Should You Use Air Conditioner in Newborn Baby’s Room?


Is it Safe to use A/C for Newborn in India

For a New mom and especially for a newborn, you must be wondering if it’s safe or recommended to use A/C in Baby’s Room.
Parents are often curious whether they can provide the same comfortable environment to their newborn what they are used to. But, doctors say NO to the cold/hot environment for newborns. The new-born needs a controlled temperature in the room. Be it with or without A/C, take care that the room temperature does not fluctuate much.

What Temperature is the Best for Baby’s Room?

For babies, it becomes very tough to adapt to the climate changes like adults. A baby will fall sick if suddenly he is exposed to a hotter environment from a cold environment. Doctors recommend that 23-24 degree Celsius is the perfect room temperature for newborns and small babies. Newborns have spent 9 months in the mother’s womb receiving heat from the same and hence used to it. To maintain such environment, they are usually wrapped in a swaddle blanket. But, remember that providing too much heat to the baby may cause rashes, heat stroke, prickly heat or exhaustion in the baby.
Avoid woollen swaddle on hot days and cotton swaddle in winters.

Tips to Keep Baby Safe in a Cold Environment

Here are some tips that can help you to keep your baby safe and healthy in a cold environment.

The Perfect Temperature

The immune system of the newborns and even the small babies are very weak. It is still in the development phase and hence temperature fluctuations or climate change can affect their health badly. As discussed above, the temperature of 23-24 degree Celsius is ideal for the newborns.

Introduce Moisture into the Air

Air conditions make the air dry and harsh which make it difficult to breathe for the small babies. Humidifiers can do the work in this case. They can introduce moisture into the air and make it breathable for the little ones.

The Dressing

Choose the fabrics to wrap the newborns and small babies according to the season. You can use proper cloths and swaddle blankets.

Say NO to Temperature Fluctuations

Don’t change the temperature of AC or cooler pretty often. It may make your baby sick.

Why Use of Humidifier is Necessary along with A/C

First of all, Air Condition is not suitable for the health of the newborns. Even if the parents decide to use it to create a comfortable environment, the use of Humidifiers is a must. Apart from keeping your baby’s health on the track, humidifiers also purify the air.
The two primary types of Humidifiers are Warm Mist Humidifiers and Cold Mist Humidifiers. Usually for newborns, warm mist humidifiers are used. They create a balanced humid environment which is not possible by using the Air Conditioner alone.
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In a cold environment, the air is usually harsh causing congestion in throat and infections in the babies, especially the newborns. Humidifiers moisturize the air and make it suitable for the baby’s respiratory system. Also, humidifiers are good for baby’s sensitive skin.
With this, you must have got a fair idea about the dos and don’ts related to offering a comfortable environment to your small baby. Also, you may need to keep an eye on your little one often to understand his needs throughout the day and hence make the environment suitable for him/her duly.


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