Prodigious & Rare Lord Vishnu Names for Baby Boy


Modern Names of Lord Vishnu for Baby Boy

While choosing Indian baby boy name after gods, the trinity Gods strike the mind in the first place. If you consider Sahasranam, there are plenty of Modern names of Vishnu for Boys that reflect the power and traits of one of the three most worshipped gods in the universe. Here we have selected only the rare short and sweet names of Vishnu suitable for new generation Hindu baby boy.
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Rare Names of Lord Vishnu for Indian Baby Boy

Akshaj अक्षज

It’s a name used to refer to Lord Vishnu. It signifies something as bright as diamond and thunderbolt. The name indicates a bright and powerful personality.

Adhrit अध्रीत

The epithet for Lord Vishnu reflects a personality who is strong and stands tall without any support like a mountain – Adhritah

Anidra अनिद्र

Nidra is sleeping in Sanskrit. It signifies the state of not having a sleep of awakening state. It also refers to Lord Vishnu who never sleeps.

Anirvinn अनिर्विन

A godly or god-like personality. Someone who can never die or never downcast Lord Vishnu also goes by the name in the form of Anirvinah.

Achyut अच्युत

It’s a popular and auspicious name of Lord Vishnu who is imperishable or can’t be destroyed – The immortal trinity god.

Anivardh अनिवर्ध

The name is used to refers to Lord Vishnu.

Aneesh अनीश

A good friend or companion or a supreme personality. It also means someone who is always awake i.e. Lord Vishnu.

Avyan अव्यान

It’s a madeup name derived from the word Avyang or Avyangah which means the perfect one. It is one of the names from Lord Visnu Sahasranam.

Bhrit भ्रीत

A short and unique Lord Vishnu name for baby boy which means to nourish someone or something. In Hindu mythology, who nourishes or supports all the creatures is known as Bhoota-Bhrit who is Lord Vishnu.

Ekang एकांग

The name clearly breaks down into the fragments – ek (one)+ang (body part) that refers to someone with one body or a bodyguard.

Hrihan ह्रिहान

A gifted person or someone whom God has chosen. It has been derived from the name Arihant and it’s a distorted form of Arihan who destroys all the enemies.

Ishtah इश्ताः

Ish means God. Someone who is worshipped or a pleasant personality is called Ishtah. It also refers to Lord Vishnu who is called forth using the Vedic rituals.

Ishtahim इष्ताहिम्

Lord Vishnu who is pleasant and worshipped by the whole universe and who is call forth through Vedic rituals. The name can be broken into parts like Istah + Ahim.

Jinansh जिनांश

Jin means someone who is a part of all the good things and it also means ansh or part of Lord Vishnu.

Jinarh जिनार्ह

The word Jin refers to Lord Vishnu. Arha means the trinity God Shiva.

Jishnu जीश्णु

Jishnu is inspired by Vishnu, the trinity God. The name reflects the traits of a great personality like triumphant or conquering. Jishnu also means Lord Sun, Lord Indra or Arjun from Mahabharat.

Jaitra जैत्रा

A successful or near to successful person or someone who is proceeding or leading to triumph is Jaitra. It’s a Lord Vishnu epithet and used for a superior personality.

Kalkin काल्किन

The name is related to both the Lord Vishnu (the 10th incarnation of the God) and Lord Hanuman and often heard in the Mantra Om Kalkiney Namah.

Kathitah कथीतः

The name is inspired from the Sanskrit word Katha which means tale. Kathitah also refers to Lord Vishnu who is praised or glorified in every scripture in Hinduism.

Manuh मनूः

The wise or intelligent one. Lord Vishnu also goes by the name – the divine entity who has manifested as the Vedic mantras.

Mahee माही

Mahi or Mahee refers to earth. It is an epithet for Lord Vishnu and signifies an expert or a great personality as well.

Nimish निमिष

Blinking or twinkling of the eyes. The act of sleeping. It also refers to Lord Vishnu whose eyes are closed during thoughtfulness.

Niyam नियम

Niyam refers to the rules. It is an epithet used for Lord Vishnu.

Panah पनाह

The word has different meanings in different languages. In Sanskrit, Panah refers to the supreme manager of the universe who is Lord Vishnu. Panah also signifies the act of praising.

Parjanya परजन्य

It is related to the rain and clouds. The God of Rain in Hinduism and Lord Vishnu can be referred to using this name.

Sharang शारंग

The name is inspired by the musical instrument Sharanga which is held by Goddess Saraswati. Sharang also signifies the bow of Vishnu.

Shriyam श्रीयम्

The word Shree is related to Lord Vishnu and is often used to refer to him.

Shreesh श्रीश

Shreesh is Lord of wealth or Lord Vishnu.

Shragvi श्राग्वि

Sragvee means the God, Lord Vishnu, who wears fresh garland or garland with the flowers that don’t decay.

Shravah श्रावाह

The name is derived from the word Shravan which means the act of listening. In Sanskrit, Shuchi-Sharvah refers to Lord Vishnu who possesses sacred and beautiful names.

Trinabh त्रिनाभ

It’s an uncommon name related to Lord Vishnu who is also called as Trinabhi.

Vibhavam विभावम

Vibhav + Vam Lord Vishnu who is omnipresent but the name is not used as an epithet for the trinity God. It reflects the positive traits like greatness, wealth, fortune and magnanimity.

Vishvam विष्वम्

Vishav + Vam Vishwa means universe. The God who is the universe or great (Virat Purusha)

Zina ज़ीना

It’s a cute, trendy and meaningful Hindu name which is a variant of Jina and refers to Lord Vishnu.

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Lord Vishnu is considered as the master of all the existing entities. The above- listed Baby Boy Names inspired by Lord Vishnu reflect the inspiring powers, characteristics and personality of the trinity God. Lord Vishnu protects the universe and restores the harmony between good and evil. He is beautiful, powerful and generous and these are the qualities every parent look forward to when a baby boy enters their universe. We have presented this curated list after long research and your comment on the same will be much appreciated.


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