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Few Moments Everyday for a Happier Child

These days we receive loads of tips and tricks from all over social networks. Recently I came across a very beautiful whats app message worth sharing with all you. I tried it just for 2 days and really felt these are very effective. And really help better bonding with children.

Below 3 simple tips are amazing, try them:

1. Your child needs at least eight touches during a day to feel safe and beloved.
In certain challenging times it is at least 12 times a day!
Does it take any extra time? No, a simple hug, a kiss or patting,
kiss a baby
2. One proper eye to eye conversation with your child is very necessary. We do it regularly for babies but slow down as they grow. But your child still needs it till teenage.
eye 2 eye
3. Hold and hug your child these 3 moments! Believe me it has the greatest impact on any child.
– Right after you wake your children up in the morning.
– When children come back from school.
– Just before children go to bed.
Give them a tight hug and a kiss on forehead. You will see amazing reactions. Your child will feel closer to you. Without asking they will reveal some secrets.
I found this working on my 4.5 yrs old son. He started telling me what happened in school and in bus on his own.
Some more quick and easy to follow tips and notes for mommies and daddies.
1. Whenever you get angry and about to scold/beat your child, take a deep breath and count till 10. The act after that is more meaningful and careful than the immediate act.
scolding a kid
2. Let children study their favorite subject whenever they want.
3. Try sending to any one exam without preparation.
4. In India we load our kids with higher studies way to early, no debate on that! But don’t forget what he is studying now, would have been taught to him after 2 years if he was abroad.
5. Keep your child away from competition. Your child’s competition must be with himself not with any other child. Competition with self has no limits to develop and is encouraging every moment!
6. Let your child decide what he wants to become, it will change very frequently but let him discover himself on his own.
7. We know many examples; to be successful in life you don’t just need high degrees.
8. It’s party time for kids at all moment. Why to spoil it? Support them enjoy. A happy child will be more successful than a stressed.
Kids Enjoying
Each day your child is learning new things from you. These learning are not explicit but surely they are building your child’s nature and future. For their bright and happy life make every moment count.


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