Sauna / Hot Bath/ Bathtub during Pregnancy: Is it safe?


Hot Baths while Pregnant: Safe Temperature

Sauna/Hot Bath Tub or Onsen is undoubtedly a pleasurable and relaxing experience but during pregnancy, body temperature is slightly higher than the normal days. During my first pregnancy, when I was in Japan, I was told by doctors to avoid onsen i.e. natural hot spring as the heat and pressure is not safe for the baby bump.
Same goes for Sauna, jacuzzi and hot bathtub.

FAQs: Bathing in The Tub and using Sauna while Pregnant

1. Why is Bath Tub/Sauna/Jacuzzi Unsafe for You and the Baby?

Pregnant women feel hotter than normal women and this is because the blood supply to the skin is more and she goes through a lot of hormonal changes. Soaking body in warm water usually relieves the aches but when you are a momma-to-be, you not just have to think about your own health risks but that of the baby in womb too. The baby developing in the uterus may not directly get direct impact from the heat of sauna. But, there are chances that pregnant women can experience fainting and dehydration after using Sauna or hot bath tub. According to a study, if you prefer a bathtub for a bath then the temperature of the water should not be above 98.6° F.

2. Can I Use Warm Water Bath Tub?

Pregnant women need to stay hydrated. Using hot bathtubs can cause dehydration in to-be-moms. Due to the exposure to severe heat, the blood pressure level may fall and dizziness may occur. A high temperature is not safe for a to-be mom and the baby. During the first trimester, pregnant women need to be more cautious as the baby is in his initial development phase. Exposure to a high temperature may cause neuro and spinal defects in the baby. However, you can soak your body in the bathtub filled with water of normal temperature but make sure the soaking duration doesn’t exceed 10 minutes. Understanding the difference between warm and hot water is a must during pregnancy.

3. Safety Instructions for Relaxing in Warm Bath Tub

When you are pregnant, not only your own safety is important but the baby’s safety too means a lot.
1) If you choose to take a bath in a bath tub filled with warm water the make sure the ambiance is soothing and the floor is non-slippery. You can use a comfy pillow to rest your neck.
2) Also, make sure another adult is present there when you enter the bath tub to help you get in comfortably and avoid the hazards.
3) Never soak in the water with a temperature above 98.6° F.
4) Do not add oil or any other solution in the tub as it can make the tub slippery.
5) You can place the essential accessories like towel and soap within your reach so that you don’t have to stretch your body more.
6) If you are already using sauna or warm bath tub then there is nothing much to worry. Consult your doctor if you face any inconvenience while taking a bath in sauna or warm bath tub. In a bath tub filled with warm water which is comfortable for you and maximum portion of your body is out i.e. not soaked in water then the chances of overheating is already lower.


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