Beautiful Sanskrit Baby Names for Girls Starting with Sh


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Indian Baby Girls Names Starting with Sh

In Hindi alphabet or Varnmala, the word Sh has a great significance. For Indian girls, there are many meaningful names available starting with the letter ‘Sh’. Most of these names describe a quality, nature’s beauty and some impactful traits.
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Selective Baby Names for Indian Girls: Starting with Sh
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The name Shrija refers to Goddess Lakshmi. It also signifies the quality of being creative or innovative.


It’s a modern feminine name for Indian girls. In Sanskrit, the name means night. The name also signifies the superior one and Goddess Lakshmi.


Also spelled as Sharmadha, the name reflects some true Indian feminine traits. It means making something prosperous or a shy personality.


The name is sometimes spelled as Sharvari. It means night. It’s a unique name for new generation.


Shreemayi or Shrimayi is a beautiful name which means lucky or fortunate.


It also means a series. Royal sounding name is little difficult to pronounce but a truly beautiful name.


Sheershika means the title or headline of a book, article or a readable content.


It’s a divine name which means someone who defends, saves or helps the mankind. The name also refers to Lord Vishnu. Shasha also signifies a rabbit or a spot resembling a rabbit which is called shashabindhuh in Sanskrit.


The lover of serenity or peace is called Shanvitha. The name also refers to Goddess Lakshmi, the symbol of prosperity.


The name signifies a satisfying or calming feeling. Shamani also refers to the night and Goddess Lakshmi. In Sanskrit, the name means Southern Quarter.


Someone possessing great powers or a helpful personality is called Shachi. The name also refers to a strong or unique personality.


A divine purity or innocence is called Shaaravi.

The above names starting with Sh are unique, beautiful and impactful. These names have been selected after referring to trusted sources. If you can’t single out a great name for your little angel so far, have a look at this list and pick a suitable name starting with the letter Sh.


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