Rare Hindu Baby Names Meaning Gift from God or Miracle


Modern and Uncommon Hindu Baby Names: Meaning Gift/Miracle

Naming a baby is most exciting part of early parenting. Not only the parents but whole family goes on name hunt even before baby birth.
Most of parents either look for names starting with a specific letter, or the combination of the parents’ names. Some parents look for special meaning.
If you are looking for Hindu baby names meaning “Gift” Or Gift from God” Or “Miracle” or “Magic” then you are at right place.
Below listed are not all Hindu names meaning Gift/Miracle but only unique, rare and Sanskrit origin names.

Hindu Baby Names Meaning Gift / Gift from God

AadiaBeing a giftBoy
AnumBlessing of godBoy
AtiyaLord Ganesh / GiftBoy
AyaanReligiously inclined / God giftBoy
AyaanshThe first Ray of light / Part of parents / Gift of GodBoy
DaivikGift by GodBoy
DevarshGod’s giftBoy
DevdanBlessings of the lordBoy
DikshantGift of GuruBoy
DurvankGifted friendBoy
HridaanGift of heart (Alternative Spelling: Hridan, Ridhaan, Ridhan)Boy
JainithinGift from GodBoy
NaathanGift from God / RewardedBoy
NihitGod gift / Inherent / Inscribed into somethingBoy
NirvedGift by GodBoy
PrishLoving / God giftedBoy
PrithuGod gift / Broad / SpaciousBoy
ShaunaGod’s giftBoy
YishaiGift father of king DavidBoy
AakshaBlessing of godGirl
AanshiGod’s giftGirl
AavyaFirst rays of Sun / Gift of GodGirl
AbishaiMy father is a giftGirl
AishiGod’s giftGirl
AnhithiGift / Donation (Alternate Spelling: Anhithi)Girl
AnshiGod’s giftGirl
AavyaGift / First rays of SunGirl
EeshaGoddess Parvati /One who protects / Night prayer / Purity / Gift from God (Alternate Spelling: Eisha)Girl
EishaGoddess Parvati / Purity / Gift from God / One who protects / Night prayerGirl
JainiGift from God / VictoriousGirl
JenikaGod’s gracious giftGirl
MaghiGiving giftsGirl
MishayeGift of LoveGirl
MishkaGift of LoveGirl
NaiteeLittle gift / EndlessGirl
PreshaTalent given by God / Beloved / Loving / God’s giftGirl
PrishaTalent given by God / Beloved / Loving / God’s giftGirl
Prenita Gift/ loved by allGirl
RoonhiGod’s obligation / GiftGirl
SomritaBlessings of the lordGirl
TheaGift of GodGirl
UpadaA giftGirl
VaanyaHindu female deity of forests / God’s giftGirl
VanyaHindu female deity of forests / Van ki Devi / God’s gift / God is graciousGirl

Hindu Baby Names Meaning Miracle/Wonder/Magic

AhtiMyth name of a God of magicBoy
MaanLecturer / Respect / Supernatural power / Lord of mindBoy
NissinMiracle and a more pronounceable form of nissanBoy
ShrayCredit / MarvelousBoy
ShreyCredit / MarvelousBoy
AkishitaWonder girl / Permanent / ConstantGirl
ChanasyaDelighting / Pleasant / Wonderful (Alternate Spelling: Chanasyaa)Girl
HaasiniPleasant / Wonderful / Happy or full of laughterGirl
KarishaA miracleGirl
KeemayaMiracle / DivineGirl
KimayaMiracle / DivineGirl
SaadhakaProficient / Magical / An aspirant / SeekerGirl
VismitaWonderment / Amazement / WonderingGirl
YakshitaWonder girl (Alternate Spelling: Yakshitha)Girl

Each baby is a gift from god and also miracle for his/her parents. I hope you liked the list. Please do not forget to leave a comment to let me know which one you liked the most.

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  3. Avatar

    Tamira Magic Girl
    Vismita Wonderment / Amazement / Wondering Girl
    Yakshita Wonder girl (Alternate Spelling: Yakshitha) Girl
    I think Tamira is easy to pronounce. Please advise. Also which one is more uncommon?
    Thanks in Advance

  4. Avatar
    Akriti Bansal on

    Hi Sapana. Presha and Prisha have the same meaning. Is there any difference in these two name? Please explain. I liked both the names.

  5. Avatar

    Hey Sapana,

    All the names are beautiful. However, I have shortlisted a few such as Prish, Prithu, Shauna, Shay, Suday, Varin. Can you help in select a good nick name for my baby? Thanks.

  6. Avatar
    PratyushaSingh on

    Beautiful names, I dint find so many uncommon name elsewhere. Its appreciable that you take so much efforts for new parents.

  7. Avatar

    Wow, out of all the names from letter ‘J’. I really like the name ‘Jainithin’. Sounds like Indian version of ‘Jonathan’. 😀 Nice! I feel like finalizing this for my boy. Seeing such beautiful names, I guess you have hidden some more unique names in your Baby’s Name Consultancy Services, have dropped you a mail, please check 🙂

    • Sapana

      Hi Tanu,
      Haha, yes it sounds indian version of Jonathan. Actually Jainithin is made of Jai + Nithin (Or Nitin). Thanks for email.

  8. Avatar

    Hi, I have a query about one name I liked:
    Varin: is it uncommon and Sanskirt?
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

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  10. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Is Ayaansh is common name these days? We finalized Reyaansh earlier then changed it to Ayaansh but I feel this is getting common too these days.
    Any suggestion for name starting with A(Ashwini) or R(Rajat)

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