Royal Baby Girl Names which mean Princess


Indian Baby Girl Names which mean Princess/Queen

Every girl is a princess to her parents and to celebrate this spirit, here is a curated list of the Unique Princess like baby girl names. For the baby girl, who has recently joined your family and added a spark to its name, here are some great choices of baby girl names meaning princess to consider.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names which mean Princess

1. Kashya काश्या

It’s a Mithun Rashi Mrigashiras Nakshatra name that refers to the Princess of Kashi.

2. Kanvi कान्वी

The Mithun Rashi name reflects the royal as well as musical attributes. It signifies a flute as well as the name of Radha Rani. Kanva is the name of a Prince mentioned in the Sanskrit dictionary.

3. Kasheya कशेया

The name is associated with Kashi. The Princess of Kashi is known as Kasheya. It’s a Mithun Rashi powerful name for an Indian baby girl.

4. Manodnya मनोज्ञा

The name refers to someone who creates a space in someone’s heart (Man) i.e. a beautiful or a charming girl or a royal personality who is lovely/graceful. It’s a Simha Rashi and Makha Nakshatra name.

5. Nrupa नृपा

Nrupa means a king or an emperor. It also signifies a prince or a princess. It’s a Vruschika Rashi name.

6. Radnya राज्ञा

It’s a Tula Rashi and Chitra Nakshatra name which refers to a king or a princess, राजा / राजकुमारी

7. Raya रया

Raya is a Tula Rashi name which means speed, enthusiasm or zeal. It also stands for a king or a princess.

8. Tanasi तानसी

The name comes under Tula Rashi and Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra and it means a beautiful princess. Tanas also refers to offspring.

Arabic Baby Girl Names which mean Princess

1. Amayra امایرا

It is a stylish and popular Arabic name meaning Princess.

2. Amirah امیراہ

Amirah or Ameerah is the name used to signify a Princess.

3. Amra امراء

It’s a short name used to refer to a Princess.

4. Amyra اماعرا

Amyra is another variant of Amayra which also means a Princess.

5. Azita ازیتا

It’s a unique baby girl name that stands for a Princess.

6. Ameera امیرا

Another variant of Amira which means Princess.

7. Barlin بارلین

A not so common name used in Arabic culture to denote a Princess.

8. Daneen دانین

A royal name that represents a Princess.

9. Indamira اندامیرا

Amira is a princess and the name signifies the guest of the princess.

10. Sarra ساراّ

Sometimes pronounced as Sara means a Princess.

11. Sayna سینا

It’s a modern and popular Arabic name that represents a Princess.

12. Shanzay شانزی

Not so easy-to-pronounce name but a unique one for sure. It means a Princess.

International Baby Girl Names which mean Princess

1. Almira

A Spanish origin name which signifies a princess.

2. Azita

The name has a Persian origin and it denotes a princess.

3. Candy

The English baby girl name is used to denote a Candy or a sweet. It also refers to the Prince of servants.

4. Darra

Surely an uncommon name which is often used in Hebrew culture. It refers to a Princess.

5. Earleen

Earl means a prince or a warrior or a Nobleman and Earleen is the feminine version of the name with the same meaning. It’s an English origin name.

6. Elmira

Elmira is the one who is dignified or high-ranked or a princess. The name has Spanish and English origins.

7. Mandana

A popular Arabic name and also the name of a Bollywood celebrity. It means a princess. The name has a Persian origin.

8. Miki

Miki signifies a beautiful tree or three trees. The Japanese origin name also means a princess.

9. Orla

The name has Gaelic and English origin and often used to represent a Gold Princess.

10. Saara

Saara or Sara is a Finnish origin name often used in Arabic culture and it represents a Princess.

11. Sadie

The name denotes a Noble Lady or a Princess and has an English origin.

12. Tanya

It’s an Arabic name but also used in many cultures in India like Hindu. It means a Fairy Princess. It’s a fictional royal name with a Russian origin.

13. Tatiana

It’s a rare Arabic name that signifies a fictional royal character or a fairy/princess. The name has Greek and Russian origins.

14. Zara

It’s an elite Arabic name and a luxury international brand as well. The name also means a Princess and has Hebrew and French origins.

15. Zarita

The Spanish origin name represents a Princess.

It’s high time the little angels are bestowed with same common popular names; it’s time to bless them with some unique names that possess a majestic essence.

The newborn baby girls are daddy’s princess and mom’s angels. In India, when we talk about the attributes of a woman, directly or indirectly we compare it with godly traits, nature’s beauty or royal essence. When you pick one of these fictional as well as real-life inspired royal names, a baby girl who has recently brought loads of joy in your life will thank you forever for this gift. As a parent, you must be willing to get your glory crowned by the personality and achievements of your daughter and these names have the potential to turn your dream into reality.


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          Niriha निरीहा
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          Parnavi पर्णवी
          Pravida प्रविदा
          Purna पूर्णा

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