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M names list for Baby Girl Indian

Baby Names starting with letter M are not uncommon in India, hence we have selected here only rare, meaningful and very trendy Sanskrit names for girls from M. If you liked our collection of sweet baby names, don’t forget to comment.

Rare Names from M for Indian Baby Girls

Maedhra माएध्रा

Lord Shiva is known as Maedhraaj. The powerful trinity God’s appearance can be seen in the Phallic Emblem.

Mahana महना

Mahana refers to a gift. A name is indeed a gift that is bestowed by the parents to their children.

Mahija माहीजा

Mahi signifies earth and Ja refers to birth. Hence the meaning of the name is someone who is born from the earth or earth’s son.

Mahika महिका

Mahi is earth and the Mahika indicates frost or mist.

Mahira महिरा

The name has different meanings in Hindi and Urdu. Mahir refers to Sun in Sanskrit while Maahir or Mahir means someone who is highly skilled or expert in any task.

Mahishi महिषी

The name is used as an epithet for Goddess Durga and used in the mantra ॐ महिष्यै नमः। Mahishi also refers to Goddess Saraswati and the mantra related to the name is Om Mahishigan Pujitaye Namah .

Mahiyu माहियू

The name is related to earth and refers to a delighted or happy person.

Maitra मैत्रा

Maitra is inspired by Mitra which means friend or friendly. A worshipper in a Buddhist temple also goes by this name.

Manasvini मनस्वीनी

Aswini is a star but the name has nothing to do with the constellation. Manasvini means a determined person or someone who is proud.

Manasyu मनस्यु

A person who wishes or the act of wishing something.

Manishi मनीषी

Manishi refers to a sage or a wise person. The name is also used in another form Manishin – an intelligent or thoughtful person.

Manvi मानवी

Manvi is related to Maanav which is a human being or their traits. Someone with all the best characteristics or daughter of a man is called Manvi. Sometimes Jasmine is also known as Manvi.

Marava मारवा

A person full of affection or love is called Marava.

Mareesha मारीशा

One who loves travelling or a traveller. Someone who is worthy or respected is also called Mareesha.

Marsha मार्षा

Someone who is worthy or respected. It’s a variant of Mareesha.

Marva मारवा

Marva is a Raga in Indian music.

Mauli मौलि

In Hinduism, Ashoka tree is also called Mauli. A chief in a group or a crown or head or earth is also referred to as Mauli.

Mayukhi मायुखी

Mayukhi is inspired by Mayur. It means a pea-hen.

Mayusva मयुस्वा

A ray of sun or light is called Mayusva.

Medhira मेधीरा

Medhira is derived from Medha which means intelligence. An intelligent or brilliant person is known as Medhira.

Mekhala मेखला

A very auspicious name used as an epithet for Lord Ganesha and used in the mantra Om Mekhalawate Namah ॐ मेखलावते नमः। It also refers to a sacred cord.

Merva मेर्वा

It’s another name of Lord Ganesha and can be heard in the mantra मेरवे नमः। Sometimes mount Meru is also called Merva.

Mithila मिथिला

A kingdom or region in India. It refers to Bhagwat and used in the mantra Om Mithilapuravasinyai Namah। ॐ मिथिलापुरवासिन्यै नमः।

Moulya मौल्या

Inspired by Moolya which means value or valuable. It also means being together.

Mahadri महाद्रि

Lord Vishnu, the support of the universe; on who supports the great mountain – mahaadri-dhrik. It also refers to a great tree.

Maheera माहिरा

The word is used in both the Hindi and Urdu languages. It signifies a talented, highly skilled or a quick or powerful person.

Maheya माहेया

Someone or something made of earth; earthen.

Mahisha महिषा

The name has a spiritual significance as it means a priest. It also refers to Sun or a powerful person.

Mahuli माहुली

It’s a fort in Maharashtra, India.

Maithili मैथिली

It’s the language of Kingdom or region Mithila. The name is also used as an epithet for Goddess Sita as according to Valmiki’s Ramayana, she is related to the region.

Maitreyi मैत्रेई

Mitra is friend. The name refers to a friendly, kind or benevolent person. It is also used to refer to a wise woman and Goddess Lakshmi and can be heard in the mantra ॐ मैत्र्यै नमः। It’s also an Important Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism.

