Rare & Royal Princely Names for Baby Boys


Baby Boy Names which Mean Prince

Every parent wants to see the heroic, fearless and princely traits in their newborn boy when he grows up and nothing can be a better start than choosing a name for him from the best Prince like baby boy names. In history, there were many celebrated kings and princes with outstanding qualities that helped them conquer the world. With this list of baby boy names meaning prince, we will try to aid to add more charm to your little one’s naming ceremony.

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Which Means Prince

1)Arjun अर्जुन

Our name list starts with a common but a very popular name because this is one very special prince name for Indians. Arjun was the central character in the Hindu epic Mahabharat. He was Kunti’s son and one of the Pandavas and a Pandava Prince. The Mesh Rashi and Krithik Nakshatra name signifies a bright and brilliant personality.

2) Kashyam काश्यम

The name refers to the prince of Kashi. It’s a Mithun Rashi name and its other variant is Kashey काशेय which means the King of Kashi. Usually, Lord Shiva is related to Kashi.

3) Mahin महीन

The name is associated with Mahan, which means great. The name also refers to a prince or a king or the ruler of earth. It also signifies a cheerful person or someone who causes joy. It’s a Simha rashi name.

4) Parshav पार्शव

The prince of Parshas or a warrior who is armed with an axe. It’s a Kanya Rashi and Uttara Falguni nakshatra name and has Iranian or Persian origin. But it’s a Sanskrit word for Prince of Persia.

5) Prajash प्रजश

The name belongs to Kanya rashi and it signifies the Lord of Creatures or a king or a prince. It’s a powerful majestic name for a Hindu boy.

6) Rajak राजक

The name itself has Raj in it which means kingdom. It means a pretty prince. It’s a Tula rashi name under Chitra nakshatra.

7) Rayan रायन

An uncommon and regal name which is made up a name. Ray or Rai Means a King, ruler or a prince and Rayan Means Prince-like. It’s a Tula rashi name under Chitra nakshatra.

8) Yuven युवेन

An impactful Vruschika rashi name that falls under Jyestha nakshatra. It is associated with Yuvraj. The name refers to a prince.

Arabic Baby Boy Names which Mean Prince

Almir المیر

The name refers to a Prince.

Nazal نازال

A cute and uncommon name that signifies a prince.

Shazad شازاڈ

Shazad refers to a prince and it’s a trendy majestic Arabic baby boy name.

Shezin شیزین

A rare and stylish Arabic name which means a prince.

International Baby Boy Names which Means Prince


The name has a French origin and it signifies a Stone Prince


It has English as well as Irish origins. The name means a little drop and a prince.


It’s a popular and stylish English baby boy name which refers to a prince, a warrior o a nobleman. The name has an English origin.


A short and trendy name that stands for a Commander or a Prince. Its an Arabic baby boy name.


It’s a beautiful name which is majorly used in Turkish and Arabic cultures. The name means a prince.


A short name with a powerful meaning. Mael is a Prince and it has a French origin.


An uncommon Arabic or Persian name which stands for a Prince or an Emperor or a King.


The name has a native American origin and it refers to a prince or Chief’s Son.

When children grow up, their names matter a lot in a social circle, academics, career and many other fields. A regal name is associated with classiness, reputation, positive characteristics and lovability. For baby names, prince or king names are great choices since they reflect all of the above-mentioned attributes. Ancient majestic people used to have awe-inspiring personalities, fame, courage, and lots of loving people around.

The dream of every parent is that their baby grows up with the characteristics and fortunes like a king or a prince. These names play the role of an active catalyst in embellishing a baby boy’s personality and future. Newborns are the embodiment of affection and happiness. This list of royal names baby boy for 2019 -20 will hopefully make your baby name hunting easier and funfilled.


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    Hi Sapana, Please let me know if a baby boy has to be named after his rasi and nakshatra. Does it carry a particular significance and bring good fate to the child? My baby is of Kumbh rasi, can you please suggest some short and trendy names.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ritu,
      According to Hinduism a name given according to rashi and nakshatra brings happiness and prosperity to the child’s life. But its one’s faith in this theory. Modern families who want to follow ancient and modern ways both, go for a name according to Rashi-nakshatra on Janm-kundali and according to own choices for an offial real name. It is your call.
      Please check our lists here: https://www.gomama247.com/baby-names/
      Fo Kumbh rashi, starting letters are: G S Sh (ग, स, श, ष) (according to common followed starting letters-rashi chart)

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    Hi Sapna, Looking for a name for my grandson with starting letter “jo” . There are very few names we are able to get with jo. Can you suggest some unique hindu names with this letter.

    • Sapana

      Hi Sir,
      There are hardly 2-3 names starting with Jo in Sanskrit/Hindu origin.
      Josh जोष: Pleasure/ Enthusiasm We can try to make names using Josh but they won’t be very convincing. like Joshit, Joshav, Joshik, Joshish
      If you want I can suggest names from other origins. Like Arabic, Hebrew, Latin

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