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Unheard Hindu Baby Names Which Mean Happy

Gifting your baby a name which is meaningful, short and easy to pronounce is an important step to introduce ecstasy in parenthood. Today we will see only
In Sanskrit, mainly these words mean Happy or Joy: Mod, Harsh, Sukh and Shree. So, with numerous prefixes and postfixes, the baby names meaning Happy or Joy can be discovered or created. Below are some handpicked names from Sanskrit, which means Happy or Joy and are very rare currently in India.
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New Modern Baby Names Meaning Happy or Joy


The name has been derived from the word Sukh which means pleasure or happiness. A glad person can be called Sukhin.


It’s a combination of two Sanskrit words – ‘Rat’ which means happiness and ‘Vat’ which means who holds the happiness. The name means a happy person.


The word Shri signifies beauty and happiness and it’s associated with Goddess Lakshmi. The name means a fortunate, happy and wealthy person.

Harshanvit or Harshanvita

The name is used for both girls and boys. The name means someone full of joy or happiness. Harsh signifies happiness.

Sharman/ Sharmana

It’s a masculine name reflecting joy or pleasure. It also means shelter or protection.


A famous person is known as Vishrut. The name signifies a personality whose fame is celebrated everywhere.

Shasta or Shast

A person who is praised or appreciated for his deeds, skills, behaviour or looks is called Shasta.


Mudit is a masculine name showing the emotion of happiness or pleasure.


The earth’s pleasure is known as Muda. The name also signifies the beautiful lotus.


The name refers to a state of elation of a person.


The word Amod means a joyful situation or pelasure.


The name refers to a flight and happiness. It means flying with joy.


Something or someone pleasant is called Ranya.


The name is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and it means joy, pleasure or happiness.


In Sanskrit, Harsh means happiness or pleasure. The name Harshin means the giver or joy or happiness.


It’s a short and modern name which means the owner or ruler of earth, Lord Indra.


The name may give you western vibes but trust me it’s a Sanskrit name which means someone smiling or happy.


Samyan or Smayan means smiling in Sanskrit and hence the name signifies happiness.


The name refers to may traits of a personality like brilliance, calmness and happiness.


The name Manasvi signifies the wisdom or intelligence of a person.


It’s a rare Indian name which means happiness or ecstasy.


It’s a sacred practice performed by Hindus on special occasions. It’s related to Yagya.


Mahin refers to earth. Mahina means month in Hindi. It’s a feminine name.
Taking your baby in your arms for the first time gives you tremendous happiness and you can sustain this joy and fun for the rest of the life by giving a joyful name to your baby. The above names signify joy and happiness and embellish one’s personality. If you are looking for some uncommon Indian names for your baby that reflect ecstasy or joy then above list of names can do the work.


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