe?

Nowadays, Indian parents have become more cautious about Dengue infection. A selection of awareness programmes and government initiatives have been taken in different cities and countryside to save the infants from this lethal virus. In Indian infants, fever is very common but when it accompanies rashes and weakness, it should not be taken lightly. To understand whether your infant is at the risk of dengue, you need to know the major dengue causes and symptoms in infants.

Causes of Dengue in Infants

The dengue virus is usually carried by the Tiger mosquitoes, originally known as Aedes albopictus in South East Asia. Infants can’t protect themselves and they stay at a single place playing with balls, toys or other accessories. The Dengue virus is active in the early morning and in late afternoons. When these mosquitoes bite an infant, different symptoms start showing up. Even in the case of smallest doubts, parents should consult a nearby physician. The simple Dengue antibody (IgM and IgG) and Dengue virus test (PCR) are prescribed by the doctor to confirm that the infection is Dengue.

Symptoms during Dengue

The primary symptoms of dengue in kids are –
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Low blood pressure
• Pain in abdomen
• Nose or/and gum bleeding
• Loss of hunger
• Dehydration Itching on hands and/or feet
• Respiratory problems

Early Symptoms of Dengue Fever in Babies

• Cold and cough
• Chills
• Headaches
• Fever up to 105.8°C
• Slight pain behind eyes
• Red rashes or patches

How Dengue is controlled in Babies?

Doctors usually detect dengue by looking at infant’s appearance and prescribe some blood tests to get sure about the infection. A doctor may want to know the infant’s medical history and ask for the blood test to get the present blood count status of the infant. Dengue has no guaranteed cure as of now. Dengue cures on its own. Infants are suggested to take sufficient rest, stay hydrated, consume lots of fluid, take paracetamol as prescribed the doctor and have nutritious food. In severe cases, hospital stays and Intravenous fluid drip is prescribed.

Natural Remedies for Dengue

There are holistic treatments to reduce the effect of Dengue as well. Papaya juice, Tulsi, fenugreek leaves tea and some other organic ingredients. But in case of young babies below 1year old, please consult doctor before trying any of such oral home remedies.

Platelet Count Pattern in Infants during Dengue

Blood platelets are very important to get the present status of the dengue infection. In dengue, blood platelets decrease very fast and almost regular monitoring is needed. If the platelet count reaches 20,000 or below, there is lethal risk. In such cases, platelet transfusion is usually recommended by the doctor. A normal infant has platelets between 1.5 to 3 lakhs. Below 10,000, platelet transfusion becomes the only option to save the life.

What is minimum Count of Platelet in Infants before Danger Level?

The minimum platelet count is 70,000 in the case of infants. Below this level, infants are at risk.

How to avoid Dengue in Babies?

The precautions needed to avoid dengue in infants are –
• Maintain hygiene
• Use mosquito mesh
• Stay away from garbage – keep the garbage bin lid close at home
• Use neem oil and neem leaves at home
• No stagnant water at home
• Keep the windows closed during early morning and late afternoon
• Use mosquito band, repellent, badges (repellent not for infants below 2 months)
• Wear full-sleeved clothes
Dengue is spreading very fast in India. There is no need to be afraid of this virus but proper awareness, care and treatment are much needed, especially in the case of infants. Adequate cure and care can save from lots of body weakness.



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