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Yoga for Kids

With lifestyles getting sedentary by the day, it has become imperative that parents cultivate the habits of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle right from the beginning. And what better way than yoga to do this? Yoga will not only cultivate the habit for regular exercise but would help your toddler be more flexible and achieve better motor control. Yoga is a sure shot way to get that healthy mind in a healthy body
Here are some safe and easy postures for your toddler. You can do these with him/her and enjoy healthy mother-child time as well.

Tadasana (Moutain posture)

For that straight posture and strong legs.
mountain pose kids yoga
To do:
1. Stand with your legs straight and knees locked.
2. Keep your arms by your sides (or as shown in picture above) with fingers facing downward.
3. Take a deep breath and then, exhale.
4. Hold the position for around 30 seconds.

Adho Mukh Svanasana (Downward facing Dog Posture)

For calm mind and energetic body.
dog pose kids yoga
To do:
1. Stand straight and take a deep breath.
2. Bend your body from waist toward the front.
3. As you go down, your palms would touch the ground and you would be on your toes.
4. Exhale as you bend down.
5. Hold the position to the count of 8.

Anand Balasana (Happy Baby Posture)

For a strong and flexible spinal cord.
anand balasan happy baby pose
To do:
1. Lie down on your back and inhale.
2. Lift your legs upward.
3. Exhale and as you bend your knees toward your stomach.
4. Hold your feet(or toes) with your hands.
5. Hold this position to the count of 8 and repeat 3-4 times.

Crescent Moon Posture

For flexible abdomen and hands.
crescent pose kids yoga
To do:
1. Stand straight and inhale.
2. Raise your arms above your head in the way that both palms face each other.
3. Join your palms like a clap.
4. Exhale as your bend your body on right or left side.
5. Hold this position to the count of 8.
6. Inhale and slowly straighten your body.
7. Stand erect.
8. Repeat by bending your body on the other side.

Simhasana (Lion Posture)

For strong and flexible lower body.
lion pose sihansan
To do:
1. Sit on your knees and inhale.
2. Put your palms on the mat. Make sure to spread your fingers.
3. Exhale as you bend your body forward while your hands are on the floor mat.
4. Open your mouth and make a loud ‘roar’.
5. Repeat 3-4 times.

Dekasana (Airplane Posture)

For strong legs, greater balance, and higher concentration.
airplane posture
To do:
1. Stand straight and inhale. Make sure your legs are straight.
2. Place your right leg forward.
3. Exhale as you lift your left leg and lean forward.
4. Spread your arms to maintain balance.
Try to hold your body(except the leg touching ground) in a straight line parallel to ground.
It is difficult for kids to maintain this posture so encourage them to improve slowly.
5. Hold this position to count of 8.
6. Gently bring your left leg down to stand straight.
7. Bring your arms to your sides.
8. Repeat by lifting your left leg.


Om-Chanting is a basic breathing exercise and also basic mediation practice for kids. Chanting OM is very beneficial for children; it reduces stress, and improves concentration. Seeing the power of this Mantra many schools now a days practice kids chant OM. Not only kids but it is effective for adults too. So it’s a very good idea that mothers do OM chanting with their children every morning.
A very nice video by Donna Freeman explaining correct method of Omkar/Onkar Chanting

Printable Image
yoga poses for kids printable

These basic yoga positions will help your toddler grow into a happy, smart and healthy child.


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