Rare Hindu Baby Names Meaning Gift from God or Miracle


Modern and Uncommon Hindu Baby Names: Meaning Gift/Miracle

Naming a baby is most exciting part of early parenting. Not only the parents but whole family goes on name hunt even before baby birth.
Most of parents either look for names starting with a specific letter, or the combination of the parents’ names. Some parents look for special meaning.
If you are looking for Hindu baby names meaning “Gift” Or Gift from God” Or “Miracle” or “Magic” then you are at right place.
Below listed are not all Hindu names meaning Gift/Miracle but only unique, rare and Sanskrit origin names.

Hindu Baby Names Meaning Gift / Gift from God

Aadia Being a gift Boy
Anum Blessing of god Boy
Atiya Lord Ganesh / Gift Boy
Ayaan Religiously inclined / God gift Boy
Ayaansh The first Ray of light / Part of parents / Gift of God Boy
Daivik Gift by God Boy
Devarsh God’s gift Boy
Devdan Blessings of the lord Boy
Dikshant Gift of Guru Boy
Durvank Gifted friend Boy
Hishal Gifted Boy
Hridaan Gift of heart (Alternative Spelling: Hridan, Ridhaan, Ridhan) Boy
Jainithin Gift from God Boy
Naathan Gift from God / Rewarded Boy
Nihit God gift / Inherent / Inscribed into something Boy
Nirved Gift by God Boy
Prish Loving / God gifted Boy
Prithu God gift / Broad / Spacious Boy
Shauna God’s gift Boy
Shay Gift Boy
Suday Gift Boy
Varin Gifts Boy
Yishai Gift father of king David Boy
Aaksha Blessing of god Girl
Aanshi God’s gift Girl
Aavya First rays of Sun / Gift of God Girl
Abishai My father is a gift Girl
Aishi God’s gift Girl
Ananti Gift Girl
Anhati Gift Girl
Anhithi Gift / Donation (Alternate Spelling: Anhithi) Girl
Anshi God’s gift Girl
Attiya Gift Girl
Aavya Gift / First rays of Sun Girl
Eesha Goddess Parvati /One who protects / Night prayer / Purity / Gift from God (Alternate Spelling: Eisha) Girl
Eisha Goddess Parvati / Purity / Gift from God / One who protects / Night prayer Girl
Jaini Gift from God / Victorious Girl
Jenika God’s gracious gift Girl
Maghi Giving gifts Girl
Mishaye Gift of Love Girl
Mishka Gift of Love Girl
Naitee Little gift / Endless Girl
Presha Talent given by God / Beloved / Loving / God’s gift Girl
Prisha Talent given by God / Beloved / Loving / God’s gift Girl
Prenita Gift/ loved by all Girl
Roonhi God’s obligation / Gift Girl
Somrita Blessings of the lord Girl
Thea Gift of God Girl
Upada A gift Girl
Vaanya Hindu female deity of forests / God’s gift Girl
Vanya Hindu female deity of forests / Van ki Devi / God’s gift / God is gracious Girl

Hindu Baby Names Meaning Miracle/Wonder/Magic

Aghartha Supernatural Boy
Ahti Myth name of a God of magic Boy
Maan Lecturer / Respect / Supernatural power / Lord of mind Boy
Nissin Miracle and a more pronounceable form of nissan Boy
Shani Wonderful Boy
Shouvik Magician Boy
Shray Credit / Marvelous Boy
Shrey Credit / Marvelous Boy
Souvik Magician Boy
Akishita Wonder girl / Permanent / Constant Girl
Chanasya Delighting / Pleasant / Wonderful (Alternate Spelling: Chanasyaa) Girl
Haasini Pleasant / Wonderful / Happy or full of laughter Girl
Karisha A miracle Girl
Keemaya Miracle / Divine Girl
Kimaya Miracle / Divine Girl
Saadhaka Proficient / Magical / An aspirant / Seeker Girl
Saruchi Wonderful Girl
Shankana Wonderous Girl
Tamira Magic Girl
Vismita Wonderment / Amazement / Wondering Girl
Yakshita Wonder girl (Alternate Spelling: Yakshitha) Girl

Each baby is a gift from god and also miracle for his/her parents. I hope you liked the list. Please do not forget to leave a comment to let me know which one you liked the most.

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  3. Tamira Magic Girl
    Vismita Wonderment / Amazement / Wondering Girl
    Yakshita Wonder girl (Alternate Spelling: Yakshitha) Girl
    I think Tamira is easy to pronounce. Please advise. Also which one is more uncommon?
    Thanks in Advance

  4. Akriti Bansal on

    Hi Sapana. Presha and Prisha have the same meaning. Is there any difference in these two name? Please explain. I liked both the names.

  5. Hey Sapana,

    All the names are beautiful. However, I have shortlisted a few such as Prish, Prithu, Shauna, Shay, Suday, Varin. Can you help in select a good nick name for my baby? Thanks.

  6. PratyushaSingh on

    Beautiful names, I dint find so many uncommon name elsewhere. Its appreciable that you take so much efforts for new parents.

  7. Wow, out of all the names from letter ‘J’. I really like the name ‘Jainithin’. Sounds like Indian version of ‘Jonathan’. 😀 Nice! I feel like finalizing this for my boy. Seeing such beautiful names, I guess you have hidden some more unique names in your Baby’s Name Consultancy Services, have dropped you a mail, please check 🙂

    • Sapana

      Hi Tanu,
      Haha, yes it sounds indian version of Jonathan. Actually Jainithin is made of Jai + Nithin (Or Nitin). Thanks for email.

  8. Hi, I have a query about one name I liked:
    Varin: is it uncommon and Sanskirt?
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

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  10. Hi Sapana,

    Is Ayaansh is common name these days? We finalized Reyaansh earlier then changed it to Ayaansh but I feel this is getting common too these days.
    Any suggestion for name starting with A(Ashwini) or R(Rajat)

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