Rare Hindu Baby Girls Names Starting with ‘Sh’


Trendy Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘Sh’

‘Kumbh Rashi’ Baby Girls are given names starting with Sh (Sha: Hastha Nakshatra and Shi/She Sathabisham Nakshatra). Names starting with Sh are pretty and with beautiful meaning and mainly originated from Sanskrit Language. List below contains only uncommon, meaningful and stylish names for hindu baby girls

Uncommon Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘Sh’

ShaakyaLord Buddha / Energy circle or a form of chakra
ShaambhaviConsort of Shambhu / Goddess Parvati
ShaantivaPeaceful / Friendly / Benevolent
ShaaravPure and innocent
ShaariniThe earth
ShabaliniA mossy
ShabaraDistinguished / Marked
ShachikaKind / Elegant / Talented
ShafuBeautiful / Intelligent
ShalmaliSilk cotton tree
ShamalGarland of Rudraksh
ShameetaPeacemaker / Who is calm and disciplined
ShamikaLoving and kind / very beautiful
ShanayaFirst Ray of the Sun
ShanbhaviGoddess Durga
ShankariGoddess Parvati
ShankhamalaA fairy-tale princess
ShanmithaWife of yavati
ShansitaDesired / Celebrated
SharaniThe earth / Protector / Guardian
SharayaA Goddess
SharmadaMaking prosperous / Shy (Alternate Spelling: Sharmadha)
SharmathaAdmirable / Selfless
ShashiniThe Moon
ShasthikaGoddess Durga
ShatakshiGoddess Durga
ShayonaStarting letters of 3 big priest of swaminarayan sampradai
SheelangiGood characte / Strong like a stone
SheershikaTitle / Headline / Important
ShejaliA fruit
ShellyA way to do work
ShelzaShivas wife
ShemaSpice or sweet smelling
SheoliA river
ShilpitaWell proportioned
ShinjaniSound of ankle bell
ShinjiniAnkle bells
ShireeshaFlower / Shining Sun
ShirinPloughman / Grass / Sweet
ShirjaGoddess Lakshmi / Creative
ShishirkanaParticles of dew
ShishtaGoodness / Used in Durga mata Mantra
ShivakariSource of auspicious things
ShivalikaBelonging of Lord Shiv / Goddess Parvati
ShivanjaliGoddess Parvati (Wife of Lord Shiva)
ShivatmikaGoddess Lakshmi
ShobhnaThe one who shines / Splendid / Ornamental / Shining
ShomilaCreation of God Shiva
ShomiliBeautiful and elegant
ShoniOne of complexion of red lotus
ShorashiYoung woman
ShrabanaName of a star
ShradhaniEver wealthy
ShrankhlaBorn in the month of Shravan / Series
ShravanthiName in buddhist literature (Alternate Spelling: Shravanti)
ShravastiAn ancient Indian city
ShraviyaEnthusiastic / Talented person
ShrayathiTo reach
ShreenGoddess Lakshmi / Foremost / Best / First / Night
ShreeparnaTree adorned with leaves
ShrejalForemost / Best / First

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    • Sapana

      Hi Supriya,
      Sharani is rare Shailee is comparatively not that rare. Sharani sounds sweeter to me. Easier to pronounce too.

    • Sapana

      Shamva Auspicious
      Shamyu Happy
      Shansa Praise
      Shansita Wished, Praised

      Purna Auspicious
      Purti Possessing The Merit Of Pious Liberality
      Puruda Gold
      Purvaka First
      Purvya Most Excellent

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