Stomach Bloating During Pregnancy


Gas and Bloating during Pregnancy

Are you wondering if you are only woman having this funny and unwanted change of bloating and gas in pregnancy? Well to make your pregnancy days memorable your hormones are playing with you and the baby is making some room for herself in your body. Take it easy. This usually happens in early pregnancy and will go off as the hormones changes their attention to somewhere else and body adapts to new changes.

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Why Bloating Happens during Early Pregnancy?

Hormone levels in early pregnancy dictate many changes in a woman’s body. The hormones called relaxin and progesterone leads to relaxation of the digestive tract muscles which gradually slows the speed of food passage through the large and small intestines. As a result, this causes the food to take more time to digest and leads to increased intestinal gas production. Moreover, the growing uterus put pressure on your digestive tract which further slows down the digestion process. To make the situation even worse, the muscle relaxant effect of progesterone makes it more difficult for you to control the release of gas.

Burping a lot while pregnant?

Well! Bloating and gassy in early pregnancy is common in pregnant woman. It is often seen that most stomach gas is also produced by swallowing air and is typically released through burping. A small amount of the gas also passes down to the large intestine and gets released as flatulence. When bacteria in the large intestine break down undigested food by enzymes in the small intestine and stomach, it produces gas that causes flatulence.
All these factors also cause constipation and stomach cramps which are the worst symptoms especially during the first trimester. The bloating feeling is also sometimes accompanied by nausea. You may feel like either you’ve eaten a lot or have excessive gas.

Relief for Bloating in Early Pregnancy

After learning why its happening, you might be wondering when can I get rid of bloating and indigestion? Let us take a look at some of the major remedies to prevent bloating during pregnancy.
It involves cutting down on the wrong foods that typically cause bloating and taking in the right ones. In some cases, exercise helps too. However, you must consult your doctor before you proceed with any kind of physical activities.

The lifestyle tips to prevent bloating during pregnancy:

Drink plenty of fluids

Boost your day with plenty of water and fruit juices. Water helps flush out your system and prevents swelling and bloating.

Eat foods rich in fiber

Foods including oats, leafy greens, whole wheat food (excluding bakery), legumes carrots, apples, sweet potato and fruits (except pineapple and papaya) are good source of fiber that absorb water in your digestive system and easily move the food through your intestine. Strictly avoid fatty and fried foods.

Stop taking refined sugar

Carbonated beverages and sweetened fruit juices contain high fructose corn syrup that can aggravate bloating. Instead, opt for fresh fruits such as pears, banana or apricots.

Choose smaller meals

Taking six small meals a day will keep your nutrition levels consistent and will properly nourish your baby. Most importantly, avoid having something too cold right after eating or something too hot as it can cause excessive production of gas due rapid change in your stomach temperature.

Take laxatives

The active ingredients like docusate sodium in stool softeners are usually considered safe and that allow regular and easier passage. However, avoid any kind of stimulant laxatives as those can cause complications during pregnancy.
Most important, relax and avoid any sort of stressful situations during pregnancy. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself before your meals and relax while you properly chew your food. Do not talk while eating.


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