Makali मकाली

Makali is a beautiful name which means moon.

Makhesha मखेषा

Esha is Lord and the name refers to the Lord who sacrifices or lord of sacrifice.

Malahari मल्हारि

It’s a popular Indian Raga – Raga Malahari.

Malvika मालविका

The name gives the glimpses of a majestic personality. It refers to the princess of Malva.

Manana मानना

A pure/divine or pious person is known as Manana. It can also be used to refer to a thoughtful person.

Manasi मानसी

Though a common Indian name, it has a powerful meaning with a spiritual significance. Manasi means spiritual devotion.

Maneeshi मनीषी

A sage or a wise or intelligent person is Maneeshi. Maneesh is controller of one’s own mind.

Manhitha मनहिता

The original form of the name is Manyata which means someone honoured or to give honor. It also means being together or a conversation with God.

Manjeera मंजीरा

A popular Indian musical instrument. It also signifies a bracelet or an anklet.

Manodnya मनोज्ञा

The name is related to majesty or kingdom. It refers to a prince or a royal person. Manogya also means a graceful, charming or lovely person.

Mantrana मंत्रणा

It means advisory or a discussion or planning.

Manveeta मन्विता

A madeup name which refers to the most respectable person.

Manya मान्या

Someone quiet or worthy of honor.

Medha मेधा

Medha is intelligence or brilliance and used in the Mantra ॐ मेधायै नमः। It is also used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi.

Medini मेदिनी

A kind of musical composition. The original form of the name is Medini. It refers to Lord Vishnu and means earth as well.

Meeraja मीरजा

Meeraja is beloved, someone very close to the heart. It’s a combination of Meenakshi and Natarajan.

Mehuli मेहुली

Mehuli is a small rain cloud.

Meshva मेश्वा

It’s a madeup name which refers to Goddess Parvati who is Kameshvari. Meshva is the goddess of desire.

Mirthika मिर्थीका

It’s an uncommon name which means mother of lands

Mitakshi मिताक्षी

The name has a divine association. It’s an epithet used for Goddess Durga.
Goddess Durga

Mithra मित्रा

Another variant of Mitra which means a friend or companion. The name also refers to the sun.

Molina मोलिना

Molina is related to nature. It indicates a tree that grows from the root.

Moumita मौमिता

It’s a sweet name that signifies a lovely or sweet friend.

Mridhula मृदुला

Mridhula is soft or gentle personality or communication.

Mrigakshi मृगाक्षी

Mriga is deer and Aksh is eyes. The name means a person who has eyes like a deer.

Mrinalika म्रिणालिका

The name is related to Lotus. It also indicates the stem or stalk of lotus.

Mrinmayee मृण्मयी

Something or someone that belongs to earth or a person with deer-like eyes.

Mrugaya मृगया

Mrugaya is gentle or soft/tender.

Mudra मुद्रा

It’s an expression or gesture.

Mugdha मुग्धा

Someone who is attracted, awe-inspired or spellbound by something.
In our above M name list girl Indian Hindu names, uncommon girl names, auspicious and meaningful names – a selection of great names for Indian baby girl have been covered. I hope the list saves your time from exploring the web and find the suitable m name list girl Hindi. If you got more beautiful and unique names starting with the letter m, share it with us in the comments.


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    Hello Sapana,

    Can you please suggest a girl name with the combination of Poonam and Hardik starting with M

    • Sapana

      Its difficult to suggest names of parents’ names combination where starting letter is totally different, anyways here are some selected suggestions
      Mahana Gift
      Mahika Mist , The earth
      Mahiyu Joy, Happy
      Mayini Artful
      Maulini Earth, Head
      Medhavi Intelligent
      Medhira Intelligent
      Mekhalini Student
      Mitika soft Spoken

    • Sapana

      Hi Juhi,
      Mahiyu माहियू
      Manasyu मनस्यु
      Manayu मनायू

      Mahi माही
      Manishi मनीषी
      Manvi मानवी
      Marali मराली
      Mayini माइनी
      Mayukhi मायुखी
      Mayukhin मायुखीनी

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    I’m looking for a name that starts with MA ..I have seen some but they are old can u please help me with new names with a meaningful meaning to the name.

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