Safe Cardio Workouts For Those Who Have A Bad Back


How to Loose Tummy Fats if Your Back is Weak

A couple of things can cause the issue of having back pains. The important thing is to know how to deal with such an issue and end up with a healthy back in the end. In a world where most people tend to offer advice about fitness, sometimes you might end up using the wrong exercises for your bad back. These exercises might just increase the pain and not help you in any way. Starting today, you could benefit from a list of back exercises offered by a professional. Check out the list below.

Right and Simple Ab Exercises When You have a Bad Back


Swimming is often seen as a great way to have some fun outdoors during a hot day. What you did not know is that swimming can also deliver an effective cardio workout for your back. It will put the right strain on your back and help exercise the muscles while you swim. A top tip is to ensure that you swim as you normally do by maintaining a single pattern for longer. At first, you might feel some mild pain, but if you continue with the swimming, the pain goes away.

No need for rapid movements while swimming, they would simply make you feel uncomfortable.

Aqua Aerobics

water aerobics
People tend to confuse aqua aerobics with swimming as they are both done in the water. With aqua aerobics, you would have to perform many exercises while standing or walking around in the water. Most of the time you would not have to swim. The aqua aerobics would be performed in the shallow end of a swimming pool. The work of this cardio workout is to help with burning fatter and raising your heart rate important for building stamina. Other than that, the exercises will help with working out your lower, upper and core muscles. There is no doubt that your bad back would be exercised at the end of all the workouts.


yoga for backache
Even if you are not a yoga person, the moment you get to learn about the different benefits it delivers, it is possible to have a soft spot for it. Yoga mostly would involve stretching a lot and that is what your bad back needs. You have to stretch it more often to ensure that the back muscles are stretched into their right positions to eliminate the back pains.

As much as yoga is great for your back, not all positions are good for the bad back. Training with a master of yoga could help a lot. You do not want to end having more back pain because you used the wrong techniques to exercise.

Using an Elliptical Trainer

elliptical trainer
With an elliptical trainer, you would be doing the same moves as you do when working out on a treadmill. The only difference between the two machines is that with an elliptical trainer, there is always contact of your feet with the pedals of the machine. The aim of such a machine is to remove the high-impact you get when using a treadmill. With the continuous use of an elliptical trainer, it is possible to strengthen your legs and core muscles. That is how you get to deal with issues such as having a bad back.

Go for Partial Crunches

partial crunches
Not all the exercises would be perfect for your bad back. Going for full sit-ups might always lead to more trouble than saving your back. The idea is to try out the partial crunches. This type of workout would not put a lot of strain on the back, but they would rather help your back grow stronger. Other than the back muscles, you also get to workout the stomach muscles. The key to better partial crunches is to tighten your stomach muscles when raising the shoulders off the ground. You can do about 10 reps for 5 to 8 sets for an effective workout.

Pelvic Tilts

With the pelvic tilts, you can go either up and down or sideways. The idea is to have the back going with the tilts so that you end up exercising it too. You have to keep your stomach muscles tightened at all times when working out with this exercise. Make sure that you are also smooth with the workouts, or else you risk ending up with more injuries. Just take it slow, and the back will get used to it after a while.

Note:Doing Back Strengthening Exercises Regularly is highly recommended even if above Ab-workouts are safe for your back.


Having a bad back does not always have to mean that you can no longer have fun with your friends. The best thing you could do would be finding the appropriate exercises that will help in relieving the pain and get you feeling better. By following the different types of cardio workouts mentioned above, you could start feeling better in no time. Consult with a professional trainer if you are unsure about anything.


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