Silver Baby Anklets and Bracelets: Are they safe?


Health Benefits of Silver Jewellery for Baby and Safety Tips

It’s a tradition in India to make kids wear silver. Silver jewellery is being used since the Vedic era to enhance the beauty and leverage its health benefits. Indian babies are graced with silver ornaments, usually for the lower parts of their body. Is it only fashion jewellery or a superstition?

The Science behind Wearing Silver on Body

1) Silver is oligodynamic which means it has the capability to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. (Science based)
2) It is believed that while wearing a silver bracelet/kada/bangles or anklet, the negative energy of the baby is transferred to the earth while sitting or lying on the floor. (It’s a belief no scientific theory)
Silver is a metal which has a connection with the earth’s energy. Hence Silver is majorly used as anklets and other jewellery for the lower body parts. Silver is also used in the bracelets/kada for babies.

Is it Safe to Make Baby Wear Silver Bracelet or Anklet?

It’s not safe for very young babies. The reasons are mentioned below:
1. Newborn: Even though they can’t move, the threads of baby may wrap or the clothing may get stuck in the bracelet or anklet which can harm the baby.
2. When the baby starts rolling over and crawling, it’s even dangerous as they can get stuck.
3. Bracelet is close to baby’s mouth. The small beads or sections of the anklet or bracelet can come loose can fall on the bed and the baby may swallow it

What is a Right Age for Silver Kada/Anklet/Bracelets for Babies?

Ideally, till the baby turns into a toddler, placing any kind jewellery near him or on his body parts can be dangerous.
It’s the parent’s decision which depends on how much you can supervise your baby.
But, at age around when he/she is he turns 2 yrs old, when he/she can at least call you when troubled with it, is the right age to start the jewellery.
A baby with limited movements and a non-audible voice is always at risk with any kind of jewellery – metal or non-metal.

Best Type of Jewellery for Babies

Jewellery is a part of Indian customs. Be it a childbirth celebration or a naming ceremony; elders delightfully present silver and gold jewelleries to the baby. But, is every metallic jewellery and the traditional designs safe for the baby? No! Your baby is still too petite to call you or make any significant movement. And, his skin is pretty sensitive tool. So, follow the below-mentioned tips to choose the right jewellery for your baby.
1. Try not to buy the ones with jhumka kind decoration
2. with minimum chance of getting stuck.
3. Kada type bracelet and anklets are most safe due to round shape and least chances of catching threads etc.
3. with the right amount of movement possible.
4. Jewellery with no or least chances of magnetic or lead poisoning
5. Made of silicon or other soft material
6. Non-toxic material
7. Yellow gold jewellery is suitable
Saying NO to jewelleries for babies is not a feasible option in Indian ceremonies. You can definitely expect some really beautiful ornaments for your little one on a special occasion. Hence you can take proper precautions and let your baby’s grace get augmented with the enthralling jewelleries. Just make sure whether the material and the design of the jewellery is safe for your baby. Avoid the jewellery with tiny charms and beads.

Examples of a Safe Bracelets/Kada for Baby

ELOISH 92.5 Sterling Silver Kada for Toddlers

MJ 925 Designer Openable Baby Bangles


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