Rare Sanskrit Baby Girls Names Starting with A


Trendy Baby Girls Names in Sanskrit Starting with A

The names with A for girls are always special to the Indian parents as there are plenty of choices available in Sanskrit and above everything; it’s the first letter of English alphabet. The Sanskrit names are usually spiritual, auspicious and positive. Here is a list offering some rare Sanskrit names for girls starting with the letter ‘A’.

Top 10 Uncommon Sanskrit Names for Baby Girls Starting with letter ‘A’


Top at out list, Bright name Adriti means, a ray of light. It’s an epithet for Goddess Durga. Saskrit Originated Hindu goddesses names are most popular these days in modern Indian parents.


Worth worship or remover of sufferings or distress. It’s a made-up name from Aradhit which means someone worshipped or honoured


This short and rare name means a huge source of water like Sea or Ocean


A gigantic structure like A mountain. The name also signifies cloud or thunderbolt.


As exotic it sounds, it means Leadership quality or forwardness.


This powerful name in Sanskrit, the name signifies a metallic probe; especially made of iron or steel. It’s a popular Goddess Lakshmi name and epithet.

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Just like it sounds this unique name for girls mean a beautiful flower that can’t fade and also mean immortal person. The name is associated with Lord Shiva as it is used in the mantra Amaraay Namah! Which means the Lord can’t be destroyed.


Someone with very strong morals or very straightforward personality. The name also signifies integrity.


This name gives beautiful musical vibes. The name is inspired by the Indian Raga AROHI. It means all set to bestow with blessings. Raag and Musical Note


Though sounds like a name of a warrior, Ayuddha means peace-lover. It’s a Goddess Lakshmi epithet which literally means gold or a non-participant of war.

Sanskrit names are now liked and accepted in different cultures due to their rich history, powerful meanings and exotic pronunciations. This list will definitely help you out in developing your little angel’s personality offering her a meaningful Sanskrit name starting with A.

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