Super Healthy Moringa Leaves for Breastfeeding Mothers


Why New mothers should have Moringa Leaves

As a breastfeeding mother, you are always concerned about the food you eat. As it’s not for you alone but also provides all the nutrients to your little one too. There are many gifts given by Mother Nature to human-kind in the form of food for a healthy life. One of such foods is Moringa. You will get numerous Health benefits from Moringa leaves during breastfeeding. Let us see how.

Benefits of Moringa leaves for Breastfeeding mothers

1. Increased Breast Milk Production

Moringa leaves are considered to be ultra-rich in vitamins A, B and C and other essential nutrients such as calcium, iron and protein. All of these components are especially important for nursing mothers.

Consumption of these leaves is a great way to increase the breast milk flow of the nursing mothers. Statistics confirm that having Moringa leaves during breastfeeding is a full proof way of improving the health of the baby. Studies conducted by the top researchers have shown a staggering 150-175 percent increase in breast milk to the mothers who are consuming capsules containing 250mg of the Moringa Oleifera leaf, twice daily. Lactating mothers and Moringa in the recent times holds an unbreakable bond. Over the years it has been used as galactagogue in south-east Asia, particularly Phillippines.

2. Full of Vital Nutrients

Moringa oleifera leaves are essentially rich in Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Vitamin D and vitamin C.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an important vitamin needed for a proper development of the lungs, heart, kidney and also the circulatory and respiratory system. The vitamin A also has the ability to fight the infections and helps in fat metabolism.

Vitamin D
On the other hand vitamin D serves as an important factor in the growth and maintenance of a healthy body of both the mother and the child. A nursing mother while breastfeeding the infant, herself requires a lot of good nutrition in order to maintain her body function well in this case vitamin D is very much important.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C works an anti-oxidant that protects the tissues from damage and helps the body absorb iron. It also helps in building a healthy immune system for the body. So it is evident how much the importance, Moringa holds for nursing mothers.

3. Rich in Calcium and Iron

Leaves of the astonishing Moringa Oleifera plant are a super food for mothers in a number of ways. Moringa also helps the mothers giving breast milk to their babies to maintain her well-being as well. A nursing mother gives away a lot of calcium to the baby through breastfeeding and if the calcium levels of the mother are falling below par then it will cause a great deal of damage to the mother. This is where consumption of Moringa leaves comes in really effective. It increases the calcium and Iron level of the mother as well assuring the total safety of the mother and also providing her with a good blood-flow level and healthy bone strength as well.

4. Safe Weight loss

weight scale
If increased calories intake during breastfeeding is bothering you, do not worry. These leaves are full of healthy fibres and also they help maintain the blood sugar levels. This promotes the fat loss in healthy ways. But please note, during exclusive breastfeeding time a mother does need loads of calories to fulfil the growing baby’s health demands so the weight loss should not be your concern at early months of your delivery. While the fibre rich foods like these leaves and the lots of fluids will help you not gain unnecessary excessive weight.

How to Consume Moringa Leaves?

The best thing about these leaves is, it is easy to consume. A mother can consume moringa in forms of fresh leaves, capsule or powder (both organic and inorganic). If you are lucky to get fresh leaves then you can have these leaves in salads, soups, fried vegetables etc. Moringa while breastfeeding will help the mother in every way. The advisable quantity of the leaves is 250mg twice a day and this moderate value will not have any adverse side effect on the mother or the baby.

Health Warning

Even though there are no adverse effects seen on consumption of powder, fresh leaves or the drumsticks of the Moringa Tree, you must consume it in Moderation. Moderation is the key. Excessive intake may be toxic. If this vegetable is new to you, it’s recommended you consult your doctor before you consume the leaves or supplement tablets.

Women are naturally protective about their just born child. After the baby is born, it still gets its nutrition from the mother by means of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding means providing the baby with milk as all kind of nutrition and even the baby gets water from the milk of the mother. But at the same time, while providing food to the baby, the mother needs a good supply of nutrition as well. If the mother does not get enough for her own, she will never be able to provide much for the baby and in turn, the health of the mother will deteriorate with time. There are many foods that serve as an essential nutrient for a nursing mother and along with that Moringa leaves can serve as a very important source of nutrition for a nursing mother. As seen above there are numerous ways in which moringa leaves can ameliorate the health of a mother who is feeding her baby milk.

The invention has led to fantastic results and these are some of the ways as how a nursing mother can be benefitted from Moringa leaves.


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    • Sapana

      Yes, its one of top super foods on earth, even though native to India we dont see the fresh leaves in market so easily. When I was a child there was a big tree of Moringa in backyard now its not there. I wish I knew about these leaves when the tree was there.

    • Sapana

      Congratulations Abhijit. Yes its very useful to get educated before delivery. After the baby arrives you will be busy understanding the chaos! Haha 🙂

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  3. Avatar

    Hi , i have low milk supply.i have tried everything.after reading benefits of moringa i m willing to try these .will it increase my much fresh leaves should be used? please urgent reply.. TIA

    • Sapana

      Hi Shanti,
      Please read these posts on improving the milk supply naturally.
      Seeds to improve breast milk productions
      How to boost breastmilk production?
      Please remember one thing, your positive thinking is most important. Never think that the milk supply is less, the brain signals your body to make milk as you want. So feed frequently and stay happy.

      Regarding moringa leaves, if you have tried them before, continue in same amount. If not start with one bowl fresh moringa leaves once in 2 days, see if any health issue, if not then continue it daily. Also eat Dill Leaves (Sepu) and Fenugreek Seeds Sprouts

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