Symptoms of Chickenpox in Babies before Spots


Chickenpox Very Early Symptoms in Kids

First of all, please note that chickenpox AKA Varicella is very uncommon in babies below 12 months. As they have natural immunity to it. Usually the first vaccine for chickenpox i.e. Varicella is given at age about 15 months.
In case of toddlers, they may get infected when they come in contact with an infected person.

FAQs: Is My Baby/Toddler Having Chickenpox?

1. What are The Symptoms of Chickenpox before Rash?

The primary symptom of Chickenpox is rashes that hurt/itch a lot. But, even before the rashes, there are some symptoms that show your child is suffering from this severely contagious disease. These symptoms include:
• Tiredness
• Poor appetite
• Pain in stomach
• Headache
• Fussiness
• Flu-like symptoms or fever
• Unusual sleeping

2. On What Parts of Body do Rashes Appear?

Painful rashes resembling blisters on the body confirm that your baby is suffering from Chickenpox. These rashes can occur on different body parts like face, scalp, chest, arms, legs, stomach, torso and groin.

3. How do The Rashes Look When They just Start Appearing?

These blisters are usually red and itchy and can occur in a small amount or the number can reach hundreds. These can be mild or severe. These itchy bumps keep on coming for 2-4 days. These bumps occur in different stages. It starts with red or pink bumps that keep on coming for many days. The second stage is blisters that are filled with a fluid. The final and severe stage is scabs and crusts around the broken blisters.

4. How Long will these Spots be there?

After the initial stage, it takes 1-2 days for the bumps to turn into fluid-filled blisters and then again 1-2 days for the formation of scabs and crusts. It takes around 7-10 days for the spots to be crusted. Once all the spots are crusted or dried, the process of recovery begins.

5. When to See a Doctor?

To see a doctor or wait for some more time – this is a common dilemma for many parents whose child is suffering from such health issues. Usually, chickenpox automatically heals after 7-10 days. Be it chickenpox or any such issue, If your child is showing severe symptoms like high fever, stomach pain, severe itching etc even after 24-48 hours then you must consult your doctor for a solution. You can also visit a doctor as soon as you feel that your baby may have chickenpox. A doctor can examine the rashes along with the symptoms to confirm it is chickenpox and prescribe suitable medication. Doctors usually give medication to cut down the sensitivity of the rashes and quick healing of the blisters. If your child is showing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to visit your doctor:
• Too reddish and tender rashes
• Fever more than 103 degree Celsius
• If child is having poor immunity
• Persistent cough, tremors, breathing issues, unusual heartbeats, dizziness, muscle coordination is less, vomiting and stiff neck
• Rashes spreading to one or both the eyes

6. Is Chickenpox Common in Young Babies?

No. Chickenpox in babies below 12 months is uncommon. Today, fortunately, we got chickenpox vaccination for babies at age 1-1.5yrs which has cut down on the rate of chicken pox in toddlers dramatically. Chickenpox is very rare in young babies below 12 months. It mostly transmits through contact with an adult person suffering from chickenpox or shingles.

7. Varicella Vaccination: When and How many?

Varicella Vaccination is the best we got to prevent the babies from chickenpox. This vaccination is recommended in two phases; first is between 12 to 15 months and the second is between 4 to six years. The first dose of the vaccine boosts the immunity but to sustain this effectiveness, babies need another dose between 4 to 6 years. Just one booster shot is enough for one phase.
As discussed above, chickenpox is a contagious disease and hence you should contact a doctor as soon as you detect it in your child. Proper treatment and precautions can help your infected kid get recovered soon.
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