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Meaningful Nicknames for Muslim Baby Girls Names

In Islam, parents usually give their girl child her first name which is either inspired by any beloved family member, divine aspects, nature or the positive characteristics. The second name of the baby follows father’s or family’s name. Following the tradition, Muslim girls are given a name on the seventh day after their birth. When it comes to giving nicknames to the little angel, it may make you ponder for many nights. Here are some short, uncommon and cute nicknames for Muslim girls.
Nicknames for Muslim Baby Boy

Cute Islamic Nicknames for Girls

Aira عیرا: Respectable
Aiza ایزا: Noble / Respectable
Aila ایلا: Ayla / Halo of the moon
Ara آراء: Beautifier (Persian name)
Aiya آئیا: Bird (Hebrew)
Asa آسا: Healer / Physician (Hebrew)
Anah عؔناہ: Answer
Ahou اہوو: Deer (Persian)
Azma آزما: Blessing of Allah
Alda الدا: Rich (German)
Aiyla آئیلا: Moonlight / Moon Halo (Turkish)
Afza افزا: Augmenting / Increasing
Azka ازکا: Generous/Big Hearted
Abra ابرا: Lesson / Example
Baiza بیضا: White / Pure
Bazla بازلا: Reward / Generous
Bisma بسم: Polite
Dua دوعا: Prayer
Diwa دیوا: Candle/Light/Angel
Darra دررا: Small Great One / Riches
Dana دانا: Intelligent/ Wise
Dama داما: River / Ocean
Eman عیمان: Faith/Adherence to an idea (Arabic)
Fiza قیضا: Breeze
Fila فیلا: Lover
Faiqa فایقا: Extraordinary/Excellent.
Filza فیلزا: Rose from heaven
Famya فامیا: Good fame
Fahm فاہم: Intellect/Understanding
Freeya فریہ: Queen of the Gods / Lady
Faza فازا: Spring/ Bloom
Ghaida گہایدا: Young/Delicate
Grana گرانا: Dear/Beloved
Hiza ہیزا: Beauty/ Lucky
Haiqa ہایقا: True/Obedient of God
Helai ہعلای: Swan
Iba عیبا: High Status/Superb
Ifra عفرا: Identity
Izna عیزنا: Light
Ifza عیفزع: Protective Angel
Insha اینشاء: Sentence/Writing/Essay
Judi جودی: Place where the ark of Prophet Noah rested after flood
Joya خوشی: Seeker/Searcher (Persian)
Jaza جازا: Reward
Jinsha جینشا: Possessive
Lema لما: Beauty of an Eye/Eye
Laiha لائحا: Glittering
Lana لانا: To be gentle/ Rock
Laiqa لایقا: Worthy/Elegant/Capable
Lulu لولو: Pearls/Peach/Sweetheart
Lamya لامیا: Dark lipped/Shining
Laiba لائبا: Angel Of Heaven
Maisa مایسا: Walking with proud/Swinging gait
Maha ماہا: Beautiful Eyes (Moon Like)
May مئی: To increase (Arabic)
Mah مہ: The Piece of Moon
Midhaa میدھاا: Praise
Maisha مایشا: Pretty
Misha میشا : Pretty
Merwa معروا: A mountain in Mekkah
Minha مینہا: Gift
Nuha نوہا: Intelligence/Mind
Nouf نواف: Highest point on a mountain
Niha نیہا: Bright/Naughty
Neeya نییا: A Desire For Something
Nidaa نیداا: Sound/Call to prayer
Naura نَوْرة: Light/Flower
Rusha روشا: Rusham Peaceful
Reem ریم: Gazelle/Antelope
Rabhya رابھیا: Worshipped
Rona رونا: Shining light
Raiqa رایقا: Pure/Tranquil/Serene
Rida ریضا: Favored By Allah/Lovely(Spelled as Riza)
Raji راجی: Full of Hope
Rimsha رمشا: Bunch of Flowers
Soha سوہا: Name of a star
Suha سوہا: Beautiful/Amazing (derived from Soha)
Saiqa صاعقا: Lightning
Samiah سامیاہ: Forgiver
Sairi سایری: Satisfaction
Shaza شاذا: Fragrance/Aroma
Shima شیما: Sister if prophet Mohammed/Mother
Subhi سبھی: Bright like Morning
Sanaya سانیا: Noble/Praise Worthy
Sasha ساشا: Helper/Supporter
Surah سُورَة: Highness of status/Glory
Thara ٹہآرا: Wealth
Tisha تشہ: Active/Lively
Thana تھانا: Thankfulness/Praise
Taima ٹیما: Oasis in northwest arabia
Tarz ٹآرز: Music Rhythm
Tayma ٹیما ٹایما: Oasis in northwest arabia
Ula اولا: High rank/Prestige/Glory
Uzma عوظمٰا: Greatest/Supreme
Vida ویدا: Dearly Loved (Hebrew)
Wranga ورانگا: Ray of light
Zoya زویا: Life/Joyous
Zia ضیاء: Light (of Religion)
Zaain زاین: Beauty/Friend/Beloved
Zuha زوہا: Ornament / Morning Star / Bright
Zuvi زووی: Life
Zyva زیوا: Radiant/Splendor (Ziwa in Persian means Light)
Zala زالا: Shining
Zeena زینا: Beautiful/Hospitable
Ziva زیوا: Radiant/Splendor (Ziwa in Persian means Light)
Yumn یومن: Good fortune/Happy/Success
Yana یانا: Doer of good deeds
Yelda یعلڈا: Dark night
Yara يارا: Small Butterfly
Yalda یالدا: Name of the longest night of the year/Birth of sun
It’s always a delight when Allah blesses a Muslim family with a girl child. With great joy also comes great responsibilities and naming the child is one of them. Keeping their baby’s names simple, positive and meaningful is every parent’s wish. The above names are mellifluous and modern. These names will adorn your baby girl’s personality and make her proud of her wonderful name.


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