Super Brain Yoga: What is it and How to Do it?


Why Your Teacher Made You do THIS as a Punishment?

Most of traditions ancient Indians practiced have scientific reasons behind them, even they look just simple traditions. One of such things which went un-noticed for years is: Indian Way of Punishment at school. Holding ears and squatting. Did your teacher ever made you do it? If not, you missed a chance to boost brain power! Not a joke!
When some neurologists found this exercise is actually working on brain, they did some studies and found amazing facts about this “Super Brain Yoga” AKA Thoppukaranam
Lets learn about it in details.
Do it yourself and involve kids to perform superbrain yoga. Your mind will learn settling down as well as it will aid your focusing power. The post will discuss benefits of super brain yoga, purpose, importance, ancient Indian significance and methods of performing it.
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What is Superbrain Yoga and What Are its Benefits?

Super brain yoga is a Yogic Kriya developed by Ancient Indians. It is a technique of breathing in which, by doing a form of acupressure, both hemisphere of the brain bring the energy up to the brain. Super brain yoga can be done by anyone. Researchers have suggested that positive effects of super brain yoga have seen in people having a mental disorder and for kids to build brain power.

Health Benefits of Super Brain Yoga

• Improves memory
• Smooth functioning of the brain
• Reduces depression
• Helps in diseases like dyslexia and autism
• Increases focus and concentration ability
• Reduces stress
• Calmness in behaviour
• Improved mental ability

How Indians followed this exercise in school in old days?

From old ages Indian teachers gave a unique punishment called sit-ups. Touching earlobes and squatting. Although for a laymen it may sound funny but this exercise improves child’s behaviour and concentration power as it facilitates some acupressure points which helps in proper functioning of brain.
Lets see the process in details

How to do SuperBrain Yoga?

It is very easy to learn, you just need to follow these steps:
• Remove out accessories like earrings, necklace etc
• Stand straight on the floor, facing the sun, feet shoulder width apart.
• Hold your right ear lobe with your two fingers (Thumb and index finger) of left hand and your left ear lobe with your right hand’s fingers.
• While taking a deep breath Roll your tongue inwards pressing slightly downwards (This is optional step)
• Slowly lower your body making a squat position
• Inhale your breath and hold it for few seconds
• Stay at this position for 3-4 seconds minute
• Go back in straight position and exhale and release your tongue and ear lobes
• Repeat for 10 to 15 minutes
Want to see how Superbrain Yoga is done?

Importance of Super Brain Yoga – Step by Step

It combines body’s major acupressure points which energize body and soothes brain.

Holding the ear

Ear lobes consist of acupressure point. Pressing ear with thumb and index finger activate this vital acupressure point and help left and right brain portions to get synchronized. Thus increases brain activity


Inhaling and exhaling purify blood and also regulate improved blood circulation to organs like brain heart etc,


To maintain psychological and body’s balance, squat is used. It also builds muscle by releasing hormones and maintain tonicity of the body. Squat helps in removing out waste material from body organs which lead to purification and hence better-functioning occur.

Tongue roll

When you connect your tongue with your palate the front and back meridians of your palate get connected which forms a closed circuit and enables life energy to circulate through your meridians and thus giving a vital life force

Why Cross Hands?

Crossing hands helps kids and adults by increasing attention and learning power of brain by developing both sides left and right side brain it tends to circulate blood to the brain and other body organs.

Who Should Do it?

Super brain exercise is advantageous for almost every person, from students to adults, everyone wants a healthy brain, for people having a mental disorder like, Down’s syndrome,(ADD) attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, anorexia, and autism they must try super brain yoga to improve them. The studies and experiments by doctors have proved effectiveness of Super Brain Yoga.

Who Should Not Do it?

• Females should not do it during menstrual periods or one or two days before periods.
• If you are insomniac then do it for only one time a day because it energizes brain and lead to power activity of brain.
• People suffering from hyperactivity of brain should avoid it because it may energize your rain and show excitatory effects.

When to Do it? How Long?

Super brain exercise benefits are numerous it is best for children if they are doing it for a daily purpose at morning and evening it will increase their learning capabilities. If you are working then do it early morning for 10 to 15 minutes to energize your whole day.
Loved the super brain yoga for its amazing benefits?
You should.
It is a great yoga for kids to build brain power. So, engage your kids to try out superbrain yoga from today.
Any more information needed about the benefits of Super brain yoga or confusion I have not covered in the post?
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