10 Jannati Sahaba Names for Newborn Baby Boy


10 Sahaba Names for Muslim Baby Boys: Traditional & Meaningful

Jannati Sahaba names are the best names that you can give to your baby boy. What could be better than the names of the Companions of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)? The Sahabah in Islam was not only extremely loyal to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) but also contributed largely in spreading the preaching of the prophet after his death.
They helped in passing down various sunnahs, traditions, hadiths, and the jurisprudence, as heard from him. Ten Sahabah in Islam have also been promised Jannah due to their exceptional work and loyalty towards Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Here is our list of their names along with their meanings so that you can pick one from them, according to your preference of characteristics, word length, ease or the initial alphabet.

Top Ten Guaranteed Sahabi Names for Baby Boys

1. Abu Bakr أَبُوْ بَكْر

Abu Bakr will bring a lot of attention to your child due to the honest and wise character of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiqui (RA). It is an indirect Quranic name as both words – Abu and Bakr are mentioned in the Quran. Abu means “father of” whereas Bakr means “young camel”. Hence, Abu Bakr together means “father of young camel” which overall means young and denotes leadership values.

2. Umar عُمر

The meaning of Umar is not difficult to guess as it is a popular term meaning life. This name which is derived from Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA), appeals to us because a child’s life is the most important thing for any parent. This name is short, easy to pronounce, meaningful and of course, appeals for the new life you’ve brought to this world.

3. Usman عُثْمان

Hazrat Usman Bin Affan (RA) has a great name and achievements in Islamic history. Usman is a short and easy Muslim baby boy name meaning “baby snake”. This Arabic name would be a great pick for your newborn baby boy if you want him to be a powerful leader.

4. Ali عليّ

Ali is one of the shortest and most beautiful Sahaba names for baby boys derived from Hazrat Ali Bin Abu Talib (RA). As beautiful as it sounds, Ali means exalted or sublime. Doesn’t it sound royal and classic?

5. Talha طَلْحَة

Hazrat Talhah Bin Ubaydullah (RA) is one of the ten Jannati Sahabi in Islam. The name Talha sounds quite strong, exotic and bold. It means a type of fruitful tree in heaven. It would be a lovely pick for your newborn child. We love how pleasant and light it feels when you pronounce “Talha”.

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6. Zubair زُبَيْر

These days people are looking for rare and new names due to which names like Zubair have almost disappeared. This sweet name can make a great comeback with your child. Zubair is a very powerful and meaningful name which refers to strength, wisdom, intelligence, and education. All virtues packed in a single name – wouldn’t you want to instill them in your child?

7. Abu Ubaidah ابو عبیدہ

Abu means “father of” whereas “Ubaidah” means “servant of Allah”. Together, this name denotes a strong Islamic personality who is a pious worshiper of Allah. If you are looking forward to giving a very religious name to your child so that he can be the true follower of Allah one day, Abu Ubaidah is an excellent name.

8. Abdul Rehman عبد الرحمان

Abdul Rehman is built from two different Arabic words. Abdul means “Servant of Allah” whereas Rehman is one of the 99 names of Allah (swt). What could be a better name than Abdul Rehman which simply means the true slave and servant of Allah? However, you must always remember that Abdul Rehman is a complete name. You cannot only name your child “Rehman” otherwise it would be as if you are calling him God.

9. Saad سعد

Hazrat Saad ibn-e-Abi Waqas (R.A) was another great Sahaba in Islam. Saad should actually be pronounced as Sa’ad and denotes to happiness and bliss. If you want your child’s personality to be joyous and delightful, we recommend you go for Saad.

10. Saeed سَعيد

In our list of Sahabi baby names for boys, the name Saeed is derived from Hazrat Saeed ibn-e-Zaid (R.A). Saeed is an adorable Arabic name meaning happy and successful. Just like Saad, Saeed also needs to be pronounced with some emphasis on “Sa” while giving a break between “Sa” and “eed”. With time, Saeed has also disappeared and now, it would be a short, meaningful and uncommon name for your newborn baby.

Why Jannati Sahaba Names?

We hope you choose to honor your newborn baby with one of these Sahaba names for newborn baby boys. These names were announced by the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) during his life and of course, before the death of these Sahabah. No matter what name you choose out of these, it is for sure that you have picked a really rewarding name for your newborn baby boy.
Talking about Sahabi names for baby boys, I would like to address little mistake parents often commit. Many people are confused and look for Sahabi name mentioned in Quran. The only Sahabi whose name is mentioned in the Quran is Hazrat Zayd bin Haris RA. Otherwise, there is no Sahabi name mentioned in Quran. So, instead of Quranic Sahabi names, the right term is Jannati Sahabi names or all Sahabi names.


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