Squats During Pregnancy: Why and How


How Important is Squatting Exercise for Pregnant Women

All of us know just how essential exercises are for maintaining a fit and healthy body. This is truer for pregnant women for whom certain exercises will do a world of good, especially with the tendency for the body to change its center of gravity. Doing squats during pregnancy is an excellent way to realign the body and alleviate other discomforts caused due to pregnancy.

How are Squats Beneficial?

Squatting exercises have several benefits for pregnant women, a few of which are listed here:

Prevents Back Pain and Pelvic Pain

Hormones secreted during pregnancy can cause ligaments to go loose, thus causing muscular pain. Squatting strengthens the butt muscles and helps decreases pain in the pelvic and lower back region. It also stabilizes your pelvis and strengthens your joints.

Strengthens the Pelvic Floor Muscle

The pelvic floor muscle undergoes a lot of strain during pregnancy. It is also one of the major muscles that are involved in labour. Squats during pregnancy will strengthen this muscle and makes it prepared for the rigors of labor.

Helps in Easier Birth Positions

Squatting exercises strengthen leg muscles which prove to be a boon during labor. Strong legs allow you to have more endurance in your birthing position which also helps gravity do its work by assisting with the birth and widens the pelvic opening.

Prepares for Labor

Since squatting resembles certain birthing positions, practicing squats during pregnancy will help cope with contractions which further help with the descending of the baby into the pelvis more easily.

Cures Constipation

Constipation is common during pregnancy and squats will help regulate bowel movement, thus help with the constipation. It also helps with keeping your digestive system in order.

Makes Birthing Quicker

Mothers can reduce their labor () by 90 minutes approximately with regular squatting exercises. Quicker births are undoubtedly the preferred option and squats can help you with it.

How to do Squatting During Pregnancy?

Mothers who are trying squatting for the first time can start with partial squats.
1. Keep your shoulders relaxed and abdomen tight.
2. Lower your tailbone to a point midway between the floor
and your height and hold the position for a count of 10.
3. Rise slowly by lifting your bottom first and then the rest of your body.
4. Repeat with 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions.

When you can maintain the squatting positron effortlessly for 60 seconds, you can move on to full squats wherein you lower your bottom as close to the floor as you comfortably can.

Precaution to be Taken During Last Month of Pregnancy

During last month of pregnancy, ask your husband or any fried to stay near you when you do the squats. You can ask your husband to hold your hands.


Squatting exercises can be done daily with a doctor’s approval.

When to Start Squats During Pregnancy?

Earlier is better. Doing squats from first month of pregnancy will help your body prepare for the balancing which is harder during last month. If you start the squats during the last month, make sure you do basic and safe squats only as the balancing the body weight is difficult.

Side Effects of Squats in Pregnancy

Knee Pain

The squats are very good for your upper half body and also the legs but the knees get lots of strain and if you never did squats before pregnancy then the changed center of gravity, the increased weight and the strain from the squats may make your knees weak. So what can be done to avoid it, Do the knee strengthening exercises which are safe during pregnancy e.g. Short Arcs ( squeezing the towel under knee), long arcs given here


The heavy squats cause hemorrhoids. Even if during pregnancy you will do the basic squats the body of a pregnant woman is hemorrhoids prone. So during the last month if you are having heavy constipation then there are chances of hemorrhoids. To avoid this, you should start the squats in first trimester and also drink enough water and eat fiber rich food so you avoid both the health issues.
Always consult your doctor if you feel any change in your body. If the baby is not in optimal position after week 30, its better to avoid squatting kind of exercises.


Squats during pregnancy are one of the most beneficial exercises for pregnant women that will help with labor and birthing enormously provided you do it carefully. It is easy and consumes less time, making it a perfect routine for pregnant moms.


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