Simple Tips to Prevent Diaper Rashes


How to Avoid Diaper Rashes?

There are thousands of possible reasons for why baby could be cranky. And one of them is diaper trouble. A tight diaper, wet diaper and discomfort during summers are few of common reasons. If the signs by baby are not attended it could lead to diaper rashes.
Diaper rash is a type of dermatitis, baby’s skin which is all time covered with diaper becomes inflamed.

Reasons of Baby Diaper Rashes:

– It usually happens baby’s skin is in contact with wet/dirty diaper for long time
– Due to diarrhea.
– Weaning: Baby’s are prone to diaper rashes when they start eating solids.
– Use of strong detergent or use of disinfectant for baby laundry.

During summers babies sweat too much and diaper rashes between legs may occur.
So keeping a regular check on baby’s bottom is very important. Baby diaper rashes are very uncomfortable to baby and hence can make him cranky.
Here are some necessary things to do daily in order to avoid diaper rashes:

1. Change Diaper Frequently:

This is most important of all. Being lazy to change diaper can bring you big trouble. Use soft and comfortable diaper. Some diapers come with wetness indicator they are easy to change.
Diaper must be changed as soon as it is soiled. So understand the signals baby give you after poop.
A new born might not give you any signal so checking frequently like once in 2 hours is needed.
This is very difficult during night, you can set alarm or take help from partner.
Make a habit of checking diaper every time you breast feed the baby. You should keep watching diaper after sometime of breastfeeding.

2. Keep the Skin Clean

To avoid bacteria spreading, keep the skin dry.
Clean skin will not easily get rashes, so whenever you change the diaper wipe it softly with wet n warm baby tissue or cotton cloth or cotton balls.
Don’t wipe it every time, tap it when not soiled. Especially at inguinal fold. As water get trapped in that area, wipe and dry the area between legs every time. In case you wipe skin with wet tissue/clothe and forgot to dry it, it will be harmful. Wet skin inside diapers will make a perfect environment for rashes.

3. Air Dry Frequently

Even if you change diaper frequently and keep the skin clean, the open air is must for baby bottom. According to traditional Indian way, baby diapers are not used for this important reason. So actually avoiding diaper use when you are close to baby is best for baby. We don’t want to discuss the pros and cons here, but the point is keeping lower body naked w/o diapers whenever possible is good.
When baby sleeps at night and there is time for you to sleep then you can utilize this time for air-drying the baby bottom. Keep it open or cover with a thin pure cotton cloth.

4. Use Coconut Oil to Massage

Use coconut oil to massage baby bottom at the time of baby massage. It is safest oil for Indian babies.
I have seen in India, sometimes babies are given oil massage at night (without bath after that) Diaper on oiled skin can cause rashes as oily skin will sweat in diapers.

5. Use Gentle Soap and Detergent

Don’t use soap except gentle baby soap on baby bottom. Also regular detergent for baby laundry might be harsh on clothe and skin. Many moms in India use regular disinfectant for baby laundry, it is not necessary and is one of major causes of skin rashes specially in newborns. Sun-drying clothes is enough.

6. Use Regular Diapers Instead of Pant Style.

Use regular diapers instead of pant style diapers especially for babies before they start crawling, as diaper passes air better than pant style and also sometimes the stretchable pant style causes rashes on side.

In case your baby got diaper rashes, the first step to treat is if possible stop the use of diaper for a while. Next is keep a baby diaper rashes keep with you always. I found Mothercare diaper rashes cream very effective and gentle. Its very sticky n thick comes in a big container I had to use hardly 3-4 times but it’s good to have it handy.


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