Recipe of Mouth Freshener for Breastfeeding Mothers


Pachak Mukhwas for New Indian Mother

In nearly all regions of India, A special mouth freshener mix or Mukhwas is made for the new nursing mom.
It contains some special ingredients which are healthy for new mothers. They make digestion easy and also help in boosting breast milk production.
My mom made this for me after my deliveries. I used to have a container in my room all time handy. I make this regularly thereafter.
This mixture is also healthy for kids (above 2 years) One spoon a day is a good for healthy and trouble free digestion.
Let’s see the ingredients.

What You Need

ingredients for indian mukhwas for new moms
Fennel Seeds – 3 bowls
Sesame Seeds – 1 Bowl
Balan Shopa / Bal Shopa / Dill Seeds – 1 Bowl
Ajwain/Carom Seeds – 1 Bowl
Black Salt, Turmeric and Asagfoetida/Hing
(Desiccated Coconut and Flax seeds Optional)
1 Bowl Coriander Seeds (splits) ( Not shown in the pictures, Add them to enhance the taste)
NOTE: Dill seeds are bit bitter in taste but they keep your stomach healthy. They are not available easily in market. You might have to visit an old Indian Grocery store. Very few stores keep these seeds in their stock.

How to Make it?

1. Clean all seeds (Do not wash). Roast Sesame Seeds, Dill Seeds, coriander seeds splits and Ajwain, separately.
2. Take 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder, pinch of asafoetida and 2 tablespoon water, add black salt to taste. Now mix this and add to fennel seeds, mix it well so the fennel seeds are coated properly with the turmeric and black salt.
3. Roast the Fennel seeds.
Tip: You can roast the seeds in microwave. I use the microwave square shaped container (shown in the picture). But keep stirring in interval of 30 Seconds. For 3 bowls of fennel seeds you will need 5-6 minutes on 1000Watts.
roasting seeds
4. Mix all seeds together and keep mixture in an air tight container. Take little portion in a small container so that your rest of mixture remains crunchy.
You may also add roasted coconut threads and flax seeds. Both of them are super beneficial in boosting breast milk production.
If you know any tips to share please don’t forget to share by commenting below.
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