Rare Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting with A


Baby Boy Names: Sanskrit Names Starting with A

The Indian names starting with the letter ‘A’ can be easily found and that too in a huge amount.
A is the first letter of English Alphabet. The letter looks quite similar to ‘Alpha’ a Greek letter. Also, in Roman alphabet, a letter looking similar to capital A signifies Heaven. The Sanskrit names are very impactful and meaningful and the best thing is that they are available in abundance. Here is a list providing the uncommon Sanskrit names starting with letter A.

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Top 10 Suggestions on Rare Hindu Baby Boy Name in Sanskrit Starting with A


The very first form of something or original or exiting from the beginning. In Urdu, the name signifies the whole universe.


It’s a rare Sanskrit name with a spiritual significance. It means everyday prayers.


The name has a divine and majestic significance. It refers to something pristine/true or a crown. Also used in the chants by a Rishi and Veda in Hindu religion.


Ajar is a very positive name which means someone whose youth sustains forever or who doesn’t age. It is also one of 1000 names of Hindu Lord Bhagwat “Om Ajarayai Namah” and also refers to Lord Ganesh.


Anishk means a very amiable personality who has lots of friends but no enemies.


The name is used in both Hindu and Muslim culture. In Sanskrit, the name refers to very powerful elements like Sun or Fire. It also signifies diamond.


Ayog usually means an auspicious moment or time. The name also refers to Lord Ganesha. One of Ganesh Sahasranam is “Om Ayogay Namah”


It may not a name that you can hear everywhere. The name has various meanings like Air or Sky. The name can also be associated with a journey or a traveller. Advan also signifies intelligence and Zodiac.


The name has been derived from the word Akarshak which means magnetic or attractive.


The name Archak means someone who pays tribute or worships. Arch means worshiping god.

The letter A is used about 43% in comparison to the other letters which means there are plenty of name choices available with this alphabet. Sanskrit is the elementary block of Indo-Aryan language and the Sanskrit names reflect the rich Indian culture and the glorious history of Hinduism. The above names are very uncommon and impactful. If you are looking forward to push your newborn to the first position in every walk of his life, the Sanskrit names with letter ‘A’ can definitely help you out.


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