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Meaningful Nicknames for Muslim Baby Girls Names

In Islam, parents usually give their daughters names which are meticulous, have divine aspects or denote positive characteristics. First name is hence, the most important aspect of a baby’s life and the last name is either inspired by any beloved family member or signifies caste. While the combination of first and last names is official and formal, parents also love giving nicknames to their little angels. So, if you are a new parent pondering about some nicknames for Muslim girls we are here to help you find the right name.
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Cute Islamic Nicknames for Girls

Aidan عيدان : Tall palm tree
Aira عائرہ: Respectable
Aiza عائزہ: Noble / Respectable
Aila/Ayla عيلة: Noble
Ara آرا: Beautifier (Persian name)
Aya آیا : Verse in Arabic and Bird in Hebrew
Asah اسہ : A famous green plant
Anah اناه‎: Patience
Ahou آہو: Gazelle/Beautiful eyed
Azma آزما: Blessing of Allah
Alda الدا : Affluent/rich
Aiyla عيلة: High ranked
Afza افزا : One who brings plenty
Azka ازکا : Generous/Big Hearted
Abra ابرا : Lesson / Example
Bayzaa/Baiza بَيْضَاء: Moonlit night, white, pure
Bazla بزلہ‎: Big heated, Generous
Bisma بسمہ: Polite
Dua دعاء: Prayer
Dara دارا : Wealthy
Dana دانہ : Intelligent/ Wise
Dama داما: River / Ocean
Eman إيمان : Faith
Fiza فضا : Breeze
Fila فیلا: Lover
Faiqa فائقة: Extraordinary/Excellent.
Filza فِلْزَة: Piece of gold
Famya فامیا: Good fame
Fahm فَهْم: Understanding
Faza فزا: Young/ Bloom
Ghaida غیدہ: Young/Delicate
Haiqa حائقہ‎: True/Obedient of God
Helai ہیلی : Swan
Iba إباء: High Status/Superb
Ifra افراح: Expert
Izna عزنا: Glow, Light
Ifza افزا: Protective Angel
Insha إنشا: To express
Judi جودی: A mythological mountain described in Quran
Jaza جزاء: Reward
Jinsha جنشا: Possessive
Kahlaa كَحْلا: One with beautiful black eyes
Kaina كائنة: Being, Created by Allah
Kainaat كائِنَات: Plural of Kaina, universe
Lema ليما: Beauty of an Eye/Eye
Laiha لائحہ: Glittering
Lana لانا: To be gentle/ Rock
Laiqa لائقہ: Worthy/Elegant/Capable
Lulu لولو: Pearls/Peach/Sweetheart
Lamya لمیا: Dark lipped/Shining
Laiba لائبہ: Hoor Of Heaven
Maisa مَيْثة : Plain, flat land
Maha مَها : Beautiful, Radiant, Moon-like
Mah ماه : Beautiful, Radiant, Moon
Midhaa مِدْحَة : Praise
Maisha مَعيشة: Life, existence
Misha ميشا : Marigold
Merwa/Marwa مروة : A mountain in Mekkah
Minha منها : Gift
Nuha نُهى: Intelligence/Mind
Nouf نؤف : Highest point on a mountain
Neha نیہا: Love
Niha نيها : Bright/Naughty
Neeya نیا : A Desire For Something, Purpose
Nidaa ندا : Sound/Call to prayer
Naura/Nawrah نَوْرة: Light/Flower
Ohda عُهْدَة: Trusteeship
Onaifa أُنَيْفَة: Dignified
Rusha روشا: Happy, cheerful
Reem ریم : Gazelle/Antelope
Raiqa رایقہ : Pure/Tranquil/Serene
Rida رضا : Contentment
Rimsha رمشا: Bunch of Flowers
Soha سوہا: Name of a star
Suha سُهَا : Little planet
Saiqa صاعقہ: Lightning
Samiah ساميه: Forgiver
Sairi سیری : Satisfaction
Shaza شَاذّة: Unique
Shima شیما : Sister of Prophet Mohammed
Subhi صُبْحِي: Bright like Morning
Sanaya سنايا : Noble/Praise Worthy
Sasha ساشا: Helper/Supporter
Surah سُورَة : Highness of status/Glory
Tabiah تَابِعَة: Successor
Taima/Tayma تيما : Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Taaliah تَالِيَة : Devoted to Allah, girl who recites the Holy Quran regularly
Tarz طرز : Music/Rhythm
Ula عُلا: High rank/Prestige/Glory
Uzma عوظمٰا: Greatest/Supreme
Vida ويدا : Proof, evidence
Yumn يُمْن: Fortune
Yana یانا: Doer of good deeds
Yalda/Yelda یلدہ: Dark and lonh night
Yara يارا: Capability, courage
Zoya زویا: Life/Joyous
Ziya/Zia ضياء: Source of light
Zaain زاین: Beauty/Friend/Beloved
Zoha/Zuha ضُحَى : Forenoon
Zuvi زووی: Life
Zyva زیوا: Radiant, brilliance
Zeena زینہ : Beautiful/Hospitable

Our list of sweet and short Muslim baby girl names is inspired by names originated by Arabic or Persian language. We hope our studied list of meaningful nicknames help you find the perfect short and sweet name for your little girl. We have tried our best that the names compiled in this list are short, uncommon and cute.

It is always a delight when Allah blesses a Muslim family with a girl child. According to a Hadith, daughters are a blessing and if the first child born in the family is a girl, it is the mercy of Allah! If you want to adorn your baby girl with a wonderful nickname, we hope you found our list of trendy baby names for Muslim baby girls useful.


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