Rare Sanskrit Baby Girl Names: Beautiful and Short


Baby Girls Names: Sanskrit Originated Uncommon Names

My exploration of the unique Sanskrit names began in 2016 and with time it became avid.
Here, I am sharing the meaning verified, uncommon and beautiful Sanskrit name which is from my personal study of the rich Sanskrit dictionaries or Sahasranam. I referred to only original sources to give my research an authentic edge.
All the names described below are completely verified and meaningful. The below-mentioned Sanskrit baby name list is for Indian Hindu baby girls. On my website, you can discover mostly the Sanskrit baby names for boys and girls.
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Baby Name for Girls: Rare Sanskrit Names


Anya means someone who has no limits or someone inexhaustible. Anya also means other in Sanskrit and Hindi. The name is also spelled as Aanya sometimes. (Please note this is pronounced as Anyaa)


A little angel as beautiful as moon and an avid lover of water sports can be called as Abja. The name refers to moon or someone who is born in water. The name is unique and reflects a daring personality.


The name Agada mainly refers to Lord Rama. There is also a chant using the name in Hindu culture “Om Agaday Namah” which is dedicated to Lord Rama. The name also means one of the eight divided branches of Ayurveda.


Agriya is a unique Indian baby name which means one who is superior or the best. It’s a beautiful and positive feminine name. To me it sounds a powerful name.


The name reflects grace, opulence and positivity. Aishini is another name of Goddess Lakshmi who is the symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity. It is a Mesh rashi name and mostly used in the Bengali community. In Sanskrit, the name also signifies an iron or steel probe.


The name Amari signifies someone who is eternal or can’t die or get extinguished. It’s a beautiful Mesh rashi name and often used in Hindu and Muslim communities.


The name Apara has different meanings in various cultures. In Sanskrit, the name refers to the supreme wisdom or intelligence. Someone godly or eminent can also be referred to as Apara. The name also means the Goddess from Turiya State.


Atrea signifies victory, spirituality and divinity. In Hindu mythology, there was a Rishi named Atri. The name also refers to Lord Shiva or Mercury. There is a name Atraiu sounding similar to Atrea which means a mighty warrior.


A graceful or beautiful girl or woman is called Charvi. It’s a sweet Indian feminine name belonging to Mithun rashi. And yes, it’s a pure Sanskrit name though it doesn’t sound so.


The name Bodhi has been derived from the Sanskrit word Bodh which means realization or enlightenment. Bodhi also name the tree of wisdom under which prince Siddhartha became the great Buddha.


A graceful girl whose walk resembles the flow of an ocean goes with the name Dhena. The name means a river or ocean. In Sanskrit, the name Dhana sounds similar to Dhena but it means wealth.


The name Dhriti sounds similar to Dhrita means morale or courage. The name Dhrita also refers to a courageous personality. Dhrita also signifies Goddess Lakhsmi. Truly a Powerful name like a Hindu Goddess.


It’s a Sanskrit origin feminine name. Edha means a pure or sacred person. The name also signifies the positive traits like enthusiasm, strength, power and liveliness. Easy to pronounce.


The name has Sanskrit origin but used in different cultures like Hindu, Jain and Parsi. Gira means the divine language or the language belonging to God. Gir means voice and hence it also refers to a voice or speech.


The name can be linked to a source of bright light like a torch or even sun or moon. It’s a positive name which also means embracing someone. Short and Sweet name.


A short and cute name, which means to illuminate something or a powerful source of light and heat like Sun. The name also refers to strength, might, energy, power and glory. It’s a trendy and impactful feminine name. Name has numerous positive meanings.


The name can be associated with truth or purity. It’s a Makar rashi name which literally means something noble or genuine/authentic.


Someone beloved, very close or a pure soul can be called as Kara. Kara also means moonbeam. The name also signifies the trinity God Shiva, the doer of all the actions. The name is powerful and mellifluous. Short Sanskrit name with powerful meaning. Sounds very modern.


The name Keyuri may not be very uncommon but one of rare yet sweet Sanskrit names. It signifies beauty. Be it the beauty of an armlet or a blossoming flower; the name always adds grace to the personality.


Every parent wishes that their little angel becomes graceful and eminent. The name Lavna means outshining others and being beautiful or graceful.


It’s a Sanskrit word which refers to the thought or reflection of something.


The name is mainly used in Hindu and Parsi cultures. The name also signifies mount Meru. Merva is also another name of Lord Ganesha and often used in the Hindu Mantra “Om Merave Namah”.


The literal meaning of Niriha is innocent or free of guilt. Also, a person free from desires can be called as Niriha. Niriha is one of the Goddess Durga names and hence it is very positive.


