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Best Extension or Suffix Names for Karthik

Lord Kartikeya is a hugely worshipped deity in Hinduism and he goes by many monikers like Murugan, Subramanya, Kartik, Karthik, Kumaraswamy and Skanda. Karthik is the most popular name among all. The second names used with Karthik not only make it unique but enhances the impact of the name and showcases different attributes or connections with Lord Kartikeya.
Due to popularity of name-Karthik/Karthikeya, we frequently get requests for 2nd name suggestions.
Hence, we compiled this list.

Rare and Meaningful Karthik Sufix/2nd Names

Karthik Niyan:

Every destination requires a path and the name Niyan signifies accessing or a path to reach somewhere. Both the names complement each other and give us a combined meaning which is the path to reach Lord Karthik or the path which is connected with Lord Karthik.

Karthik Advay:

Adding a suffix or extension to the name Karthik itself makes it unique and when you got a suffix like Advay which literally means unique, the overall name becomes special. The name refers to someone who is as unique as Karthik.

Karthik Aishan:

Aishan refers to the Lord who resides on Himalaya i.e. Lord Shiva. The name associates a bond with the Trinity God and refers to the powerful son of Shiva who is Lord Karthik.

Karthik Akhil:

Akhil signifies completeness or the world or universe. The name reflects the infinite size of Lord Karthik and denotes that the Universe is Karthik or as big as Karthik.

Karthik Archis:

Archis is derived from Arch / Archana which means to praise or worship someone. The name means praising or worshipping Lord Karthik.

Karthik Arham:

Arham has different meanings in Hinduism and Islamic culture. The Islamic meaning of the name denotes mercy, generosity or kindness while the Sanskrit meaning of the name refers to a worthy person or Lord Shiva. The combination of both the names means the worthy son of Shiva.

Karthik Divoj:

For the parents looking for names with divine significance, this name seems to be a perfect fit. A heaven descendant or heaven-born is called Divoj (Divya+Janma).

Karthik Ekish:

Ekish refers to the One God or the Prime God. The son of Lord Shiva who is unique or one of a kind.

Karthik Ishay:

Ishay refers to God or divinity. Ish means God and the name signifies the mighty God Karthik who is worshipped by all in the Universe.

Karthik Manan:

Manan means to worship or paying honor. The name denotes the act of praising or paying honor to Lord Karthik who is known as the God of war with superior skills and wisdom.

Karthik Rishva:

A great or noble or true person is called Rishva. In Hinduism, the moniker is used as an epithet for Lord Shiva or Indra.

Karthik Sadhven:

Sadhven is associated with Diavik/Divya or divine significance. One who is Godly or Lord Karthik who is one of the most powerful Divine figures.

Karthik Saesh:

How great it sounds that God is always with your child in his ups and downs. Saesh means to be with or accompanied by God. The name denotes a person who is with God or Lord Karthik.

Karthik Sarvam:

Sarvam is a powerful Sanskrit word which signifies the complete or whole world. The name means Lord Karthik is the whole world.

Karthik Vrin/Vrit:

Every parent treats their child is the chosen one when they see some impressive attributes of their kid. Vrin or Vrit signifies selection or the process of choosing. The name means the one who has been chosen by Lord Karthik.

Karthik Yuven:

Yuven is derived from the word Yuva which means young. The name refers to the Young Karthik.

What is a Second Name or Sufix Name?

Using the second name in India apart from the middle name or surname is a practice that is seen in certain communities and regions. Some Indian parents use two names for their baby, that complement each other and the second name is commonly known as suffix or extension for the first name.
Karthik is a popular Indian name and in some regions in India, the name is widespread. Karthik is a variant of Kartikeya which refers to the eldest son of Lord Shiva and also a month in Hindu calendar. Since, it’s a common and sought after name in India, to make it unique, you may need some positive extensions or another name that fits well. Above is the list of top extensions for Karthik name for boys. If you have come across more such names that fit well as the second name with Karthik, do share in the comments.


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    I was looking for this – we actually look for Karthikeyan as second name or middle name, and looking for name names starts with Letter S which goes with second name as Karthikeyan.. Any suggestions please.

    • Sapana

      I understood your requirement. See, in that case any name which describes a personality positively can be a good choice. e.g. Suvarn Karthikeyan. i.e. Lord Karthik who is golden colored.
      So thinking in a similar way, here are my suggestions, pls check the meanings in the master list.
      Sakal सकल
      Sanit सनीत
      Saruh सरुह
      Sarvak/Sarvag सर्वाक/सर्वाग
      Sarvadnya सर्वाज्ञ
      Sahman सहमान
      Sahvan सह्वान
      Sakar साकार
      Sadhven साध्वेन
      Samardh सामर्ध
      Sahat साहत
      Sahurin साहुरिन
      Suhrid सुह्रिद
      Saujas सौजस

      • Avatar
        Vinoth Kumar Raju on

        Suvarn Karthikeyan sounds great! thank you, I could not find your master list or find meaning about Suvarn in your site and online. Sounds unique, can you share some reference, if you have. we love to explore and understand more about meaning of Suvarn.

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