Selecting a Right Baby Car Seat for Your Baby


Selecting and Using Baby Car Seat in India

After our first child was born, the outdoor activities like travelling for me and my husband became a bit difficult and we felt unsafe to carry him while travelling. We started searching for the right car seat for our baby After trying a wide range of car seats we found one perfect one for my kid and car too.
As becoming a mother for the first time I was overwhelmed with information on how to care for our new born, involving a lot of of learning, as there are so many things involved which we had not come across before becoming parents. With baby’s birth we are so busy with basic shopping of diapers, clothes and bed that we forget many safety equipment like a baby’s car seat until we have to take baby with us in the car. We got informed from one of our friends, that for a small baby we will need a baby seat which faces towards the rear part our vehicle. This provides the best protection in case of any impact for a baby who is unable yet to hold the neck on her own. The seat will be well reclined backwards, providing a comfortable and safe cocoon for the baby.
We have the option of a rear facing, forward facing and booster seats, but It is important to choose a rear-facing seat which is sturdy and dependable, yet light to carry. There are many different types of child car seats available, so take your time when choosing.
In India mainly you will find baby-car seats from these 3 makers MeeMee, Chicco, Sunbaby. (Recently I found one more maker called Graco) Visit shops and look around websites to get a good idea of what seats are available and which ones are likely to be the most suitable for your child and your car.
Most of all the babies sleep during the car journey and you would not like to wake them up from such a good sleep, so the seats should be easily attachable as well as detachable to your car seats so that your child does not get disturbed. In this case a rear facing seat is recommended, as it is very much dependable and sturdy. The seat should also be light in weight to handle it comfortably without disturbing your baby’s precious sleep.
Only the new born, younger kids are suitable for rear facing seats as they are small in height and fits properly on the seat. Once the child grows and is able to hold a bit of his own head, her head also start touching the upper edge of the seat. This is very unsafe for your child as he is not protected properly. In this case forward facing seats are best. It will now protect your kid in a better way.
Kids are at higher risk when they are in the front seat of car, may be when mom or dad is alone with baby and is driving. There are some procedures that should be followed regarding kids. If kid is not in the right position, airbags which are designed for adults only, can be disastrous for them leading to suffocation. It is better to make them travel on a rear seat.
Our child is the most precious part of our life. We protect them from all the negative aspects, so why not protect them while traveling. Probably we think our lap is the safest place for them but we should fallow the laws for their safety and security. The law requires all children travelling in the front or rear seat of any car or any other vehicle, must use the correct child car seat until they are either 135 cms in height or 12 years old [whichever is earlier]. After this they must use an adult seat belt.
For more safety of new born you may want to buy an used seat so that you can be absolutely sure of the history of that seat. According to my study, the Indian government has also decided that from April 2015 onward it would be mandatory for parents/drivers to belt up children below 12 years in special CRS [child restraint seats]before they set out, so do follow and set out n enjoy a long drive with your partner and child and spend a quality time together safely.


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