Safe Exercises for First 6 weeks Post the C-Section


Your Guide to First 6 Weeks Workout after a C-Section

If you have recently come across a C-section or expecting it in the near future, exercising should be the first thing you have to focus on (yes, on the baby too) after you’ve recovered. If you are not doing it, there will be a never-lasting pulling pain after incision, which will haunt you in the old age especially. This mild cramping and pain are because women are not taught to re-connect those muscles with the brain after the surgery.

As your abdominal wall is cut open, bones are shifted for taking out the baby, and finally, the stitches were used to sew your tummy layers – your muscles and other abdominal parts looses the connection with the mind. You will gain weight after Cesarean Section which is a complicated & obvious situation. It happens because you can’t push yourselves towards any strenuous exercise because of stitches.

So, instead of putting pressure on your pelvic portion – try these exercises for the first 6 weeks after your C-Section. You will get back in shape soon and will gain the strength also.
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How to Start Exercising after C-Section

As you know, the body is weak and many of your parts may feel missing (though it’s a mirage) so better take some precisions first. After it, we will move to real exercises.

• After first few weeks of cesarean, you will experience weakness so keep your diet perfect or eat the low-fat diet to keep your body safe.
• Try to increase body movements every next day. It will tend to increase regulation of blood.
• Start walking, within the room. Do it for a few minutes daily (not much). It will keep your C-section area supple and flow blood on the lower sector.
• Go for sitting exercises – yoga, meditation etc.
• Use pillows for support purpose while breastfeeding, sleeping, resting.
• Walk straight with your tummy or buttock tucked in.
• After Cesarean, don’t do bending or lifting exercise.

Till the time you’ve not got clean chit from your doctor, these light workouts will be the best to retain your normal life after the C-Section –

breastfeeding a new born
The easiest way to melt your fat is breastfeeding. Feeding your baby for the first 6 months will help you in reducing fat storage and fat loss. If you are feeling heaviness in your breast firmly press your breast and remove excessive milk (Storing the excessive milk is highly recommended especially if you plan to return to work before baby turns 6 months old). It will help in emptying breast storage and eventually decreases fat storage.

Safe Exercises Post C-Section: First 6 months

Breathing exercise

Following your first few days of cesarean, these exercises are the simplest of all and it will not put any strain on your pelvic. You just have to give your 5 minutes. Just take deep breaths, hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out. You will feel stronger and better. (Avoid the Breathing exercises like KapalBhati which work intensely on your abs)


It’s the best therapy you can try after C-section. Firstly, try starting with simple Yoga asanas to strengthening and tightening of your pelvic muscle. For this, you can opt for simple Pranayam, Anulom Vilom at your home.

Abdominal Exercise: Light Workout

Abdominal exercises are meant for strengthening or tightening of abdomen muscles. In this, you don’t have to do strenuous work. You just have to lie down on your back side and take deep breaths. Hold for a few seconds and then relax do this for 10 minutes. Practice these exercise while sitting, standing, lying – after a few weeks, you’ll surely notice tightening of your stomach and below belly button muscles.

Foot and Leg exercise

You can start using these exercises after 4 weeks of C-section. This type of exercise regulates your blood flow in your lower body part.


After 5 weeks you can go for gentle sit-ups (don’t force or go faster). Don’t do it vigorously. It will slightly open up your muscle and regulates more movement.


Do the minimal amount of walking (As I told you earlier). Take few rounds in a day and increase your walking length according to your comfort. It gently rebuilds your strength. Walking is a kind of aerobic exercise for the first 3 weeks try for only 5 minutes. After getting a pace, you can push this time more.

Pelvic floor Exercise

This is the best option for any cesarean mother. Pelvic floor exercises strengthen your vaginal and abdomen muscles. All you have to do is finding out some time for pelvic floor exercise (that’s not tough as you want to get fit soon, right?) it helps you in recovering from stitches.

During your post-cesarean period, you also have suffered from the urine leakage. This is due to loosening of the vaginal area. These pelvic floor exercises help to gain strength. Although it will not cause any damage and these are easy to do exercise try whenever you feel confident to start.

The cesarean section needs special care for recovering up stitches which take time in healing. During the watching period of a month, you have to be cautious. If you are seeking for weight loss methods like exercise, it may cause deterioration of the wound and further post-operational complications, which could be more severe.

So, the best thing will be following the above-mentioned exercises for first 6 weeks post the C-Section. You can always go for tough exercises once you’ve fully recovered so don’t hurry!


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