Sanskrit Baby Boy Names which mean Moon


Indian Baby Boy Names Inspired by Lord Moon

Moon or Chandra in Hinduism, is one of the nine planets in the system called Navagraha. Chandra has a special significance in Hindu mythology. It is often related to beauty and calmness.
Here are given the most beautiful and rare names of Moon suitable for new generation babies. Mainly Sanskrit origin names are included below. These names are inspiring and have positive meanings that may impact your baby’s wisdom and personality.

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Rare Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names which mean Moon/ Inspired by Moon

Aadhir: The Moon (Also means Restless)
Adheer: Restless / Moon
Agharna: The Moon
Akalka: Free from Impurities / Moonlight
Anshumat: Sun/Luminous / Radiant /Moon/Grandson of King Sagara
Arvan: One of the ten horses of the moon / Name of Lord Indra
Balendu: Young Moon
Bharnayu: Sun/Fire/Friend/Moon
Chandratha: Nectar of the Moon
Chandrayan: The Moon/Observer of the moon
Darshat: Conspicuous/Striking the eye/Beautiful/Moon/Sun
Divendu: Divyendu / Dibyendu the Moon
Dwij: Saint [Dwijaraj] King of Brahmins or Moon
Gaur: Fair/Beautiful/Splendour/Shining/Moon
Hrushu: Moon
Induj: Mercury planet/ son of the moon
Kairavin: Moonlight
Khadir: Name of the tree/ An epithet of Indra / The moon
Maanadah: Second kala or digit of the moon (Lord Vishnu One who causes, by His maya, false identification with the body)
Mudil: Moon shine
Nabhendu: New Moon (Nav+Indu)
Naksh: The Moon / Feature
Omna: Pious / Pure / Lord of the Moon
Paksha: Symbolizing the phases of Moon
Pakshaj: The Moon / Produced in a fortnight / Half a month
Punav: Full Moon
Ransh: Moon Rays / Lord Ram /Lord Vishnu (Ransu: delightful in Sanskrit)
Rohnish: The Moon
Rukesh: Full-moon day / Ruler
Saras: The Moon / Swan / (Pond/Water/Lake in Sanskrit)
Sharvarish: The Moon
Shashin: The Moon
Shubhranshu: The Moon / splendid beam of light
Shvetanshu: The Moon
Sitamzu: Moon
Snehan: Moon / Friend
Somak: A king / Little Moon (Family of Drupad Sanskrit)
Somansh: Half Moon
Somen: Moon or Lord Indra / Must by Joy / Belonging to soma and indra-Somendra
Somrik: The Moon
Soumav: Moons light (Garland of flowers)
Soumen: Moon or Lord Indra / Must by Joy
Sthum: Moon
Subhranshu: The first drop of nature water / The Moon / White
Sudamsh: Gold / Moon and Perl: Sudhamshu
Sudhamshu: Moon
Sudhang: The Moon
Sudhanshu: The Moon
Tamish: God of darkness (Moon) (Tamishwar)
Tamishvar: Moon
Tamoghna: Moon
Tapas: Moon (Tapasa)
Tryaksha : (Lord Shiva The Lord has three eyes (Sun, moon and fire)
Tuhin: Snow / Mist / Moonlight /Camphor / dew All sanskrit
Vaidhav: Son of Moon
Vihag: Moon
Vihang: A bird / Sun /Arrow/ Moon/Sky/Flying
Vipra: A priest / Sage/Bramhan/moon/excited all sanskrit
Virochan: Moon / Fire / Brightening / Sun/ Light/Luster
Yaamir: The Moon (Yamir/Yameer)
Yajat: Sacred / Holy / Divine / Adorable/ Moon/Priest
Yuvaan: Youthful / Strong / Healthy / Moon /Good
Since the planet is very near to earth, it has a great impact on our personality and lives. According to science, the water content in a human body is affected by the phases of Chandra. This process resembles the controlling of tides by the gravitational force. Hindus worship Lord Chandra and many Hindu festivals fall on full moon dates. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva also wears Chandra (crescent) on his head and there is a story behind it. Also, it is believed that meditating during a full moon transcends the divinity inside us and develops our mind.

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