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Soft Toys For Babies: Handpicked Only

When your baby is 6-month-old, he is developing his social skills and share special emotions with the cute stuffed or soft toys. The little ones develop a strong attachment with the cuddly toys as they always remain available for sharing their various emotions and chats and, they comfort them while sleeping alone in the night. The security toys or soft toys are the best friends of the babies below 6 months as they listen to all their logical and illogical talks without arguing or showing any conflict. These friendly faces are basically the security toys calming them down when they are afraid of the noise or darkness in the middle of the night.

Soft Toys Specially Handpicked for Babies

Soft Stuffed Cute Puppy

Buy your baby this cute and soft stuffed dog with tongue out to make his playing routine high-spirited. It’s compelling, safe and made of top-notch quality outer fabric of standard colors.

Mom and Baby Kangaroo Soft Toy

The mom and baby kangaroo soft toy set can be a great learning and playing solution for your baby. The beautiful bonding of the mother kangaroo with the baby kangaroo will help your baby understand this divine relation and its soft fabric will keep him calm and cozy during his bedtime routine.

Sitting Adorable Panda

Pandas are always adorable. Softies bring here a wonderful panda soft toy made of finest quality fabric to reassure your baby in the middle of the night when he wants a calming hug.

Pink Rabbit Toy for Baby Girls (Well Boys too)

Little ones love rabbits for their lovable appearance and characteristics. The cute pink rabbit soft toy will share your baby’s funny talks and everyday emotions.

Yellow Giraffe

If you are looking for a tall friendly buddy as your baby’s best friend and all time hugging bestie then Tickles Yellow stuffed giraffe can be a great option. It’s cool, soft and secure for your baby.

Huggable Polyester Spiderman

Surprise your Marvel Comics fan baby with this eye-catching soft Spiderman stuffed toy from Baby Bucket made of fine quality polyester. Gear up for your baby’s loud giggles!

Happy Pooh

Pooh is the best friend of many babies and they can keep the little secrets of the little ones well. Gift your baby this wonderful yellow pooh soft toy from Tickles and be the reason for his big smiles.

Sweet Looking Pink Baby Elephant

Place this amazing pink soft baby elephant on your baby’s bed and capture his priceless reaction. The beautiful toy elephant from tickles will keep your baby entertained all day long and reassured all night long without any trumpet.

Polar Bear Baby Doll

The plush baby polar bear will help your baby wake up with a beautiful smile on his face. The magical hugs of the stuffed baby bear will offer a sound sleep to the baby and the parents.

White Lovable Rabbit with a Carrot

If the ordinary stuffed toys are appearing boring to your baby then offer him this active white rabbit holding carrot in mouth. Tickles bring you a non-toxic stuffed toy that will not only engage and calm your baby but add to his playing zone’s décor.

If you are one of those caring parents looking for some great soft toys to comfort their babies in night for a peaceful sleep, here are some tips and choices to help you out with your purchase.

Baby’s Soft Toys: Must Know For Parents

Here are few useful tips/notes that will make your soft toy a safe toy for your little one.

What to Check Before Buying a Stuffed Animal for a Baby?

Always check the manufacturer’s instruction about the cleaning and fabric of the soft toy. If you get easy-to-clean internal and outer fabric, you are going to make a smart purchase. Your baby will develop a strong bonding with one or more soft toys around him and you need to take special care of his special friends as replacing them with new faces may not do the trick. Picking easy-to-clean toys should be the preference.

Frequent Washing

It’s obvious that the soft toy you purchased for your little one will get dirty gradually. It’s your responsibility to keep your baby healthy by washing the stuffed toy often and keep the dirt and bacteria miles away.

Soft Toys, Distance and Allergies

Bestowing your little one with a compelling and huggable soft toy may not be enough. You need to take care of its closeness to your baby often. The micro fabric fragments may enter his respiratory system and cause many allergies and breathing troubles. Keep the toys at some distance and watch your baby playing safe. Do not let baby sleep with the toy. The habit of letting the stuffed toys on the bed while baby is sleeping is not at all recommended. It is one of the major causes of allergies in babies.


Safety is a big concern while choosing a soft toy for your baby. Apart from its learning and fun characteristics, the mechanical and physical properties of the soft toys are also worth mulling over. Always look for the tiny detachable parts of the toy as there are risks of swallowing or inhalation. Also, look for the edges and bulges as they may cause injury. Avoiding the tiny buttons and checkable accessories will add to the safety.

How to Clean a Stuffed Animal/Soft Toy?

The cleaner and good smelling your baby’s favorite stuffed toys are, the healthier your baby remains. Cleaning these soft toys is a very important task. The soft fabrics can’t be washed like regular clothes or with ordinary care. They need soft detergent for washing which will provide them an enduring shelf life. You may need soft detergent and soft bristle brush or soft piece of cloth for washing these toys. It may take 2-3 hours or less to dry the washed stuffed toys. Don’t expose the soft toy for long under the sunlight. It’s better to dry it inside and make it smell good using some organic fragrances.

Can you Wash the Soft Toys in Washing machine??

YES! Most of soft toys without any hard plastic/metal parts inside can be washed directly in the washing machine. Just make sure the stitching of the stuffed animal is strong and no loose parts. Simply put the stuffed animals in a mesh bag (Washing machine special mesh bags) and use the machine on the woolen clothes special mode. Use a liquid detergent soft on fabric

Help your baby grow smart offering them the soft fun and safe stuffed toys. You may not remain available for a magical hug all the time. Let these friendly faces do the work!


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