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Islamic Baby Boy Names: Sweet & Trendy

Formal baby names are no more popular as modern parents love names that are cute and sweet! Those lovable tiny hands, glowing rosy cheeks, gleaming large eyes and everything else deserve a cute baby name. Short and trendy names are more adorable and make a long-lasting impression. So, can there be anything better than cute baby names that are meaningful, catchy as well as short? Of course, not!

Muddled About a Trending Arabic Baby Boy Name?

We know you’re on a hunt to find one of the best Islamic boy names for your baby. So, we’re here with our exclusive list of cute Arabic boy names that can help you make a decision. Take a look and find the perfect moniker for your baby!

Ayin عَيْن

The name Ayin has three meanings in Arabic but all of those are very positive and rewarding. This cute Arabic boy name means eye, spring as well as the fountain in the Arabic language. It has been mentioned in the Quran to denote the spring as well as the eyes. It has a peaceful feel to it, which makes it even more amusing. Ayin is also an Arabic and Hebrew alphabet – exotic and easy to pronounce.

Layl لَيْل

This oh-so-cute name that sounds modern is actually a vintage name from the ancient Arabian times. Meaning “night” or “nighttime”, Layl is also the name of the 92nd Surahs (chapters) of the Quran. Remember the exotic name “Layla” from folklore; it is now time for Layl to be famous! So, the plus point of selecting this name is that your son will share his name with a Quranic story.

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Iyan إِيَّان

Ayan has been leading the popularity charts for the past five years but it is now time for Iyan to grab the spot. Iyan is a diminutive of Ayan and it means time or era in Arabic. If you’re a fan of popular names spelled or pronounced in a new way, you can pick Iyan without any doubt. While calling your son Iyan, remember to put a minor emphasis on the “y” sound.

Noah نُوْح

The name “Noah” owes its popularity and exclusivity to the Islamic Prophet Noah (PBUH) who was sent to the Earth to warn the people about their wrongdoings. Its exact meaning is not specified in the Arabic language but it can be kept as it not only sounds cute but is the name of one of the most important Prophets in Islam. Noah can also be spelled as Nuh and has been mentioned a total of forty-three times in the holy Quran. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t Noah the one?

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Ayun أَعْيُن

Ayun means eyes in Arabic and is the plural form of the Arabic word “Ain” which means “eye”. This name is a trendsetting option due to its rareness and captivating tone. A lot of people are confused that Ayun is an Arabic suffix but it isn’t. It is a complete name in itself and if you try and add it after an Arabic word to form a new name, you will actually mess up with the grammar. Adding a word before Ayun makes it mean – “the eyes of (that word)”.

Ziya ضياء

Ziya is popular for both genders, but it sounds more appropriate for boys as compared to girls. It means a source of light or radiance, in general. Keep your baby shine brightly and lighten your life with this cute Arabic name. Recently, Ziya got a huge push after the launch of Ziya restaurant in Mumbai. Don’t you think Ziya is a super cute name, perfect for your son?

Afin عَافِيْن

Afin is a very appealing baby boy name that sounds sweet and cute. It is continuously rising to popularity day by day. It means those who forgive or pardon others. Afin is a very pleasant name to suit any baby’s cute squidgy face. And with a name like this, you can teach your child to be forgiving and be patient at a young age.

Zayd زيد

After being out-of-vogue for years now, Zayd is back with more joyful vibes to it. It means one who makes progress. With a name like this that refers to growth and abundance, make your child a leader at a young age. Zayd also has a lot of credibility in Islamic literature due to a number of religious scholars, Sahabis and other pioneers of Islam being called the same.

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Uhud أُحُد

Uhud is hands down, very cute and short – perfect for the taste of today’s parents. It is a very significant name for Muslims all around the world because Uhud is a mountain with a huge Islamic history, towards the north of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Uhud means “single” if pronounced with a small emphasis on “ud” but means “promises” if pronounced as Uhood. A lot of martyrs sacrificed their lives in the Battle of Uhud for the protection of Islam. So, with this cute baby name, you can gradually inculcate religious teachings in your child.

Zayn زَيْن

Give a spin-off to Zyan and pick Zayn for your adorable child. Zayn refers to beauty and radiance in Arabic. It also means adornment, excellence or grace. Zayn Malik, the popular British singer, brought this name back from the shadows. And, it has been in trend ever since. We think that Zayn would make a very smart pick for your son. What do you think of it?

More Uniqueness Ahead!

We hope one of these cute Arabic boy names struck a chord with you. Aren’t these Arabic boys names just too cute to ignore? Some of these names are inspired by Quranic elements whereas others will take you back to Islamic history. And, as an added bonus, all of these cute Arabic boy names have beautiful meanings to them. While some of them are already very popular, others are on the verge of getting all that fame they deserve with your child.


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