Surprising Protector for Your Child’s Teeth: Cheese


Eating Cheese Before Bed – Is It Good?

Do you think brushing your child’s teeth is the only thing that can protect your child’s teeth?
happy toothNo. The beautiful shine, which twinkles to leave you with a smile need something more to protect them against the cavities and delay. There exist some really amazing foods which are good for kids due to the fact that they create a protective film, wrapping teeth safely. You must feel happy to know that NOT every such food is bad. You can get all such benefits from your favorite dairy product i.e. Cheese, surprised?
I was too, when my kids’ dentist told me about the amazing benefits of letting kids eat cheese.
I was not sure at first if I heard it right as the cheese obviously gets stuck on the molars.
Let’s see how he explained it to me. Also some other interesting facts related to this.
It is well-known that all the dairy products are high in calcium which plays an important role in bone strength and teeth health. So, some varieties (discussed later) of the milk-made wonder are considered teeth-friendly foods. Know in details why cheese is a boon for your kid’s teeth and get your every doubt cleared in next few minutes of reading.

Is Cheese Good for Your Kid’s Teeth?

Unquestionably it is! Studies have found that the cheese has calcium content as high as 25% and a great amount if phosphorus too – And, it means a strong enamel. Also, it protects against cavities by producing enough saliva to kill the bacteria on teeth. Washing away sugar particles and acidic substances from the mouth, it shields your child’s mouth in every possible way.
In short, Cheese neutralizes the harmful sugar on your child’s teeth.

Can I Give Cheese to My Kid Just before Bed?

Lunch, snack or before bed – be it anytime, cheese works the best but do you know it can be as effective in saving your kid’s teeth as brushing them. So, if s/he is lazy in getting her teeth brushed after a sugar or carbon-rich diet, give her cheese slice. Most probably, she can’t deny it.
Well obviously you cannot do that every day neither you should rely on the cheese blindly but say when you are outdoors and there is no way you could brush your child’s teeth after a fist on sweets you can give her/him a piece of solid cheese (Cheese Cube).

Is Every Type of Cheese Same?

An important question is – is every cheese effective for teeth? Will every type of cheese work the same way if given to kid before the bed?
Certainly Not!
Not every cheese has same properties. Additionally, some cheese products in the market contain added sugar with can cause harm to your child’s teeth while given just before bed.
Note – instead of processed cheese, try to give real cheese to kids.

Which Cheese?

You can stay focused on some really fabulous varieties which are –
• Cheddar Cheese
cheddar cheese
• Monterey Jack
• Mozzarella
• Swiss Cheese
• Roquefort
• Salted Cheese Cubes (Processed are also fine in this case, e.g. Amul Cheese cubes in India)
These are some suggestions only. You can also try Brie, Gorgonzola, and other similar cheese. As mentioned already, try feeding real cheese. Aged cheese types, if liked by the kid, will be the perfect food.

Other Teeth Protector Foods

carrots for teeth
• Carrot
• Cucumber
• Starch-rich Foods (Potato, rice, etc.)
• Other dairy products like yogurt and milk
• Grapes
• Eggs
• Beans
• Fish

What if Doctor has Suggested Low Fat Foods?

Cheese is considered as a high-fat food, especially the Cheddar Cheese.
Here is another surprising news for you – The fat content doesn’t clash with the goodness of this food when the teeth-friendliness is discussed. It means that the non-fatty real cheese will contain the same amount of phosphorus, saliva-making enzymes, and calcium as the fatty ones.
Have I missed anything related to the surprising protecting mechanism of Cheese? Did this fact surprise you? Let me know through your comments.
Now got it why we say “Say Cheese!!”?


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