Sweet Nicknames for Muslim Baby Boy


Short Baby Names for Muslim Baby Boy

Muslims living in different parts of the world mainly choose Arabic language when it comes to naming of their newborns. Arabic is an ancient beautiful language. Most of the Muslim baby boy names have positive meanings. Some first names or surnames are based on popular personalities while some refer to Allah or relevant spiritual things whereas some names signify few positive personality traits. Here are some short meaningful Muslim baby boys names that are rare and dulcet.

Meaningful Islamic Baby boy Names Suitable as Real name and Nickname

Aafa عآفا : Forgiver
Aas عاص : Hope
Abd عبد: Servant of God
Aidh ایدہ : Name of a reciter of the holy Quran
Arsh عرش : Sky, Crown
Ata عطا: Gift/ Forefather
Aula أَوْلَى: Worthy
Azb عَذْب: Fresh/sweet
Baar بار: Pious, just
Badi بَادِي: One who lives a Bedouin life
Bahi بَهِيّ: Brilliant/Beautiful
Behzad بهزاد: High-born
Bakhsh بخش : Fortune
Deen دین : Religion
Diar دیار : Expensive wood
Faaz فاز‎: Victorious/Successful
Faid فائد: Benefit
Faaiz فائز : Winner
فییض ayzF : Victorious/Triumphant
Fihr فیہر : Stone pestle
Hamd حمد : Praise
Hami حامی : Protector
Haani حانی : Happy
Haaiz حَائِز: Acquirer
Haayi حَايِّي: Modest
Haq حق : Truth
Jaazi جَازِي: One who takes care of another person’s needs or concerns
Kinza کنزا: Hidden treasure / Intelligent
Lais لَيْث: Lion, Polite, Debonair
Miran میران: Princely
Naef نايف: Surplus
Naif نايف : Excess
Naba نَبَأ: Tidings
Nabit نَابِت: Sprout
Nooh نوح : A prophet’s name (Noah)
Nur نور : Light
Qaim قائم : Strong
Qais/Qays قیس : Lover
Rafee رفيع: Sublime
Raid رايد: Leader/ Pioneer
Rauf رَؤُوْف : Merciful and Kind
Saad سعد : Prosperity/ Happy
Saim صائم: Fasting
Saud/Saood سُعود: Fortunate/Prosperous
Shaaz شاذ: Unique
Shah شاہ : King
Shan شأن : Greatness, importance, majesty, affair, activity
Sayyid/Syed سيد: Mister
Taib تائب: Repenter
Utaib عُطِيب: Softness
Utaif عُطَيْف: Compassionate
Utaiq عُتَيْق: Goodness, virtue
Ward وَرْد: Flowers
Wasi وصی : Capacious/Vast
Yahya یحیی: A prophet in Islam
Yoon يون: Journey
Zaad زاد: Victory/ Success
Zaim زعیم: Leader/ Chief
Zarf ظرف: Encouragement
Zhobin ژوبین: Small spear
Be it the real names or nicknames muslim baby boy naming system allows you to pick thousands of beautiful and unique names that also help in developing baby’s personality. Many Muslim male names are after prophets, relatives or elderly people in the family to pay tribute to them. Due to the impact of regions and transliterations, a name may have different spellings. Sometimes the Muslim nicknames are a blend of Arabic and the local culture. However, in Islam, there is no strict rule to adhere with only Arabic names.


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