Sell Photos Online : Work from Home Idea for Mothers


Work from home: Selling pictures online

Have you ever wondered you can turn any hobby in to way of earning. Interesting right? Enjoy work and earn at same time. Here is one of such ideas to earn while enjoying your hobby.

If you love photography and enjoy taking different photos then you can catch and sell photos of nature/health related/office/food/fashion etc online to websites.

At first you can sell photos to existing photo selling websites. After a successful trial and good response to your photos you can create your own website and sell photos to end users directly.

You just need to spend 2-3 hrs in a day in and out of home to catch the photos. Then rest of work like uploading and enhancing can be done any time on your PC.
There is a free mobile app called Foap on which you can create an account for free, take photos on your iphone and upload to Foaps market place. Buyers directly buy it and you are paid $5 for the license of your photo. If the same photo is sold to different clients then you get $5 each time. Of course you need to upload a good quality photo.
Initial investment: 0 (To sell through existing apps/websites.)
Investment for your own portal to sell the photos: 30-50K Rs.
What you need:
– A good camera/iPhone/smart phone with high resolution camera
– PC and internet, bank account with internet banking activated.
– A crash course of graphics (Check on to give effects and enhancing the pictures for better income.
– A website to sell the photos directly (second stage)
Step 1: Learn the existing websites who sell paid photos. Look what categories are in demand. Like health, fitness, food, travel, nature, offices, city, kids/babies, models, etc.
Step 2: Start taking photos and keep on improving the skills. Check youtube videos and some proper training websites like
Step 3: Sell them on existing apps/websites to take a trial. Here is the list of apps and website who will buy good quality photos.sellphotosonline
Foap iphone/android app
Snapvillage now called as veer
Flickr collection
Photo Shelter
Can stock photo

Step 4: If you get good response to your photos, you can start your own portal for better revenue.

These are easy to follow instructions to help you earn money from taking photos. There are many other related areas like graphics design which you can explore in second stage.


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