A beauty with a brain is always fascinating. Nitima refers to political wisdom, ethics, and principles which makes the personality stand out. The name is derived from the word Nitimat which means Lord Rama and it is used in the Mantra “Om Nitimate Namah”


Parna is a beautiful and rare Hindu girl name which means a leaf and one with wings. The Kanya rashi name also signifies wings or feather.


The name Preksha is related to visuals or entertainment. The name refers to sight, a public show or viewing something. Preksha also means beholding something.


Redhi is a very unique and positive baby girl name. The name means to appreciate/praise or worship someone (usually the deities).


The name Ruta has many positive meanings in Sanskrit language. Ruta luminous, brave, right, true, proper, respected, worshipped, sun, divine truth, water, wealth, law…


Sahya means strength, power, and victory. The name also refers to conjunction or and aid. The name Sahaya which sounds similar to Sahya is related to Lord Shiva.


The name Tamoghna means different in various contexts. The name is associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, it literally means Sun, Fire, Lord Shiva who destroys darkness. On the other hand, the name also mean beautiful moon.


The name means some of the fascinating things like dew, ice crystals, snow and moonlight. Also, a plant called Shukanasa is called as Tuhina in Sanskrit.


Someone who has the depth like sea or ocean can be called as Vari. The name means water, river.


Vetra means Flute. It’s a unique and spiritual name. The name is one of 1000 names of Goddess Durga.


It’s a rare Hindu girl name which means active and swift. This beautiful name also means intelligence. The name also refers to flowing water.


Yudh means war or battle in Sanskrit. The name Yudhva or Yudhwa refers to someone who fights the battle or a warrior.


One of the trendiest and sweetest multi-origin names for a baby girl can be Ziri. It’s a lively name which is also used in one of the North African languages known as Berber or Amazigh. The name refers to the Cricket in Sanskrit. Yes, you read it right, it means cricket!

Sanskrit is a rich language and the mother of many existing languages. It’s like an ocean which surprises you with various things when you explore it. The vocabulary in the Sanskrit language is very vast and if you are willing to choose a Sanskrit name for your baby girl, you got a wide selection of choices.
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The oldest and rich language in the world has plenty of good things stored for you. The Sanskrit names are very meaningful and they make you feel proud of your motherland. It reflects the true image of India and Hindu culture. If you are looking for a rare but positive baby girl name India then the Sanskrit name list can be a great selection for you.


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    You know in the English language we say the planets in the solar system are Heliocentric which means centered around the Sun. Earlier it was thought that the earth was stationary and all the heavenly bodies move around the earth. This was because people could not feel the earth moving. It was first Copernicus who realized that the earth could actually be moving and we don’t feel it because the earth atmosphere also rotates. Later it was Galileo who popularized the theory of heliocentric orbits. He was put under house arrest for a life time by the Roman Catholic Church for proclaiming this. The point is I am startled to learn from your article that the name Heli is actually a Sanskrit name and means a bright source of light. Wonder if the word Heliocentric came from the Sanskrit word Heli.

    • Sapana

      Wow, that is an intelligent observation and a very amazing point.
      I checked Wikipedia, there is this section “Late Antiquity” on page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliocentrism
      which mentions Indian knew about planets in the solar system being Heliocentric in 499 (Aryabhatiya (499)) well before Greeks, but doenst state any relation of Sanskrit origin to word Heli/Helio
      Helio in Greek language means ‘Sun’ .. Hence the word Heliocentric.

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    Nice and unique list of names from Sanskrit.
    It was very helpful in selecting the name for our baby.
    Thanks sapana for the reply over mails and timely help 🙂

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    what is meaning of name Merva? its a nice name. Looking for such short n meaningful sanskrit name for my newborn daughter..

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    What is the meaning of
    Preksha name ?? and is it belongs to
    Chitta star or not…and I red Preksha means goddess lakshmi is it right?? Ignore previous posts…thank u

    • Sapana

      Hi Jyo,
      Preksha प्रेक्षा means: Sight, Reflection, Entertainment in Sanskrit. According to my study, it does not mean Goddess Lakshmi.
      Usually, the names inspired by Hindu gods and goddess come from Sahasranam and I dint find Preksha in any of the Hindu gods’ names

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    Please suggest traditional baby girl names with N…also it is good if meaning of it is lord lakshmi

    • Sapana

      Hi Suhasini,
      Please check our master list for Letter N here

      Here are N-names which are inspired by Goddess Lakshmi
      Nimeshika निमेशिका (Please check the list above for details on this name)
      Other names which are either old or I am not very sure how are rooted to meaning as Lakshmi Goddess but are known to be:
      Narayani नारायणी
      Nirosha निरोशा
      Nishidha निषिधा
      Nyshita निशीता

      Please find all meaning etc in the list.

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