Rare Baby Girl Names Inspired by Lord Ganesha


Beautiful Baby Girls Names Inspired by Ganpati Sahasranam

Last year we published a list of unique baby boy names inspired by Lord Ganesha. We received a few comments from parents to publish similar names for Baby Girls.
Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom and omnipresent consciousness. Vighnaharta means the remover of all the obstacles. Well, a name with powerful inspiration like Lord Ganesha behind it cannot be gender biased. Hence, here are some handpicked beautiful baby girls names from 1000 names of Lord Ganesha. We have here, the Sahasranam Mantra and the exact meaning of that word in Sanskrit.

Rare Baby Girls Names Inspired by Lord Ganesh


The supreme leader represent power and wisdom. The name Ejita is inspired by Ejit which means shake or tremble the world or something. The supreme power of Lord Ganesha reflects through the mantra ॐ एजिताखिलदैत्यश्रिये नमः।


The name draws a giant or evolved picture on the canvas of our imaginations. Lord Ganesha is always imagined as a giant and powerful Lord with an elephant’s head. The mantra used for the God associated with the name is ॐ एधिताखिलसंश्रयाय नमः।


The name signifies the remover of all the worldly obstacles. ॐ ऐहिकामुष्मिकप्रदाय नमः।


Audara is another form of Udara which means generous or with a big heart. The mantra which links the name with spirituality is ॐ औदार्यनिधये नमः।


The name has multiple meanings including blemish-free or spotless. It’s an epithet for Lord Ganesha. The name also means having driven away and it can be heard in the Mantra: ॐ निष्कलाय नमः।


It’s a positive name which signifies Lord Ganesha. The name means rest. It sounds like Nirma which means Pure or clean. In Hindu Dharma, the name can be heard in the Mantra: ॐ निरामयाय नमः।


The name reflects a mountain slope. In Hindu religion, the name also signifies a sacred cord. The mantra: ॐ मेखलावते नमः। uses the auspicious name while worshiping Lord Ganesha.


The name represents Lord Ganesha or Lord Shiva. Maha means someone great and the name Maham is derived from Maha. The real essence of the name can be found in the Mantra: ॐ महामनसे नमः।


The name perfectly goes with Lord Ganesha’s bright aura. Nimesha means twinkling stars or any other celestial body. The name is associated with the Mantra: ॐ निमेषाय नमः।(Twinkling)

Prahara :

Prahara means the time divided into specific parts. The Mantra ॐ प्रहराय नमः। is often used to refer Lord Ganesha.


Rashaya refers to a collection of objects or something or simply a cluster. Lord Ganesha himself is a cluster of positivity and several inspiring qualities. The Mantra related to this name which is used to signify Lord Ganesha is ॐ राशये नमः।


The name is derived from the word ‘Var’ which means blessings from almighty. The Mantra ॐ वाराय नमः। reflects the auspiciousness of the name.


It’s a unique Ganesha epithet which refers to celestial phenomenon or horoscope. To use this name in spiritual context, we often use the Mantra ॐ होरायै नमः। If you are looking for baby girls names starting with ‘Ho’ according to astrology etc. then this is unique beautiful name.


Someone who is as magnificent and powerful as Mount Meru. The mountain Meru has great significance in Hindu religion. Its is said that gods and goddesses reside there. The mantra used for this name is ॐ मेरवे नमः।


It’s a rare feminine name used for Hindi girls and its significance is reflected through the Mantra ॐ राहवे नमः।


The name is related to poetry or poets. It’s a beautiful feminine Hindu girl name and it is often used in the Mantra ॐ कवये नमः।


The name means tumult or uproar. It’s a powerful name reflecting a brave and bold feminine personality. The Mantra used for this name is ॐ रवये नमः।


The name, as mentioned in Vedas, refers to a Brahman who is in his third stage of life. In Hindu mythology, Vaikhanasa is an incarnation of Lord Brahma. The Mantra we use for this beautiful name is ॐ वैखानसाय नमः।


Arhat means an honourable person or someone who is admired. The Mantra using the name is ॐ आर्हत सहितायै नमः।


The name is associated with the word Yoga which means physical activity or action or meditation to attain peace of mind and get rid of pains. The Mantra that uses the name is ॐ अयोगाय नमः।

Did you like our selective names for Indian baby girls inspired by Lord Ganesh? These names are auspicious Ganesha’s epithet and used in Mantras. These names will shower the blessings of Vighnaharta on your daughter and remove all the obstacles from her life. Best suitable for Baby girls born in Ganesh Festival.


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